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My Mortal Life Story


Daniel Reed Cook, Ph.D.


February 2, 2021

Today on February 2, 2021 marks my 10 Year Anniversary of finding the Actual Source of All Real Truth of All Things here on this little mortal planet earth.

This marvelous discovery brought great joy to my human mind on February 2, 2011. I can still remember the spontaneous happiness that quickly filled my mortal heart on that wonderful day one decade ago!

Today, I want to add a few more details to my personal life story. I already wrote an initial short life story on September 5, 2016. Then from November 19, 2020 to January 11, 2021, I wrote a few more details of my life story.

I do plan to continue adding more and more details about my current mortal life, until every helpful component of my personal life story is properly told, and completely explained, to every precious human being, who may someday benefit from reading it.

My main purpose for carefully writing my own personal life story, is that I hope it can be someday used, by enough intelligent wise people, to help us all Solve World Poverty, for everyone everywhere.

I do very much, want every vulnerable human being on this Earth, to have enough healthy nutritious food, to eat every day, from cradle to grave.

My name is Daniel Reed Cook, and today on February 2, 2021, I am a 58-year-old mortal man, who is currently living, breathing, writing, thinking, and feeling on this lone and dreary world.

I myself have already lived, and experienced many different kinds of things, during this past six decades here on earth.

However, there are three significant life events that seem to me, to have impacted my current mortal existence the very most:

These three significant life events occurred on August 21, 1962, and on February 2, 2011, and on March 19, 2011.

I was born on August 21, 1962 at Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I can’t seem to remember this life event, but I do feel it was very significant for me.

My sweet mother still remembers it.

She says she had already planned to call me Keith if I turned out to be a boy; but when I was born, and she first looked at my newborn baby face, she says that I didn’t look like a Keith; because my face somehow looked to her like I must be a Daniel, so she decided to give me the name of Daniel.

I am glad she did!

Many years later on February 2, 2011, someone told me something amazing, that immediately filled my heart with unspeakable joy.

It seems like I had already spent most of my life, looking for something really wonderful; and then it was suddenly, and unexpectedly, delivered directly to me on a silver platter!

In the future, I will write much more, about my many life adventures, about my intense searches for scientific truth, that guided me into this very significant life event of February 2, 2011.

Over the years, I have met a whole lot of bright interesting people in my life.

I have had many deep discussions with a good number of brilliant physicists, neuroscientists, philosophers, theologians, and Ph.D. Scientists of many fields of science.

But I met someone Really Interesting on the morning of March 19, 2011 at the Salt Lake Public Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. A Marvelous Man was seated on a stage, giving a brilliant presentation that day to many people, and answering their detailed questions with astonishing wisdom, and with uniquely-refreshing mental clarity.

Later that evening, I found myself sitting in a little corner booth at a nearby Chuck A Rama Restaurant, across from this marvelous man of wonder.

Many people were gathered around him, to hear what he might say.

He touched my hand a few times while we talked, and I marveled greatly at the gentle playful way he treated everyone around him.

He seemed to me, to be the most noble, most real, most kind, and the most intelligent human being I had ever met.

On March 19, 2011, he gently touched my hand, and he touched my mind, and he touched my heart, and he touched my life; in a way that it had never been touched before; and later that evening, before I retired to my bed, I knew that my life would never be the same again.

Now, today in 2021, nearly ten years later, after watching him closely in many diverse settings, places, and situations; and after listening carefully to him speak his wise words for hundreds of hours …

… I can boldly proclaim to the whole wide world …

… that he really is the most noble person

… that he really is the most-real person, and that he really is the most-kind person, and that he really is the most intelligent human being I have ever met.

His name is Christopher Marc Nemelka.

He literally has No Peer on Earth.

There is no one else like him in this whole wide world.

He is Alone.

He is One of a Kind.

He is Unique.

He saved me.

Today in 2021, it almost feels to me, like he has already saved me, in nearly every way that a person can be saved.

He saved me with his intelligent words, and his kind actions; and his Brilliant Plan to Solve World Poverty.

He saved me in several stages, and by increasing degrees, by gently bringing me back again and again, to my own personal awareness of the very same things that I used to know …

… the beautiful things that I can still feel

… the joyful things that I can almost still remember …

… the lovely things about all of us human beings

… and the many other worlds where we have heretofore lived …

… with the most vital truths about our current mortal selves …

… and the Real Truth about our Real Selves

… and the Real Truth Details about …

how to Properly Solve World Poverty

… and he is still saving me …

… in every good way that I can still be saved by him, and by those Most Brilliant People, who are helping him, and guiding him, and encouraging him.

My current goal is to hopefully discover a good and proper way to help him, and them, and the powers that be; to Solve World Poverty

… to help transform this world into a nice, kind, safe, supportive, happy place for everyone to live peacefully within this local group dream of our human mortality.

How exactly, I came to choose …

to let him help Me to save me

… is my personal life story …

… which I am still in the process of living, and writing.

