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My name is Glenn Combs Lincoln Jr. First and foremost, I want you to know this is my experience and NOT yours. Everything I share will NEVER be the same as yours. Our life is like our fingerprints, none are the same. Also, to make it VERY clear, I have no ability to have ANY inspiration for you or anyone else in this world. I do not have any ability to get inside your mind (brain). You are the ONLY one that can make anything happen in your mind.

I was born in Spohn Hospital located in Corpus Christi, Texas to Glenn Combs Lincoln Sr. and Eleanor Louise Ely on November 27, 1937. I enjoyed a simple and enjoyable childhood. I broke my left arm once when I fell off Monkey Bars at Menger Elementary school. I was often taken to my mother’s parent’s home in Hearne, Texas. Many happy childhood experiences in Hearne are stored in my memory of Christmas celebrations and small town activities.

The hobbies of my early youth were collecting stamps, tennis and fishing. When I was a teenager, I earned my Radio Amateur (HAM) license. In those days it was fun to talk with people all around the world. There is nothing special about that now with the internet. I went to the University of Texas Dental Branch and earned my dental degree with a specialty in Orthodontics. I started my practice in 1965, retiring a few years ago.

In 1964, someone handed me a Book of Mormon and asked me to read it. I finally agreed to do it, after much resistance. I was about one third of the way through it and, suddenly, I had this unbelievable feeling come over me. It witnessed to me that the book I was reading was true. It was so strong that I knew that, if I was hung upside down to die, there was no way that I could deny the witness. I believed it came from some outside God, often referred to as Heavenly Father or Holy Ghost by the LDS Church. I know better now where it came from.

I was told that the LDS church had been organized by Joseph Smith who had brought forth the Book of Mormon. I agreed to be baptized and become a member. Obviously, since it had to do with my testimony of the Book of Mormon, I had to at least believe that it was the only true church on the face of the earth. I was told that they had a prophet like Joseph Smith and other leaders. Why? Because they said so.

Having never had such a feeling, I could only pursue what it might mean. I was told that it was called a testimony of truth from God. I was told that the book was part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that I should join it. Some things were presented to me about Joseph Smith, Jr. They said that we had prophets living on the earth today and that I should be baptized by men who held the priesthood from God. I had been baptized by the preacher in the Baptist Church when I was about 12 years old. However, I would have to be rebaptized again, since my commitment to Jesus Christ was not real because it wasn’t done by someone holding the priesthood.

I was not told that there was another church that was formed by Joseph Smith’s family after he was killed. That church stayed in a nearby state and also believed in the Book of Mormon. Had I known about it, I might have had to decide which one was really the true one. Anyway, I was happy to become a member of the one that I knew about.

I hadn’t received the same strong witness that the church or priesthood was real truth, I just used my reasoning that it must be, since the book came from the church. They explained to me how the church operated through donated service. That sounded great. No one was given money or anything to preach the truth. Not like the preacher in my old church. Right?

Along the way, I was given a number of “callings” as they explained them to me. Some of which was to be a bishop and a councilor in four different stake presidencies. Maybe that is why the true messenger jokingly refers to me as a resident “High Priest”? I often wondered how, in my personal weakness, such a position could be offered to me. But, they were the ones who were in charge and in whom I placed my faith.

I met people that said they knew the church was true, that Joseph Smith, Jr. was a prophet, or they knew that a certain living man was a prophet. I assumed that they must have had a similar experience I had, but with different testimonies. Even though I had not received the same testimony that they had, I just took their word for it. I was never really questioning anything.

The temple and ordinances where presented as important to me. I had to have a temple recommend to be able to enter. I went through an interview and was asked a number of questions. Even though I did not have a certain testimony of some of them, I said I believed them based on what others had witnessed. So, I got a recommend. Of course, I could not receive it unless I continually paid tithing.

My wife and I were “sealed” in the Salt Lake Temple. The endowment I viewed was interesting, but I certainly did not understand most of it. Since I was told that I should not talk about it outside the temple, I could not ask anyone if they understood it. Once in a temple, I asked someone to explain it all to me but they had no clue either.

After 1990, I went to the temple. I found that, the endowment I had once received had been changed from what the prophet had written. I wondered, if what I had originally received was so important to know in order for me to walk back to Heavenly Father, those new people receiving it had no chance. They had received it with changes. Should I tell them? I kept my mouth shut.

So, how did I find the MWAW?

One night in 2017, when I was surfing the web on YouTube looking for something unrelated to the church, my eye happened to catch a video on the side of the screen. It was a video of an old woman named Ida Smith talking about the Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates. Since Mormons have been talking about them for as long as I had been in the church, it perked my interest.

