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My Journey To The Real Truth

Andrew Jay VanLehn

To my Family, Friends, Past Friends, Future Friends, Those In A Faith Crisis, Those Searching For Answers, Those Who Are Questioning Their Very Existence and Anyone Else Who May Care…

The main reason I am sharing this is because if my story connects and helps even one person for the good, then it’s all been worth it. Also, it was time to take a stance on something that could really help this world. I have held this information in for nearly 7 years and I thought it’s time I share it.

I have spoken with many of you over the years about your trials, fears and questions regarding life and religion, and I cherish all of those memories. Some of you have been brought to tears because of the sadness and frustration that can come from a “faith crisis”. Thanks for trusting me and feeling comfortable that I would not judge you in any way.

Below is my story of how I came to know The Real Truth. (who human beings really are, why we exist and what we must do so ALL humans can enjoy the earth experience equally)

Growing up in St. George, Utah (Green Valley) was the ideal place one could hope for when being born into mortal existence. It was a land that was free and prosperous. You could live and explore your backyard with safety and wonderment. I had great parents and siblings and still do to this very day. Southern Utah, especially at this time 1979 – Present Day is part of the epicenter of “Mormonism” aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My parents were good, faith believing people and as a family we attended church most Sundays just like other active LDS people. I didn’t know any different and neither did my siblings or friends. We were just doing what our parents did because that is what you do when you are a child. I met some great people and had some great experiences, and some of these people are still among some of my closest friends.

I have an overwhelming feeling to love and respect my parents, and to share all of the great love and wisdom that comes from them but to continue on my own path of questions and wonder about who human beings are and why we exist. I continued growing up in the LDS Church and learned the same things that my parents had learned about God’s “Plan of Salvation”. I didn’t think too much about it then as I was having fun with my life. I have always loved life and the unknown. I was open to all possibilities and any new adventure. My friends at the time shared the same enthusiasm. We lived, and it was great!

After high school and many fond, magical type experiences later, the time came in an 18-19 year old Mormon boy’s life to decide whether or not to go on a 2 year Mormon Mission. My older Brother was out on his mission and I didn’t really know what to do with my life at the time, so I decided to take the plunge and do the same thing. I prepared as diligently as I could, and made a promise to myself that I would read the whole Book of Mormon all the way through before I left, which I did. I didn’t even have to finish the Book of Mormon before I knew of its power! If interested, this is the passage of scripture that filled my whole body with the “Spirit of God”. 1 Nephi 17:48

I served a 2 year LDS Mission (1998-2000) in the New York, Rochester Mission. This is where Mormonsim all began. And, for those who know this area, you know what I speak of. I grew very fond of this area and the people, especially the ones in the small communities of Up State, NY. What a lovely place with lovely people. I loved my mission and the experience it gave me, especially the friendships I made. I read the Book of Mormon over and over again as I walked the streets and paths of the Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah and roads of Palmyra.

My mission ending interview came and I took counsel from my Mission President to find a spouse, go to school and start a family. It took a couple of years to find my Wife but I could not stomach anymore school. So, we began our life as a married couple. The race and competition was on to make as much money as possible, as soon as possible. Life was really starting to move at this time. Buying a home, cars and squeezing in a vacation whenever possible was the main thing that consumed my mind as many of you can attest. I was meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends and trying to catch the next wave of wealth and riches… Looking back on it now, my motivation and determination that I learned from my 2 year mission about helping others was replaced with what I could do to get wealthy. I wasn’t that bad of a person in the sense that I was working to support my family (my responsibilities) but having a concern for the poor, needy & hungry (the least among us) went completely out the window. I really had no clue how bad poverty was/is around the world, especially outside of the United States. In fact, at the time, I didn’t think it applied to me. I thought I was a hard working person that paid my tithes and offerings to the church, did temple work for the dead and attended my church meetings on Sunday. In my mind, I convinced myself that God and I were all square and that if poverty and famine were to end, God would do it and there was nothing more I could do about it, so why worry about it? It’s not my problem, right? Wrong! I have never been so wrong about anything in my life!

As some of you will remember, around the years 2006-2010 the rumors and gossip about Mormon Church History was really heightened for my particular age group in the community. With the internet in full force, new things were coming out in droves. There were things that I always dealt with while on my mission like polygamy and blacks in the preisthood, and we were taught to just say at the time it was “God’s will and he’ll work that all out…” but once these things got reintroduced into my life, they took on a whole new meaning and so my frustrations, doubts, questions and research began.

