Personal stories written by those whose lives have been impacted by the work of the Real Illuminati® and their True Messenger, Christopher.

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  • English translations follows. Lupe Ordonez Soy hijo del medio de una familia de 7 hermanos, mis padres se […]

  • Hi, My name is Breairra McCulley. I am 26 years old and live in the USA. When I […]

  • My name is Tina Michelle Coats. I was born and raised in the LDS (Mormon) religion. My mom […]

  • My introduction I was a christian for 60 years when as a widow, I met and married a […]

  • My name is Brad Jenkins. I have resisted telling my story because it is my story that most […]

  • When I was 14 years old my sister’s boyfriend was over with a book titled “How to be […]

  • “The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things…” (Lewis Carroll)   I feel I […]

  • I was born in North West England to committed Mormon parents. I was a good girl, quiet, obedient, […]

  • My journey in finding and learning about the Real Truth through the work of the MWAW has been […]

  • (Edited version of my story submitted on August 15, 2019) MY STORY ON HOW THE SEALED PORTION INFLUENCED […]

  • To whoever is reading this, My name is Zach and at the time of writing this I am […]

  • To whom it may concern. I have been learning and trying to understand this work for about 11 […]