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My Story:

Hello, My name is Andrew. My life is filled with experiences of all kinds that now I can see prepared me to find this work, recognize it, embrace it and point others toward it if, and when they ask about it.

I want to do nothing else but make the messages the world is supposed to have available, to make it available in as many languages as possible and for others to find it more easily.

I did not want to write this story as it feels as if it is all about me, and what I rather you would focus on is:

Listen, again, listen closely to Chris’ messages.

Again, listen.

Listen closely to Chris.

That is by far and the most important suggestion and recommendation I can ever give you.

Because my message may resonate with you, someone out there, is the only reason I am compelled to share my story, because of my love for everyone and my desire to do what is the right thing to do, and oh how I fail, what a wretched man that I am!

The choices are to give it all up, or use all of my energy, gifts, talents, resources, instead, to do what I can, to go a different direction in all ways, and the only thing that brings me inner peace, lasting, motivating, strengthening, joy, is the Real Truth®.

Here I go.

Remember, my story is lengthy. It is spontaneous, and may even lack flaw. This is why I keep recommending that you listen to Chris and his messages closely, instead.

I was born of contending parents. Violence was a common theme growing up, and when the periods of quiet days were occurring at home, I was filled with inner panic, knowing that sooner or later there would be another bout of violence, some of which, upon experiencing it first hand, would cause my ears/brain to ring, my body throb/perhaps due to fear? for days. What’s there to understand about all that at age 3,4,5,6,7…? ???!!!

A sorrow I masked and kept within my inner self, as I allowed the other me … the one that just wanted to be a kid, the me that is acquainted with playing and being normal … to play with other kids as if nothing was happening. Duality of an existence. Inner, ever present, unspoken battle.

I wanted to die. And I did not know it.

I did not understand why this was happening to me, and I felt it was all my fault that all this was happening, especially to my mom, and there was nothing I could do. The idea of confronting my dad never occurred to me at that time.

There was soccer played in the street, as a way to pretend all was okay, and just try to join and play. I would not be picked to play, for I lacked confidence and was filled with fear. Hard to explain.

One summer I chose, little as I was, to pick up the only book that perhaps held answers to my anguish and questions, the Bible. I recall reading the entire Old Testament, and then the New Testament. I recall not understanding much of it. I did understand Jesus loving everyone, healing everyone, getting hurt in a way that made no sense to me.

Catholicism was my mom’s religion and we attended those meetings often. We also attended auxiliary meetings. She studied other material I will not mention. Mom also, in spite of the violence, served much by way of gathering donations for children’s hospitals. When I visited these hospitals, I felt I had something more they did not have when I saw these children, which filled me with sorrow and embarrassment. And shame.

During my teens, and completely out of character, my dad, whom I have fully forgiven and who is doing all he can to do things right now and today … (see, I love my parents very, very much, and I am sharing my past, in hopes it resonates with your reality in some way.) …

Back to my dad: he did take us on trips and bought us things, I guess, in a way to make up for his anger bouts. What do you expect from a child of a military man who fought a war where his foot was injured, succumbed to gangrene, and eventually was one of the key factors that claimed his life?

… My dad, one Saturday morning, decided to take us four (my mom, my brother and sister and I) downtown for a family drive. He spotted two missionaries walking the streets of downtown, from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He stopped the car next to them. They approached my mom’s window, exchanged some answers, and next thing, us kids scoot to one side to make room for the missionaries. We were taking these strange, yet pleasant, young men to our house for a discussion and dinner.

As my mom was preparing dinner, she later confided that she was thinking: if this religion brings her husband, my dad, closer to God, she would support him, as this would imply the end of the old. They taught us the First Vision and the Plan of Salvation. I was fascinated by Joseph Smith and his message. We had dinner. Afterwards, we were assigned pamphlets with scriptures to read and questions to answer.

Upon their return a couple of days later, they were surprised we had actually read and highlighted the Book of Mormon and had written the questions and answers we could find on notebooks, except the scriptures D&C and PGP. We didn’t have these, nor did we know what they were. We all joined the church. My dad, reluctantly. Later, I found out that was a good thing.