It turned out that she was a descendant of Hyrum Smith, Joseph Smith’s brother who was also killed in the jail. She was also a descendant and relative of other general authorities of the church. She was personal friends with most of the Quorum of the Twelve. She also had been a significant figure at Brigham Young University. I had to ask myself “how in the world could someone like that be talking about a man named Christopher bringing forth the Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates”. Well she was and because of it she had been excommunicated from the church! How could someone like that who gained so much value and self-worth from her ancestry and association with the church go so much against it, I wondered?

It didn’t take someone hitting me over the head to cause me to investigate her claims. She showed many books that were available to read for free. The first one I read was Sacred not Secret—The Official Guide In Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment. I found that it completely explained the symbolism behind the LDS/Mormon temple endowment and how this symbolism is a perfect allegory of human reality—who we are and why we exist. Of course, no general authority of the LDS church had ever explained it. That was all it took for me to know that the MWAW was the real deal.

I then found that The Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates is all about what was referred to in the unsealed portion when it said that not even an hundredth part that was told by Christ and the brother of Jared was found in it. Therefore, through my reading I have come to know much about human reality—who we are and why we exist.

Another book that no scholar, educator, religious priest, or anyone else on the entire planet can denounce as the probable and only true explanation for Revelation’s symbolism. This symbolism was unfolded in the book, 666, The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast—The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded.

A promise and blessing is mentioned in the scriptures left by Joseph that it is important to learn all the “mysteries of God in full”. Although I had read it, I had no idea what that meant. I thought that meant that the prophet of the church would eventually receive and reveal them to the church members and the world. But that hadn’t happened. The church had been teaching the same thing for the 50 or so years I had been in it. Nothing really new. Same ol’ same ol’. I had heard it so much my “bottle” was totally full.

But with Christopher, came all new stuff that made real sense to me. The important thing is that it ALL fits perfectly with what Joseph Smith left. Boy, did I have to empty that old bottle. I have learned who we really are, where we really came from and where we really go when we leave this mortal existence. Joseph Smith had left the basics in his allegoric play.

We were always left in the dark until Christopher was chosen as the True Messenger that Adam told us to listen to in the play! It is why Adam’s last words in the temple play said to listen to true messengers because they can save us (salvation) and this world. Since we as mortals have forgotten who we are (Michael), true messengers are sent to remind us. Adam doesn’t say prophet, he says True Messengers.

Obviously, I had to realize that Christopher was NOT the one who was revealing everything. Someone else had to be bringing it forth. Christopher freely admits that he isn’t the one. He is ONLY a messenger. Like the postman. He says that there are five others who give him the information to type up for you and me. Some of them are referred to in the Book of Mormon as the “three Nephites” who chose to remain on earth. Another is John who chose to tarry as mentioned in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. They were also the same four that gave everything to Joseph Smith.

In addition to the new books I have mentioned, the “Brothers”, as Christopher often refers to them, continually reveal new information which can also be referred to as “mysteries”. They give some of it to him to publish on his web page and some to post on their own personal internet web site. Of course, the information is no longer a mystery to me or to all the others who have followed the MWAW. It is knowledge. The brother of Jared was redeemed from the fall in the book of Ether. Not from baptism, not from ordinances, church or temple work or anything else BUT only knowledge. The clues are there in the book of Ether for anyone to read and study.

It is not my mission to teach anyone else what the MWAW teaches. I can only share. It is free for anyone who uses their own free agency to investigate it. It doesn’t cost any money at all. No tithing is required to learn the mysteries of God. However, it is very hard for anyone to give up all the value that they receive from the world in order to accept the Real Truth.

If someone would ask me what was the most important knowledge I have gained, I would have to say that it is what unconditional free agency (will) is and why understanding and abiding by it is so important. Most people lose their freedom by force or give it away to others. I gave mine away to the LDS Church. I allowed myself to be totally controlled by it. I have learned that it is important that I should not give away my agency to any outside entity to influence or impede my agency. So, I took it back!

So, what has happened to me as I gained this new knowledge? I have finally understood what the “lone and dreary world” is all about. It is everything opposite to anything found in “heaven”. Nothing in this world is what it should be. NOTHING! I know that saying that is VERY difficult for most people to take. Basing our value or self-worth on anything in mortal life is not a good thing. Our value and self-worth should come from knowing that every human being IS their own god who was never created but has always existed.

