Personal stories written by those whose lives have been impacted by the work of the Real Illuminati® and their True Messenger, Christopher.

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  • To whoever is reading this, My name is Zach and at the time of writing this I am […]

  • I recommend a person not read my story if they are prone to depression. This is as my […]

  • My name is Kristine Marble. I was born into very humble circumstances in a tiny community started by […]

  • Hello Fellow Being, I was born in a small town in the United States of America called Short […]

  • My Journey To The Real Truth Andrew Jay VanLehn To my Family, Friends, Past Friends, Future Friends, Those […]

  • My Story This is my personal story of how I found the Marvelous Work and a wonder. I […]

  • My name is James Rietdijk (pronounced “Read-ache”). I would like to share some of the defining experiences in […]

  • Well on January 12th 1955 in Fillmore Utah John k Adams was born to Kenneth Benjamin Adams and […]

  •   Click image above to view video. I think Real Truth can set us each free, and help […]

  • My Story, If there was someone who had a plan to solve poverty, would you listen or be […]

  • My name is David Aschenbrenner and this is my life story. Introduction The last few days memories of […]

  • On April 26, 1969,  two days after my 16th birthday, my dear dad gave me the best gift […]