Georgia Ladd

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My name is Georgia Ladd. I was born into the LDS church. My parents taught me in their ways and beliefs. I was very well educated in the religion and religious culture of Mormons and their history. I have direct lineage from Brigham Young, one of the most respected presidents in LDS history. I thought I was really something, being born into such a family. But after losing my mother to breast cancer in my adolescence, I began a search in and out of the church. I needed to know for myself who I was (AM). I looked for purpose, and got myself married in the temple, but after many trials of my faith, I was lost and wondering how Christ could be the head of ANY organization on this planet. I found no answers acceptable to my conscience, until 2005.

At this time (June 2005), I had been going through a very painful experience involving disciplinary action taken upon me, by my own volition. I confessed to an LDS bishop a “sin” that put my membership on the line. I felt so worthless. I was told that in order to be forgiven by God, I needed to expose the entirety of my shame to a group of male priesthood holders. My husband was there. I felt I was not in the hands of Christ. “He” would not head any organization that would cause me so much pain.

I continued my search for truth. Having learned to use computers and the internet as a tool for research, I began searching for my salvation on the internet. I remember looking for people who claimed to have met Jesus Christ. In my search, one Sunday, I heard, on talk radio about someone claiming to have translated the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. That thought really caught my attention. Having been taught that further light and knowledge would be revealed through the translation of the rest of the Book of Mormon, I had to find out. Was this claim for real?

There are a couple of false ones out there, claiming to be the translation of the Sealed Portion. I discounted those that did not speak to me. But there was one claim that stood out. I began to read the Sealed Portion transcribed by Christopher Nemelka. I had never heard of him and I didn’t care yet who he was. The words of the SP (sealed portion), spoke to me like no other book before (except for the Book of Mormon, and I believed it to be the Word of God). It is difficult to put in words how strongly, finding and reading the Sealed Portion affected me. It was all I could think about. I felt a familiar feeling. One I could not and would not deny. I felt the hand of God and my reality changed. I feel overcome with joy, remembering the incredible witness to my heart and mind. I was not alone. I felt like the universe was cheering me on! My youngest was a baby and with children, I read voraciously, at every chance, most of which was read after everyone had gone to sleep, and through the night. I was flooded with emotion. I felt I had come upon the most important thing I had ever encountered. I thought about it every moment. To this day, I believe this to be this biggest discovery of my life. The magnitude of which, was a sign to me that I had not been forgotten by the Father. Since, I have reread the SP many times. This book ushered a marvelous work and a wonder into my life. And I continue to learn real truth from this work every day.

I had a mind that was filled with prejudice and ignorance of all kinds. It takes an effort to straighten out all the misconceptions we have. In the beginning, finding the first book in this work, the Sealed Portion, I had been prepared up to a point. It has been necessary for us to be taught in ways we could understand, and I learned with all the world, as we were taught using correct and appropriate ways of opening a closed mind. We were taught using the things we already believed in. The more we learned from the True Messenger, the more our eyes opened to Real Truth.

In 2012, Our Messenger was finally allowed to tell us the truth without parable or allegory. Some of the Real Truth has been difficult to swallow. I learned and finally came to an understanding about our planets’ fall from an ideal and perfect world. I learned that we have destroyed ourselves 5 times previously, and that we are failing our 6th and final time here. These were some heavy Truths. With the understanding I have gained from the Marvelous Work and a Wonder, I know that I Am a God in my own right. I know that I have always existed and that whatever happens in this Earth story, I will continue to exist forever. I can see that our Earth experience is, but a moment, and I am at peace that this dream will come to an end. No longer do I have the existential fear that plagued my thoughts before finding Real Truth. And I no longer want to kill myself, because I understand that my life is a necessary part of my higher self, an advanced being. My life here is but a shadow of who I AM.

I have learned that it is possible for our planet to be restored to its original beauty and perfection. No one, god or otherwise is going to fix it for us though. We have made the world what it is and we have the power to restore it. It begins with solving world poverty and inequality. This work has provided a perfect solution that cannot be disproven. The only way this plan won’t work is if it is not implemented. I chose this plan to support. I believe there is no other way. I SUPPORT THE Humanity Party!! I support our messenger and those (the Real Illuminatti) that have commissioned this work!

Georgia Ladd


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