I have learned not to condemn or judge another person for doing what brings them self-worth and value in their life. I understood that there is no such thing as right and wrong; that what is right for one might very well be wrong for another. We need to learn not to value our Self by what others expect of us, but by what WE expect of our Self. In doing that, I have learned who I really am and why I really exist. The MESSAGE of the MWAW is the REAL TRUTH of all things, as things really were in the past, as they really are today, and as they really will be in the future. When one learns the “mysteries of God” or Real Truth as the MWAW refers to it, it also changes the way you look at each human being and conduct your own life.

The most important thing about Unconditional Free Agency is that everyone should be allowed to live and enjoy it. That means that no one would ever offer an opinion to anyone. It means that no one would try to invade someone else’s space unless invited. Most don’t realize that even touching a person without permission is invading or impeding someone’s free agency.

Forcing anyone to do anything against their will is the greatest insult to their agency. That is why slavery in any form is terrible. Through my education of Real Truth I realize that I have no right to invade or impede anyone’s free agency. If they want me in their space, they should say so. If they want me to know anything about their life and experiences, they have the right to tell me or not. Each individual is a god who is responsible for their own thoughts and actions. I have absolutely no right to tell them what to do or judge what they want to do in their own life. What they do in their life might not be what I would do but it must be right for them, if they are happy doing it. Who am I to mess with a god?

Although I have never met the true messenger in person, I whole heartedly support the MWAW and Humanity Party® (THumP®). I even put the Humanity Party on my last voting presidential ballet,

The true messenger has been very clear who he is by saying the following:

I don’t want “disciples.” I am not a Bishop. I am not a counselor. I am not a guru. I am not a motivational speaker. In fact, I’m just the opposite of these worldly figures. I am a messenger with a message that cuts sharply and deeply at times and reveals the fragility and ignorance of the human soul. I expose the consequences of the deep deception under which the human race upon this earth exists. It’s my responsibility to reveal this real truth to the world. I do not have a “sword” that can kill the falsehoods of humankind. I only have a “sickle” that harvests both the wheat and tares and separates them so that the tares can one day be burned, not by me, but by another. I am not the Christ.

Joseph Smith was told “that the fulness of the everlasting Gospel was contained in the Book of Mormon, as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants.” This fullness is found 3 Nephi, chapters 12, 13, and 14. When Joseph received the record of the people of the Western Hemisphere, he found that the words that the Savior delivered in Jerusalem had been misquoted, mistranslated, and incorrectly presented in the New Testament record. However, he was instructed to use the King James Version of Matthew, as this was the translation that most people accepted as being a true reflection of Christ’s words. Joseph was also instructed to interpolate the words of Isaiah from the accepted King James Version of the Bible, as quoted throughout the Book of Mormon.

Once again, The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon (the greater things) explained this perfectly! As I read TSP, all of the promises made in the BOM were beginning to be fulfilled! All of them!

The Church presently has the “lesser portion of the word, the unsealed portion. Obviously, the LDS leaders and people have hardened their hearts or they would have received “the greater portion of the word. Instead it was given to Christopher to be the true messenger as mentioned in the Temple Endowment.

What is it that separates the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® from all other programs, organizations, institutions of learning, and institutions of spirituality … besides the fact that it is not one of any of these forms, in any way … but what’s the big difference? The MWAW’s message encourages us to be nice to people. It explains that we are all equal gods and that we should respect ourselves as such, but also, that we should respect all other people as such. We should be nice and accepting of all people and each person’s unique and distinctly personal pursuit of happiness.

The difference is simple:

A true messenger knows the mysteries of God in full, and according to the heed and diligence that the people give to the word of God, he is allowed to give more unto them. This messenger can answer any question that a person would want to ask of God.

I have found answers in the books that Christopher, a true messenger, has been allowed to bring forth to the world. He has confirmed and added much more in his journals. Did the Holy Spirit confirm that I had finally found the real truth, a truth that would set me free and answer many of my questions?

Most certainly!

Has the MWAW loosened the chains of hell with which the devil has held me captive for so many years as a member of the LDS Church?


Do I know all of the mysteries of God in full?

Not yet!

But for the first time in my life, I finally understand what a “broken heart and a contrite spirit” and what becoming “as a little child” is. The true messenger continues to bring forthmore of the mysteries of God. Some day I just might come to know most of them in full, even though, in mortality, we probably are not allowed to know ALL of them. All of them will be there, as is our own kingdom within, when we leave this mortal dream.

He once asked if anyone wanted to join him in his “cavity of a rock”. After learning so much of the MWAW, I am feeling like I am living in my own cavity in Texas as I wait for more “light and knowledge”. I live in Spring, Texas and my email address is

Glenn Combs Lincoln Jr.


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