I couldn’t believe what I was finding & reading, it was one thing after the other. How many first vision stories were there? At least 4 and the church doesn’t even use the one that Joseph Smith wrote with his own hand. How many wives did Joseph Smith have? At least 20 and some as young as 14 years old. What did Brigham Young say about African American people? Only the most racist things a human could say about another human. Joseph Smith Sr. was an alcoholic. FreeMasons. Kinderhook Plates. Book of Abraham. Priesthood. Magic. Doctrine. Temple Endowment. The list goes on and on and on… The confusion led to fear and fear led to anger. What the hell is going on here? This didn’t feel right and no one could convince me otherwise because no one could answer any of these questions that so many were struggling with. Then came the John Dehlin’s of the world… Finally, someone that shares the same feelings as I do, perhaps there is hope. Wrong, again! John Dehlin and others put a small bandage on the wound but the hemorrhaging never stopped.

There were still no answers and it looked like there never would be. Is all hope lost? Will I ever know the answers that I am so longing to get answered? Even with all of this confusion, one thing stood true, and that is that the Book of Mormon (as far as I understood it) was still the most amazing thing ever written by a human.

The thought that came to mind is that I better start from the beginning. I better dig deep and do some serious research. After years of studying every piece of church history I could find, reading everything I could on Joseph Smith, and attending the temple regularly, it soon became apparent that it wasn’t about faulty Mormon church history anymore, it moved way beyond that. This is now about “God” and if there is even one to believe or worship. Who is this God that I try so hard to make happy and if I did something wrong, felt like I disappointed?

I devoured the most apocryphal writings/documents I could find. The older, the better. That’s what I thought anyway. I thought the older it is, the more true and accurate it has to be. Wrong, again! Although I was learning some fascinating stuff, I soon realized that what I was reading was just as confusing as everything else… It soon became apparent that all written language came from ancient stories and myths. (The Sumerians, The Egyptians, The Greeks, The Hebrews, The Gnostic Gospels, etc..) It had to, it’s the only thing that made logical sense. All of their stories were so similar to one another. Perhaps there are some truths in these writings but geez, they were hard to find and hard to distinguish. (Men Mingled with Scripture)

After a couple of years of looking into all sorts of mythology and theology I found myself on one hand, in a cool place because I now know some stuff that most people had never opened their minds and eyes to. This was my ego speaking, thinking that I was smarter than others because I went down a road that most would never consider nor dare. But, on the other hand, I have never felt so alone in my life. What has all of this knowledge done for me? It still did not answer my most sincere questions about who I am, who God is and what the hell is really going on with this planet floating through time and space with a bunch of humans on it…?

At this time, I was tired, my brain hurt and I didn’t want to fight anymore. I didn’t want to be upset, mad or judgmental anymore. So, I promised myself that I was going to let it all go and just live life. One beautiful morning while out on a trail run, I was thinking about my new attitude and Joseph Smith entered my mind and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I’ve been a complete jerk towards this man that is not even here to defend himself. All I know about him is what people have told me and what I read about him. Who am I to judge, truly? So, I called out, like I was praying to the sky above me and I said “Joseph, I don’t know if you exist somewhere or what has come of you in the afterlife but if you can hear me or feel me, I want to say, I’m sorry. I apologize for the way I have treated you and judged you, when you are not even here to defend yourself. Yes, your story and history is confusing but who am I to truly judge? I promise, I will never speak ill of you again because I don’t know for sure your true story. All I know is that I don’t want those feelings about you or anyone else ever again. I hope you can forgive me.” My heart had softened but still no answers. Around this time, my Bishop for some reason asked my Wife and I to speak in sacrament meeting. He knew my concerns and doubts but I went along with it anyway. I decided to record my talk because a part of me thought it would be my last. Here is my last LDS Sacrament Meeting talk if interested. Feb 9th, 2015

View here

Around the spring of 2016, life continued on as usual and then one day while at work, I overheard some co-workers talking about scriptures, and the thing that caught my attention is when someone said “The Sealed Portion”. I thought to myself, why do I know that term, why does that sound familiar? I went into the other room and asked what they were talking about and they reminded me, according to the story, that Joseph Smith was only mandated to “translate” the Unsealed Portion of the Gold Plates and that the Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates would be the scripture that would come forth in the “latter days”. Quickly, I remembered that story and I remembered that all growing up I heard the stories about “more” scripture that were one day going to come but nobody knows when and we have to be “worthy” enough to receive it. The LDS people reading this should know exactly what I am talking about and if you don’t, here are some references to remind you.

