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 This story that I am writing is for all those who are searching for the truth about our existence: who we are and why we are exist. Before I write about how I did find the truth about our existence and about a true messenger who was chosen before foundation of our world, I will write little bit about my life.
My current name is Susan Sekely, but I was born as Gyori Zsuzsana. My parents where Hungarian and I was a tenth child for them. My oldest brother is now 77 years old. His name is Josef (H Jozsef), he served in Yugoslav army all his life. He has a very different view about the world than me. Next brother is Bill (H Bela) he is 75 years old, and he escaped from the country and emigrated to Australia when he was only 20 years old, and because of him we were able to emigrate too. I have to mention that he is very strong in the LDS church. Valeria is 73 now and she lives in Germany. Charlee (H Karoly) he emigrated to Australia too, in 1970 with his family and with my other brother Dezi (H Dezso). He passed away in 2001. Gabor is 67 and he lives in Serbia, same town Topolya. Verona is 64. She lives in Topolya too, with her 5 children and husband. She has mental illness from young age and she almost died twice from pregnancy complication. Andrew (H Andras) 63, lives with his wife also in Topolya. He is a very giving, hard-working family man. Lajos is 61 and his family lives also in home town Topolya. And the tenth child is me. I live in Australia.
I had to mention all my brothers and sisters because growing up with them, my life experiences were very colourful.
To continue with my story, I will write little bit about my father and my mother.
My father’s name was Josef (H Jozsef) and he was only child to his mother and father. His mother passed away very young when he was only 4 years old and his father was working, building roads. Lots of times, he was away for a very long time. Growing up, he went from one aunty to the other, till my mom’s parents took him in as an apprentice in bakery. He was only 8 years old. So my dad and my mom Etel (H Etelka) were growing up together. My grandparents were very religious, Seventh-day Advents, and they had 9 children, 3 died very young age. When my mom turned twenty and my dad 18, they got married. Mom was 2 years older than my dad. They started a life from very little. There were no jobs around and my parents opened a bakery. The bakery was good till my two older brothers were born and my mother had less time to help my dad out.
My dad took over a swimming pool and public baths because it was came with the house where they could live. More children were born and my father went back to school and finished an accounting course and he got a job in an office, where he learned about the Communist Party. More children were born and my mom could not keep up cleaning the swimming pool and the public baths, so they went to rent a house. Soon, as my dad became a member of the Communist Party, he left the Seventh-day Adventist church.
Not long after, my father started drinking and coming home drunk. My mom was broken; she loved so much the church. And having seven children, she could not continue going to church, so for a while she left the church too. My dad was the only breadwinner in the family. He learned a plumbing trade from his uncle. The second income was very good because my older brothers learned the trade as well, and they were able to work too.
One day my grandfather approached my dad with the idea to buy a house together, so that my parents would not need to rent. So they bought a small house on a marketplace, where me and my two older brothers were born. Meantime, my oldest brother went into the army, and when I turned 4, my brother Bill left, and emigrated to Australia. The house that my parents bought come with a tenant and this way they had less room to occupy, so my mom and dad had a little kitchen and one bedroom for all of us. My grandad had the bigger room and one smaller room.
Growing up in a big family brought so much joy and hard work too. As a little girl, I do not remember that I had a pair of my own shoes, because I was sharing with my sister. Most of the time, especially in the summer, we were walking barefoot and in our underwear. Getting older, my mother took us, the four younger children, to do odd jobs. She made it very easy for us to work because she was always singing and the time went faster. At times we did not work just in summer and school holidays. Sometimes we went to work when it was seasonal at school time, and we went tired to school, so that I almost fell asleep. In grade five, I had my first new shoes, clothes, and school bag that I did not need to share. My two older brothers from the younger ones learned the plumbing trade too, so they went plumbing. My sister and myself did housework and got different jobs from the neighbors, picking fruit, cleaning, etc.
