Gillian Thomas

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My name is Gillian, I am 58 and born in the United Kingdom. From a young age I have always asked myself who am I and why does things happen the way that it does? having so many questions unanswered I felt that there must be answers to these questions and more…

I went through my teenage years, just doing and enjoying life, not really understanding anything but just living!

While on holiday I read a small part of the bible for the first time it was just some of Revelation, which scared me. I started to have thoughts like…. what if I was around at the time when Christ walked the earth?  what would I have done?  As the years went on, I eventually started to go church, visiting several different types of places of worship. Still having unanswered questions.

Then we had lockdown which now left me having to watch church services on Youtube, where there was soooooo many to choose from…

This was where I came across a small group at that time, that was reading from The Bible,The Book of Mormon and The Sealed Book of Mormon. Fantastic, Great, Wonderful, so much excitement…

I could not believe what I was reading, for the first time some of my questions where being explained, such as where did Christ go when he said I have other sheep that are not of this fold? Just by reading these books a whole new chapter opened,another level of learning a big change in my life.

We read together the other books, The Sealed Portion and The Human Reality, still most grateful for what I learn’t during the time spent there.

Now being a follower of The Real Truth… The MWAW and watching CWC. There is FINALLY someone a TRUE MESSENGER (in my life time today)…. with ALL the ANSWERS TO EVERY QUESTION I am most grateful, thank you Christopher for the work you are doing.

This journey is truly a life changer for me. This is Truly A Marvellous Work And A Wonder!

Gillian Thomas

+44 07960798677

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