View here

Ether 4:4–52

Nephi 27:10–11

Ether 3:25

View here

(sealed portion with band around it)

The person at work that I was talking with went on to tell me that some guy claims that he translated the sealed portion of the plates and it’s available online. I vaguely remembered seeing something about this around 2010 but just briefly. I guess I wasn’t ready at the time to look into it. This time was different, I wasn’t about to judge any person until I gave them a chance. So, the search began. Not only did I find the Sealed Portion online, I found some other books and interesting facts that were associated with this work called the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

Not only did they have The Sealed Portion The Final Testament Of Jesus Christ View here

They also take full credit and ownership of the original 1830 Book of Mormon.

View here

They have the 116 pages from the Unsealed Portion that Martin Harris supposedly lost. The Book of Lehi

View here

They have a biography of Joseph Smith called Without Disclosing My True Identity The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. View here

They have The Official Guide in Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment called Sacred Not Secret. View here

They have a book called 666 The Mark of America Seat Of The Beast. The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded.

View here

And, Human Reality Who We Are and Why We Exist.

View here

I also learned of a woman named Ida Smith, a direct descendant of Hyrum Smith, brother of Joseph Smith, Jr. who found and read The Sealed Portion as she was approaching her 80’s. She was a devout member of the LDS Church and held many prominent positions in the church. Some of her best friends were the current apostles and politicians here in Utah. After reading about how the church excommunicated her for reading and sharing The Sealed Portion with others, I thought to myself, this must be good, I better check it out. Here is a link to learn more about Ida Smith if interested. Her story is fascinating.

View here

I was amazed at the book titles I was reading, I couldn’t believe my eyes and they were all free to the world. After a quick scan, I gravitated right towards the Biography on Joseph Smith. I have read most of the other Biographies like No Man Knows My History and Rough Stone Rolling but my thirst wasn’t quite quenched yet. I felt I had made peace with Joseph while I prayed out loud and told him I was sorry but I felt there was still something I needed to learn about the man. All of the other books interested me in the Marvelous Work and a Wonder but I dove right into the biography. The title alone stood out, It was bold and confident. About 10 pages in, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My heart was pumping with excitement because finally, something new, something fresh was being told. I promised myself I wouldn’t jump ahead but just read it a page at a time with an open heart and mind.

This book is long and full of the most amazing detail. I couldn’t put it down, it completely consumed me. I finished the book in about 6 weeks and my life has never been the same since. If anyone reading this has an interest in Joseph Smith, Jr. and is still struggling with his history, and have read the other more well known biographies of the man, you are doing yourself a HUGE disfavor by not reading this book. You are completely cutting yourself short!

After finishing this most amazing biography, it felt natural to read The Official Guide In Understanding The Temple Endowment next. Joseph Smith wrote this play/endowment 2 years before he died and it is viewed by millions of people every year but no one has any idea what it even means. LDS members are told not to talk about it or ask questions about it. They are just supposed to go and overtime it will make more sense. Wrong! Once you read The Official Guide In Understanding The Temple Endowment with an open heart and mind and ponder it’s meaning, you will quickly realize that Joseph Smith wrote one of the most amazing things that has ever been written by a human being. I have learned more about who God is, who Satan is, who Humans are and what this life is all about by understanding the metaphor and allegory of this beautiful play from this book, more than anything else in this world. This play/endowment should be free to the world for all to see!

After being completely amazed, grateful and excited from what I had learned from these two books, I was on to the Human Reality Book. All I can really say about this book is, wow! What a mind expanding concept of how the universe works. This book is awesome!

Reading the Sealed Portion was so easy and natural because of the love I have for the Book of Mormon. Just like Moroni promises, if you read the Book of Mormon with an open heart and ask if it is true, you will know. The same thing goes for the Sealed Portion. If you are open and willing to accept the possibility that this book came from outside of the Mormon Church leadership or any organized religion for that matter, just like all scripture has in the past, including the Book of Mormon, you will know of its power and truthfulness. There have been other “Sealed Portions” that have come out in the past by people looking to get gain but this one is different, it’s free to the world, as it should be. It is The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon that so many millions of people have learned would come out one day, if they are faithful and ready… It’s just that most LDS people have been taught that it would only come through the church and the church’s prophet. Do your research, be open and see for yourself.