Fast forward to a number of violent years later and my parents divorced. Relief. Mom found the strength and the support from church members to divorce. Mom met and married a worthy priesthood holder. That sealed the deal for me. At the time, he was verbally abusive and threatening. This is the example I had to go by of a worthy priesthood holder. Because I yearned and needed someone I could trust to guide me and prepare me for the next phase of my life, my first adult years, I kept seeking a ‘father’ figure that would not belittle me, neither hurt me or others.

As I got older I know I could figure things out myself, but I was the type of kid that actually was seeking someone to help me and to guide me, so I may avoid making mistakes, and more importantly, so I could understand my emotions and life. In the meantime, I found refuge in the praising I received excelling at some school classes, yet I would run out of ‘fuel’ and my mind and emotions would fog up, hence unable to be successful from start to finish. I think I needed help, perhaps therapy, but that was nonexistent then, or at least I thought so, I believed so.

To lack complete trust in any man, yet yearning father figures and increasing my hope in General Conference speakers who sounded caring and loving! I decided the only way to go was to submit to their commands, as these messages were filled with promises of peace, happiness, the restored pure truths, and as long as you kept your commandments, your election would one day be made sure.

What ensued was years of folly, stealthy prejudice and a myriad of stumbling blocks, because of my desires to walk the “straight and narrow path,” even the “covenant” path. I was ever depending on my leaders’ approval and blessings … because that’s how God’s system works: he gives keys to “worthy” men on earth to seal what is on earth or lose what is on earth and the same happens in heaven. But that never came.

In spite of the lonely years, even while attending church and serving as best as I could to what now I consider 100% to be the lesser portion of the word, religiously speaking, I somehow kept having a powerful enthusiasm to share the restored gospel with everyone I could.

And I did. I even baptized a person or two, year in, year out, including my last ward, even against my wishes. How I regret every baptism today. I did serve a mission, very unsuccessful, and I say that because many were baptized because of my enthusiasm, and I regret that wholeheartedly today. How many people have I caused to embrace the lesser portion?

Fast forward to months before the pandemic (during those years my life was filled with stumbling blocks of every kind, which I chose to be part of my life; insomuch that in the pursuit of this form of “righteousness,” I have caused much pain to others. Pride. Ego.)

Had religion been removed out of my life altogether, perhaps I would have not been around, or around and enjoying life differently. Perhaps too differently to never find this work. Who knows?

How did I find this work?

Having moved as a family to a new ward, the new members enjoyed my passionate testimonies I would share at the “rameomptum,” that I knew the church was true. They called me to be their ward mission leader. A weather calamity occurred and I saw how quickly the ward mobilized to protect their homes and belongings. I decided, as the new ward mission leader, to use their template, plus many other ideas I felt inspired by the Holy Ghost to prepare, share and invite my ward to do.

To my surprise, they rejected them all.

Even the mission president rejected my enthusiasm during our stake missionary correlation meetings. I did not understand: if they were men of priesthood authority, wouldn’t they recognize what would help the work move forward, especially after studying not just Follow Me, but the Missionary Guide? I spent countless hours and resources to help in the missionary work. I visited with the missionaries, every single part-member family in the ward, and out of that work four families were found that would open the doors to the missionaries, out of which two families began feeding the missionaries on a regular basis and one non-member husband was open to the discussions.

No follow-up. I had stepped over many toes, so to speak. At ward correlation meetings, I would only be given five minutes to talk and then I had to leave the meeting. It became obvious to me they just needed someone to pawn the missionary work to, so they could checkmark their “to do” stake lists of responsibilities. And I superficially rejoiced at the pride, ego and recognition that calling provided me. I was no different than they. I was one of them. And at the same time, I was not.

I learned the primary motive for these folks, these leaders, both male and female, was to gaze at each other with smiles prior to the meetings, filling the air in the bishop’s office with “we are the chosen ones!” and we are definitely doing the Lord’s work. I felt I did not belong. I wanted to belong.