My Only Purpose is to help him Solve World Poverty.

I have no other purpose for my mortal life.

No other Mortal Life Purpose gives me Personal Joy.

My abiding daily awareness, that other precious human beings in this world, still lack sufficient healthy food to eat, continually destroys my personal peace.

My human understanding, that other people on this planet, do not yet have good comfortable beds to sleep on, disrupts my own individual happiness every day.

How can I personally feel a fulness of joy, when some of my precious brothers and sisters, my fellow human beings, my valuable friends; who live here, and breathe the very same kind of air as I do; who also walk upon this lone and dreary mortal human world, just like me, are still suffering, due to their continuing Lack of the Basic Human Necessities, that are needed to Properly Sustain Human Life here on planet earth?

In 2011, I began, gradually by degrees, to come to a bright hopeful realization, that Christopher Marc Nemelka, and the Brilliant Kind People who guide him, completely understand how to properly Solve World Poverty; and they want to help us all, to proceed confidently forward, to intelligently make it actually happen, as a team of kind wise mortal human beings, for everyone, everywhere on Earth.

During this most recent decade, from 2011 to 2021, I have gradually come to understand, with ever-increasing clarity, that …

there is literally nothing left to do here on this planet

… but to proceed forward to do the One Single Thing that really is Actually Needed …

… and that One Needed Thing, that still needs to be done here on planet Earth, is to …

Properly Solve World Poverty for Everyone.

I have successfully arrived, at this wonderful conclusion; that Solving World Poverty is the Only Thing worthy of my personal mortal attention.

There is just no other purpose for my personal mortal human brain.


I can often feel my own mortal stupidity

… but of this one single thing, I am absolutely certain …

… my only real desire, my only true goal, is to help Solve World Poverty.

I do sincerely hope, that we can find a good way, to help everyone else, on this little planet, arrive at this very same Wonderful Conclusion!

We need many others to also awaken; because Intelligently Solving World Poverty is necessarily a Group Effort.

Many years ago, someone kind, helped to awaken my own young mind,to the interesting world of science.

My first-grade elementary school teacher was wise and kind.

I thought she was a pure angel, sent straight to me, from the highest heaven possible.

She often gently encouraged me to play with two big strong magnets in her first-grade classroom.

I really loved playing with those super-powerful magnets.

I was continually-astonished at the way they seemed to attract each other, through many different types of intervening materials, with such powerful strength, as if an invisible force-field was somehow pulling those two magnets together.

I think I played with those two big magnets, for hundreds of hours, in her first-grade classroom, when I was just 7 years old.

This young joyful experience, with strong powerful magnets, helped me to develop a lifelong interest, in really understanding, the inner-workings of all forms of magnetism, and every type of electricity.

Five decades later, I am still trying to understand the elementary-particle foundations of electromagnetism.

I am trying to discover all the inner parts of an electron.

I am trying to find out what exactly is inside a photon.

I am wondering why three quarks seem to stay confined together inside a proton.

I am looking for the true source, of the angular momentum, in the intrinsic spin, of an electron.

I am trying to discover why so many photons like to travel at the speed of light.

I am still trying to figure out why electrons seem to have a rest mass.

I have a lot of new theories about these kinds of things.

But I really wonder, if any of my theories, are anywhere close, to being somewhat accurate.

After learning about magnets at age 7, I began to conduct my own scientific experiments, at my house, in my parent’s unfinished basement.

From age 7 to 17, I designed, and conducted, many different kinds of scientific experiments, of increasing sophistication.

I carefully studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

I earned a Ph.D. in Physics, from UC Berkeley, during 1986 to 1993.

I completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience, at UC San Diego, in 1994.

I have been carefully searching for scientific Truth, with a Capital T, my whole life.

What is Truth?

What is the Real Truth of All Things?

Who can help us to find the Real Truth of All Things?

Good Teachers can help us to discover the Real Truth of All Things.

When I was still just a little child, I began to search for good teachers.

I wanted to learn from only the very best teachers available.

I strongly desired to find the best teachers; because I wanted to learn everything that caught my interest; and I became very interested in learning a lot, about many different kinds of things.

I wanted to know things.

I wanted to know everything.

I wanted to learn enough, to help myself feel happy.

I wanted to learn enough, to help everyone feel happy.

As I started to grow older, I began to find, what I considered at the time, some pretty good teachers.

However, when I was a still just a little boy, I also started to reject some of my teachers; because I felt that they could not properly teach me anything of value.

If any teacher was boring, confusing, or hurtful, then I rejected that particular teacher.

I rejected my second-grade elementary school teacher, for being too boring, and too confusing.

Three years later, I rejected my fifth-grade elementary school teacher for being extremely boring.

My elementary school principal was not happy about me rejecting his teachers; and he became very angry, and he said some cruel things to me.

His astonishing cruelty towards me, caused me to quickly arrive at the conclusion, that I must also reject him.