I remembered that a few times we had to jump through a window on the street because my dad would come home drunk and he would belt us if he heard from the neighbors that we did something wrong. My dad was not happy with his life having 10 children, and providing for us was not an easy job. My mom tried for few years to reconnect to the church, taking us young, but by the time I got in my teens, she stopped going to church.
I met my first husband when I turned sixteen. We got married when I was nineteen and he was twenty-three. His name was Vikor Gabor and he was a metal worker and worked in the factory. I had two boys with him: Ervin is older and Oskar is younger. I managed to finish high school and work different jobs, working in a chicken farm collecting eggs and working on fields, till I got a job in the High School.
I was a school secretary and payroll officer. I did like that job. I learned lots of things there: typing, bookkeeping, answering the phones etc. Needless to mention, my husband was an alcoholic, who spent more time in the pub than at home. Luckily, I had good in-laws, who were very good with kids and they looked after my two boys while I was at work. My life became very busy and stressful when my dad got sick from cancer and my mom had a stroke. My mom recovered from it, but my dad passed away when he turn 67 years of age.
That was about 1988. I do not remember if it was winter or summer, but I remember it was at night time. I put my two boys into bed to sleep. My husband had not come home from work yet. I was sitting on my bed looking at some magazine and a small voice told me in my head, but I could hear the voice with my whole body, it was very lovely voice, was not scary, telling me to “leave the country.”
I did not know what to do, but that voice was in my mind and I had it for a very long time. I did not say anything to anyone because they would not believe me. I did call my brother Bill in Australia to send me an application that he would be my guarantor. To make the story shorter, I heard this voice again another two times, but it was a little bit stronger. The last time when I heard it, it was so strong, that I almost put the children in the car and drove to the next bordering country to Hungary. No one in the family knew that I had applied to emigrate to Australia. Almost 3 years had passed from when I handed my application to the Australian Embassy in Beograd. Finally, when I got the Visa, it was a great relief that we were accepted to the country. I have to mention that really started at the end of 1990. There were rumours of civil war. I was so anxious that I wanted to leave the country before the war started.
Finally, 21st of May 1991, we arrived in Australia and at the end of June the same year, the civil war started in Yugoslavia. My in-laws weren’t happy because I took away their grandchildren and of course their son. After a year later, they realized that emigrating to Australia was the best thing to do for the family. The civil war lasted 9 years. We became their lifeline for their existence. The other son was taken to the war and he was 6 months in the army. He lost his hearing and the army discharged him. Luckily, later he got back some of his hearing.
I have to mention here my mother, who stayed with us till we sat in the car to drive over the border to Hungary to catch the plane to Australia. She was crying. She asked me, why did I have to leave? Who is going to look after her? I felt broken, but I needed to leave the country to give a better life to my two boys. At that time, Ervin was 12 years old and Oskar was 9. And of course, we become her lifeline too.
Well, we started our life here in Australia with 4 suitcases. It was not easy. My husband started drinking here too. I thought he would stop: new country new life; but I was wrong. He was drinking more than back at home. The kids started their school and me and my husband started language course. We needed the money, so I went to work, cleaning in the hotel. After 3 months, we moved to the countryside to my brother Bill’s farm, where we rented a cabin from him. We learned how to look after the vineyard, pruning trees and other jobs that are needed to be done on a farm.
I want to mention that my brother Bill and his wife are strong members in the LDS church. Not long after, when we moved to his farm, we were getting missionaries to teach about God and his church. We could not speak well English, so my sister-in-law was translating for me and my kids. My husband was not interested in the church. I got a Hungarian Book of Mormon and I started reading in the afternoon. I was reading it all night and all day and the next day, till I finished it. I did not eat and sleep.
That time I did not know who the writer was, but I knew that I had never felt this way in my life. I was crying and I felt that the book was written for me. I have to mention here that secretly I had this wish, or I can’t explain the feeling, to meet the Three Nephites and John. Off and on, the idea would pop in my head and I had this desire. And now I am reading more books from them. (When I first talked to Monica Smith, we said to each other that we have to pinch ourselves. Is this true!!! If they just know how much I love them and my TRUE MESSENGER.)