A recently called High Priest from my ward to the Stake’s “magic” 12 high priests (a new doctor of sorts), someone who not once (as far as I knew) went with the missionaries to visit families, but talked about wanting to do the work, called me and asked me one day if I needed some training in missionary work.

He had zero knowledge of who were being taught, what their needs were, what the missionaries needed, and what to do to facilitate their success. It became apparent he was simply doing what the Stake told him to do, based from what I now call “secret combinations” of my bishop and his minions: I was pressuring the members too much to do missionary work. (Not that it is one of the core pillars of the church, mind you, and never mind the families that were reactivated, even some with years of not attending the church, and (to add to my sadness, because of what I know now) their children went on to serve missions.

They called a former highly prominent retired attorney who had shared with me his high level ecclesiastical expertise included being part of a group that designed the guidelines the entire church presidencies –guidelines for representatives, stake presidencies, stakes, wards, bishops and priesthood, at least the way I understood it) who lived in our ward half a year, called to be my ward mission assistant. He and I had interesting doctrinal conversations, some outside the parameters of the teachings of the church, which we called our own doctrine, his own doctrine. He shared a website as the topic of the sealed portion came to the surface. (At that time, my then wife and I, would visit historical sites for Book of Mormon evidence and stumbled on symbols, etc.)

The website he shared was from a descendant of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon and how he found a Sealed Portion. I read it all and found the story weird. I read every reference and among those tiny lettered references was a link to “Christopher Nemelka and his Sealed Portion,” the way they put it.

I began to prayerfully compare and it became very evident this retired lawyer was not aware about this other book. I read the first few pages and these moved me. I shed tears of joy. The Sealed Portion MADE COMPLETE SENSE! The more I thought critically, the more sense it made. I sent him a PDF copy.

He texted:

“OK, I looked up the link and read the first two chapters and the headings of the next 12. It is very clear to me that this is apostate, false and dangerous. Chapter 12 talks about people being condemned for doing genealogy and talks about the leaders of the church being corrupt. The description of how Adam and eve got their mortal bodies is clearly ridiculous. I am assuming you sent all this to me as a joke. I certainly would not send this to anyone else. They may not see your sense of humor like I do. ”

And he texted:

“All of this falls into a category that I consider dangerous. There is no question in my mind that the only addition to our canonized Scripture including a replacement of the lost 116 page manuscript and a translation of the sealed two thirds of the book of Mormon will come from The current president of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints. it will be published by the church, and will be sustained as scripture in a general conference of the church. This is what happened with D&C 137 & 138 and every other addition we have received. Anything else, from any other source, is by definition apostate.”

And he texted:

“I do find it fascinating that all these so-called “translators” never mention the angel Moroni Who is the custodian of the record and has them in his possession. It’s also interesting that they never mention the Urim and Thumim which are also in the custody and possession of Moroni. I have no doubt that when we receive the lost 116 pages and the sealed 2/3 of the Book of Mormon, it will be translated by the current, living,prophet who was visited by Moroni and given
the plates so that he could do the translation. Then they will be printed published and voted on by the church. You and I will have a chance to raise our hands to the Square in a general conference and solemnly agree that it was received by the gift and power of God.”

and he texted:

“My thoughts on all of this as a general category are the last statement Joseph Smith said about the plates is that the messenger called for them and he has them in his possession to this very day. Anybody who is claiming to know about the Urim & Thummim, or to have it or to use it has by definition got to be testifying that the angel Moroni delivered it to him.

In Joseph Smith-Matthew the Lord tells us that in the last days there will be deceivers who, if it were possible, would deceive the very elect. Therefore our job, because we are the very elect, having the temple ordinances, is to make it not possible for them to deceive us.

Isaiah tells us that in the last days all tables will be Full of filthiness and vomit. Vomit is the partially digested food of someone else that has been regurgitated. It is actually how little birds get their food from their parents.

We should be getting our food directly from the source. The Scriptures, the prophets, and our own personal prayers.

Anything out there from any other source is by definition suspect and dangerous. And I for one will not be deceived.

