Daniel W Holladay

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I was born and raised in the LDS Church. I went on a LDS mission to Auckland, New Zealand. I have always been a student of TRUTH, a seeker in trying to find the meaning of life and its secrets.

I become discouraged about many things the LDS Church keeps hidden from the general membership of the church. The different doctrines and practices of the church were confusing and no one seemed to know the deeper meanings. I began to look elsewhere to find answers, from different sources: Max Skousen gave me much insight to how the LDS church had fallen into darkness. Sandra Tanner gave me a lot of information about the history of the LDS church and its doctrinal changes that were made throughout the years. In my search I found that I too had fallen into darkness, sin, and a prideful heart. I remember praying once about the miserable state I was in. I found great comfort in pouring out my soul to God for forgiveness and help. I remember feeling good and gave credit to JESUS for the feelings I received. This was defiantly a moment of being Born Again. I started going to other Christian Churches to find understanding about what I had experienced. I studied the Bible and started throwing out of my head all the MORMON scriptures and doctrine.

I became a Born Again Christian with an emphasis on the Preterist point of view or fulfilled eschatology. This change gave me great comfort and happiness, but something was still missing. My family was still LDS and it was hard for them to understand what happened to me. I still studied the LDS doctrine to find problems with it to share with my family, but with little success to convince them.

As I was studying the meaning of the Temple Endowment on the internet I found a LINK to “the sealed portion.” I read Christopher’s book on the Temple Endowment first and was very impressed on how clear the information was. It was similar to other books I have read about the Temple, but much more clear, concise, and detailed. I then read, The Sealed Portion and I had a hard time putting this book down. I couldn’t get the information fast enough, if only eating the books would have helped. I believe Christopher is a TRUE MESSENGER and I am grateful for him for restoring my FAITH in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Reading “The Sealed Portion” was very humbling. I realized I was still very Prideful and didn’t treat others with Love like I should. I was not living the gospel explained by Christ. I had a lot of work and repenting to do. My heart is so set upon the things of this world and my Pride has caused me much pain and embarrassment. The Sealed Portion has brought me to my knees once again. I love all the books and the joy they bring to me.

I am now so happy and thankful to my True Self for the Real Truth Christopher has revealed to me. Now I know who I really am and why I am here. Just LET ME FALL was the best thing they did for me. Luv Dan Holladay.



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