Soon after, myself and the boys got baptized in the LDS church, of course my brother was baptising us. Three years passed. I sometimes worked two jobs and looked after a farm where we moved. This farm was owned by my other brother, Charlie. My brother Dezi who was a widow, moved with us with his 5 children and we fostered Charlie’s step-son too. There were 11 of us in the house.
Gabor, my husband, made himself more wine that he can drink more. This caused lots of contention. My brother had to move out after 9 months living with us. We left the farm because my brother Charlie lost the farm to the bank. We were able to get a government house, in a small little town not far where the farm was. We were attending the church for awhile. It was good except for my husband’s drinking problem and a contention in the church between the members. It was this competition of who will get a better calling, and jealousy. In the end, I got pulled into this fight because of jealousy of my coming to Australia and my children were good and I had a home. When my 16-year-old son Ervin told me, “Mom how can you live with this man?” then I had had enough. I rented a little 2-bedroom unit in a nearby town and I moved there with the boys. I was able to save some money and bought a two-bedroom little house with a big back yard. We renovated and it became our home.
I had no problem with the boys. They were good in the school, and attending the church too. I got a job in a fish and chip shop that helped me to learn better English serving the customers. Two years passed and I met a very nice man. Michael Jordan is his name. When he mentioned one day, because I asked, “Do you see us together in long term?” and his answer was “Probably not.” He did not like the church. Breaking up with him, divorcing my husband, and the contention in the church went for a long time. I became a center of the attention there and it took a toll on me.
I became very depressed and fell into chronic fatigue depression. I was just sleeping. I think it was 2 months in that clinical depression I had a unique or other word near death experience. I do not talk about it because no one would believe me, only if my mother would believe if she were alive, because she had a very similar experience when she was in the hospital very sick. (The doctors wanted to amputate her leg because her leg turned blue.)
One late afternoon, my son Oscar come in the room and kissed me and felt sorry that I could not get up from the bed and said mom you are really sick. They never saw me like that I was hard working and active now sleeping my life away. That late afternoon, or maybe it was already night, I had this experience. I was laying in the bed and I sat up, but my body was still on the bed. I felt like I had to pull my leg out from my body; and it was strange because my leg was still there. When I finished that, I started to go through this dark grey tunnel. I was going so fast that I was hearing this shushing noise. It felt like I was going through that tunnel for quite some time. Suddenly, I saw a light and was getting closer to the light, almost going through, and this person stopped me.
I could see the person from the neck to almost to the knee. I did not see the face. It was so strange that I did not know that I stopped. The person did not talk. I was the one who was talking and asked, “Heavenly Father, is that you?” I repeated to myself three times. The third time, I was hearing myself in the bed, like I was talking in my dream. I can write this to you my friends, because we learned a few things through the MWAW.
After that experience, I started getting better, my brain started the healing process. I was able to go for short walks, cleaning the house, and going out with my boys. Not long after my recovery, I met my husband Andrew Sekely. He was in the LDS church too, and a widow from Melbourne. We got married in 1997 and we moved to Melbourne.
Now I had a new life, new blended family. Andrew has two daughters. One was at that time 21, Melissa, married with 2 children; and one was 11 years old. I became stepmother to Faith. Taking care of her was not easy. She did not like me and she really let me know that. This caused contention in the family, and jealousy. I did understand her, losing her mother when she was only nine years of age, was not easy on her too. My older son moved out from the house when he just turned 18. Oskar went to high school and when he finished it, he went on his mission to South Korea. Just before he left on his mission, he bought a two-bedroom little house.
I thought the contention and the argument would finish, because my boys left the house. But with Faith, that wasn’t the case. I asked some of the friends who where her mom’s friends in the church, what was going on with her, because taking her to counselling had not helped. One of her mom’s closest friends told me that her mom was the same.