I completely dismissed all of his hurtful words.

On that fateful day, in his principal office, he lost all of his supposed wisdom …

… in my young eyes.

I learned on that day, at age 10, to Not Fully Trust Any Word spoken by any adult.

When I turned 14, I rejected a prominent religious teacher, when I personally experienced his capricious cruelty.

That eye-opening event, at age 14, helped me to doubt the accuracy, of every word spoken, by every religious teacher.

That same emotionally-disturbing event, also helped me to begin to deeply-question the Religious Authority of all religious leaders.

When I was 19 years old, I witnessed so much cruelty, from so many different religious leaders, that I began to suspect that most religious leaders were misguided.

In my 20’s, I started to believe, more and more, that most religious teachers, of every type of religion, were misinformed.

Also, in my 20’s, I started to deeply-suspect, more and more, that most scientific teachers, of every type of science, were also misinformed.

I also began to doubt the veracity of all the information coming from the mouths of all the teachers of philosophy, business, and government.

In time, I came to doubt, every word, spoken by every teacher, of every type, on this planet.

I felt that I could not fully trust any teacher anywhere, because the teacher might be somewhat mistaken about something.

I started to believe, that all of the world’s many teachers, might all be somewhat mistaken, about much of their information.

I wondered if perhaps, most of the world’s teachers, might be mostly mistaken, about most of the information, that they seemed so eager to teach to others.

I started to reject every teacher on this whole planet.

Every teacher I could find, seemed to be partially wrong about some things.

Over the years, I began to realize more and more, that really good teachers, seemed to be very rare, and very valuable.

Does this world have any Really Good Teachers?

Where are the World’s Best Teachers?

Where can I find them?

I think I did find a few semi-good teachers during my 20’s and 30’s.

These semi-good teachers inspired me, to go find my own answers, to my own questions.

These semi-good teachers encouraged me, to look within my own self, to find my own answers.

The Kingdom of God is Within!

The Kingdom of Truth is Within!

The Kingdom of Real Truth is Within Me!

This kind of inner-direction was helpful to me.

By the time I was 47 years old, I was really hungry to find some better teachers, who could hopefully teach me something really valuable.

Then, after I turned 48, a Wonderful Hint was suddenly given to me, on this very day (February 2nd) a full decade ago.

On February 2, 2011, I learned of the existence of a Really Good Teacher.

His name is Christopher Marc Nemelka.

He is the Best Teacher I have ever had.

He is the Most Intelligent Mortal Teacher I have ever met.

He is the Most-Wise Teacher I have ever met.

One of the reasons that Christopher is a Fully-Good Teacher, as opposed to being just a semi-good teacher like some of the other teachers of this world, is because Christopher is able to give Really Good Specific Hints to help me look within myself, with Proper Guidance, in a Helpful Intelligent Way, to discover my own answers, to all of my own questions.

Another reason, why Christopher is a Fully-Good Teacher, is because he is able to teach anyone, and everyone, who is willing to listen to him, how to Properly Solve World Poverty.

Solving World Poverty is The One and Only Thing that actually needs to be taught on this planet.

Christopher is the only teacher, I know personally, who actually knows how to properly Solve World Poverty.

This is a major reason, why I consider Christopher to be The Only Fully-Good Teacher I personally know.

Christopher Knows Things.

Christopher Knows How to Properly Teach the Many Things that He Knows.

Christopher Knows the Real Truth about Human Beings.

Christopher Knows the Real Truth about how to properly solve world poverty for everyone, everywhere, forever, from cradle to grave.

This is how an intelligent humane teacher, takes good proper care, of all of his precious students.

Mortal students need to be feed, with good nutritious food, so their human brains can function properly.

All human beings deserve to be fed properly, with everything they need, to sustain their mortal health, and to promote their potential happiness.

Christopher is a Good Teacher.

I have heard that there are some Other Good Teachers here on this mortal planet.

But I have not yet really met them personally.

I don’t remember having any deep conversations with any of them.

I have had many interesting conversations with Christopher, on a good number of occasions, during this past decade.

I know from my own personal experience with Christopher, that he is The Best Teacher I have yet met.

With future advances to our worldwide internet technology, it may soon be possible for Christopher, to one day speak directly, via the internet, to billions of people on this mortal planet.

One Single Good Teacher can teach billions of people simultaneously!

There is simply nothing better, that We the Billions of People of Earth, can possibly do, other than to listen carefully to Christopher, and let him teach us all the intelligent details, about How we can Properly Solve World Poverty, for everyone on this Earth.

There is Nothing Else of Value for Us to do.

I have fully-arrived at this Wonderful Conclusion, that properly solving world poverty, is the only thing of value, for us all to do together here on Earth.

Many more details about how I, Daniel Reed Cook, came to arrive at this wonderful conclusion, will become a part of my personal mortal life story, which I do plan to continue writing into the future …

Dan Cook


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