Last but not least is 666 The Mark of America Seat Of The Beast The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded. Those who know the Book of Mormon well, know that the Book of Mormon not only prophecies about the Sealed Portion coming out in the latter days and it’s the “greater portion” of the gold plates, but also prophecies that in the “latter days” the Apostle John’s Book of Revelation will be unfolded in the eyes of the people. (Ether 4:16) Whether you are LDS or not, there is no other book like this on planet earth that explains the mysterious Book of Revelation like this book. Below are a couple of references to remind you about the Book of Revelation.

View here

1 Nephi 14:20-27

After devouring all of the books of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder it became very apparent that ALL of these books had one main overall message and one main goal, and that goal is this, to help human beings remember who they are, why they exist and how to ELIMINATE POVERTY so there are NO POOR AMONG US! That’s it, that’s it, that’s it! The one and only overall message of Jesus Christ as told in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon is to eliminate poverty!

Matthew Chapter 5, 6 & 7 and 3rd Nephi 12, 13 & 14.

We are ALL equal human beings regardless of race, color, religious belief and sexual orientation. This earth is for ALL human beings and can provide for all of us if we unite as one. This is all good in theory but how can it be done? Christians are waiting upon a “Christ” to return to do it, which is true, if you know the Real Christ. It has to be done by us, Human Beings. We are the ones that caused all of the problems, so we are the ones that need to solve them. Blaming a God or Devil on our problems is just as ignorant as waiting for a God to fix our problems.

So, what is the solution, how can we do this? It has to come from the people, a one world united effort with the True Spirit of Christ at the head. The same enlightened group that is over the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® has now come out as The Real Illuminati™ (Enlightened Ones) and the Humanity Party® The political party, that if implemented could solve not only worldwide poverty but child sex trafficking as well, which is a direct result of poverty. Please, check it out, watch the videos and be open to this most profound message.

The Real Illuminati™ is their most recent attempt to get this most important message to the world. Recently, they made it known that they are the “Three Nephites and John Beloved” known in Mormon Folklore. Ask yourself, if the Three Nephites and John Beloved are real, what would they be doing? They are willing to make themselves known to the world. See

It makes sense to me that they would be explaining the “mysteries of God” in full and provide a plan that can solve worldwide poverty. Their new 3 book trilogy is bold with the claims they are making and should be taken serious with a name like that.

The True History Of Religion. How Religion Destroys the Human Race and What the Real Illuminati® has Attempted to do Through Religion to Save the Human Race.

View here (I love this book, it can be read in a single afternoon).

A New American Scripture. How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon. View here (No doubt, the Real Illuminati aka “The Three Nephites and John The Beloved” are who they claim to be. Read this book!)

One People, One World, One Government.

View here (Just like Jesus Christ set up the perfect government in the story of the Book of Mormon, we can do the same now!)

Pentateuch Illuminated. A Five Part Series Introducing A New American Scripture—How and Why The Real Illuminati® Created The Book of Mormon.

View here (I love this book. It gives the reader such a greater understanding of what really happened leading up to and after Joseph Smith’s death)

You can view all of their books here:

This work has brought so much peace and understanding to my soul about Joseph Smith and his most complicated history, the history of religion, who human beings are and why the human race is in the current state that it is in and most importantly, what humans must do so that we ALL can enjoy the mortal experience or else we will completely destroy ourselves.

We are ALL equal Human Beings regardless of race, color, religious belief and sexual orientation. This is our shared planet and we can return this planet to a “paradisiacal” state but first we must know who we are, why we exist and what we must do to make sure there are NO POOR AMONG US and NO INEQUALITY.

I have a physical copy of all of these books if you would like to borrow them but they are also all free online as they should be. Please, feel free and comfortable to discuss any of these things with me but only if we can do it with love and respect. I will not argue or fight about these topics.

Everything that I’ve ever wanted to know about Human Reality and Religion is explained through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and the Real Illuminati™.

Every solution to humanity’s problems is presented through The Humanity Party®.


Andrew Jay VanLehn

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