Personal stories written by those whose lives have been impacted by the work of the Real Illuminati® and their True Messenger, Christopher.

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  • My Story: I was born on 18th June 1968 in Sydney, Australia. My father had moved to Australia […]

  • Memories of a Seeker My story begins with an article in the City Weekly newspaper or magazine, about […]

  • Hola mi nombre es Hilda Mamani Laura y soy de Oruro, Bolivia En esta oportunidad quiero contarles como […]

  • I was born in 1948 under the covenant of Temple Marriage from my parents in 1937. I have […]

  • My introduction I was a christian for 60 years when as a widow, I met and married a […]

  • My story, a journey of discovery: A journey of discovery is the best way to describe my life.  […]

  • Hello! My name is John Asmah-Davies, I was born and raised as a Mormon in Ghana, West Africa […]

  • KURT’S STORY Here’s my story. I don’t know how much any other will be able to relate to […]

  • (Edited version of my story submitted on August 15, 2019) MY STORY ON HOW THE SEALED PORTION INFLUENCED […]

  • My life was affected by memories whether good or bad, remembered or not. They all affected me and […]

  • I have been asked to write about who I am and my life. I was actually thinking of […]

  • My Story I was the 3rd child to be born into my family of four siblings, in which […]