Six years passed. My older son got married. The home environment got worse, because I worked in a nursing home and I was working as home help too, and I got so tired. Later, I left home help and just worked in the nursing home. Andrew, when I asked him to help me with his daughter, he told me to just let her be and she would change. Meantime, our Bishop counselled us to work together and said we would grow closer to each other. Andrew was a plumber, so I started going with him doing plumbing. Working with him was not hard because I picked up plumbing when I was young from my brothers.
Oskar came home from his mission and he went to live in his own little house. Then he got married and he went to live in Adelaide. I had nothing to give anymore to Andrew and his daughters. Almost every weekend I babysat as well Melissa’s two children too. I got so drained mentally and physically that I had to leave and I moved back to my little house and I got back my job too. Six to 7 months passed. I was working away in the fish and chips shop.
A lady delivered a big bunch of red roses to me. I was shocked, because I had never received flowers before. It was from my husband. He suddenly remembered me and started sending flowers to the shop. This went on for few months and he rang the lady who I worked for that time and he said he was coming to live with me because he couldn’t live anymore with his daughter. She started to get physical too. I did forgive him and we stayed in my place for over one year. It was good, but there was not much plumbing work around, so we moved back to Melbourne. I moved back into his place, on condition that his daughter had to move out of the house. When we come back, we built a little unit for her and she stayed there for 5 years.
The life was OK, working with my husband plumbing, till the next door neighbor gave us a job as property managers in his conference centre. It was so good, because the work was only 2 minutes away for both of us. He entrusted us to supervise and build accommodation units, renovate existing buildings. This was for me life-changing. I loved it so much, building and working, that I went back to school and finished a building course and went for my license and become a registered building practitioner. We left the conference centre and started working again for ourselves. We took a couple of big jobs that we got so busy that we attended less in the church. We worked 10 -12 hours some days, and Saturdays and Sundays too.
One night, I could not sleep and I got up and watched a little bit of TV, when I saw that our prophet and two ladies (must be the General Primary President and General Relief Society President) opening a big shopping centre. We never heard of it in Australia. I got really mad. Andrew said, “What is going on with you?” And I explained to him that we were taught in Relief Society for almost 20 years, that we should not go after earthly things that were for the world. He did not understand, so I went to my computer and turned it on.
I started searching and I found out about the church other things too. But there was Dear Ida Smith and I clicked on her photo and a miracle happened. “The Sealed Portion of Book of Mormon” book cover popped up on the screen. I got so excited that I ran to my husband in the other room and called him. We couldn’t believe our eyes. He quietly asked, “Are you going to read it?” and I said, “Yes.”
For the next 3-4 days, I did not go to the building block. I stayed home and I read day and night, and cried too. When I finished reading the book, I called my husband and in few words explained to him what was in the book, that if he wanted to know more, he had to read himself and told him that we were finished with the church. He was so happy, that he did not need to go to church anymore. That was in 2012. I did researched more and I found the MWAW. I had the opportunity to talk to Monica Smith, and skyped with Tony Saiki and I was able to purchase the other MWAW books. When I found and read about The Humanity Party, my big plan was to print out the new Constitution and take it to the local political party. I would make flyers, handouts and go to the city to the station where the people are most concentrated and give it to them. My third plan was to decorate my car with The Humanity Party logo. Then I read one day the message from the Real Illuminati, that we didn’t have to do anything, just be happy and be a good example. Anyway, I learned later that the new constitution is for America anyway, not for Australia.
And now I am writing to all of you, my friends who will find the MWAW and “The Humanity Party.” I am so grateful and humbled that those people behind this work are sacrificing their life for me and the world, and how much they have changed my life. I became a better person and am more tolerant and patient, more loving and caring. I learned why the people are they way that they are, and I am more patient with my stepdaughter and understand her personality and in other people too. I learned who we are and why we exist, and other amazing things. I learned what The Humanity Party can do, if it would be in the government, not just for one country, but for the whole world. There will be no poor, no sickness. It will change this world into paradise. I became a little child and I am turning my computer on because of the MWAW, waiting patiently to get more knowledge. Thank you Christopher and the Brothers. I will be forever grateful and I love you.
Susan Sekely

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