In the book of Mormon king Limhi tells Ammon that a seer is greater than a prophet and that a seer has the possession of the Urim & Thummim. We sustain The first presidency and quorum of the 12 as prophets Sears and revelators. Therefore the only ones who could possibly have possession of the Urim & Thummim are those 15 men. And the only one authorized to use them would be the president of the church. Because he is the only one authorized to exercise all the keys of the Priesthood. Don’t you think that using the Urim &Thummim is clearly exercising the keys of the priesthood?”


And I read what the “Prophet” Jesus wanted us to read: Isaiah, particularly Isaiah chapter 1.

Andrew SejasNeedless to say, his texts and my experiences only fueled my desire to find the Sealed Portion true or not for myself, as I had debunked every anti-Mormon material in the past. I shared the Sealed Portion with my then wife, loved ones, even bought and gifted copies.

I completed my reading of The Sealed Portion. I struggled attending church, fulfilling my calling and knowing I had changed.

What happened afterwards, after a year of learning and ultimately deciding to remove my name off the LDS church? I became aware of more books, I ordered and read “Human Reality”, as well as “The Book of Lehi”, and also read some of the other books by Pearl Publishing. I found them very helpful to me, and very clarifying. I also remember a song that I heard often at that time, a song that would appear on YouTube or on the radio, by Supertramp: “The Logical Song.” Same with the song by John Lennon, “Imagine”.

The reading made me aware of many things, and two things stood out the most about what I needed to work on departing from: Pride and ego.

Again, Be prepared. What follows, what I share next, I would not have it any other way:



Those well-known personality traits are what kept me from discovering this Marvelous Work decades ago, regardless of my youth experiences, good and bad. My personal history and experiences are, in my view, irrelevant. When I use the selfish word “I” or the word “you,” I am simply referring to myself. My words may resonate with you, however my desire is that you would rather pay close attention to Christopher’s words.

Will you, will you listen closely to Chris?

Those are the words and messages that truly matter.

Now, I again, I wanted to keep my words to myself rather than having this message available for you to read. Because the following may be a current struggle/s you may be facing at this very moment, and if so, read on, remembering always that Christopher’s message is by far a better investment of your time than my irrelevant message.

Now, Is it hard to make mortgage, rent, or any sort of payments?

Or perhaps it became boring to have it all, that the emptiness inside is everlastingly haunting?

Perhaps NOW is the time to let all go, yes, all ‘things’ and that could even include loved ones. See, their happiness and purpose may be different from yours, and it is valuable to ensure they seek their happiness and that you never, ever affect their happiness negatively.


To me, embracing this work means:

Moving forward, being about creating happiness for myself and those around me (loving myself as I love ‘God’ and loving others as myself) while making sure I only affect others and their happiness positively.

I have been looking for the greater portion.

I never realized it would spring forth out of obscurity and out of darkness as exactly as ‘prophesied’, and by way of a messenger like unto the son of man (I am speaking in a religious tone to the religious-bound) rather than coming forth as romanticized and imagined by many: Moroni appearing to the worthy priesthood holders, leaders who’s election has been made sure and who occupy the positions of prophets, seers and revelators for the entire church, sitting on pedestals of positions of power or posture, endowed with the complete priesthood and keys, and being provided the Sealed Portion only to them and only for them to translate by their Holy Ghosts, by the raising of their right hands, sustaining it as scripture in a solemn assembly in a special conference, an ensign to the world, holding the Urim and Thummim, in short, by those who have taken upon themselves the complete glory and honor of ‘God’ so not one soul shall be lost, because they have the complete restored gospel, and there’s no other way, according to them, that the Sealed Portion will spring forth.

This work is with me forever and ever, because it’s truly a Marvelous Work And A Wonder® and makes perfect sense to me.

Now I have begun the journey of the beginning of the discovery of Real Truth®

And, lastly, I must remember, whether with or without me, one nearing day, this Marvelous Work and A Wonder will communicate: “the work is done.”

In the meantime, I encourage you to listen closely to your messenger, Christopher.

And that’s my message.

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