Kathleen Kaakimaka

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I came to this earth 75 years ago to support the work of the MWAW. Hi, my name is Kathleen Kaakimaka and I found the Real Truth® in June 2013. I have had my previous testimony on the MWAW site (mwawtestimonials.com), now to be replaced by a simpler version.

So many mysteries of Real Truth® have been revealed by Christopher, the True Messenger. These revealed truths, along with reading The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, have changed my outlook on these things: religion, my purpose here on Earth, what the universe is about, and understanding how to solve worldwide poverty, to name a few.

After reading The Sealed Portion, I realized that Christopher was right, in that the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, and all scriptures are not real. Because my mind was opened by the Real Truth® delivered by Christopher, I now think a different way and have been convinced the Mormon Church is not true, as they preach it is. Throughout my 42 years as a deceived member of that Mormon cult, I’d always dismissed my nagging doubts about many of their teachings. At that time, I felt there was nothing better out there and that one day my faith would be enough until I was blessed with the truth and my confusion would be cleared up.

Well, the MWAW, along with The Sealed Portion and their other publications, certainly took care of that and untangled those confusing Mormon philosophies!  The Sealed Portion is the most incredible work that has EVER been published and, indeed, is a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®!

I am so thankful to Christopher, who is a True Messager, to be consecrating all his time, talents and everything with which the “Lord” has “blessed” him, and may “bless” him with, for the building up of the “kingdom of God on the earth” and for the establishment of Zion.

All books of the MWAW may be downloaded for free here: www.realtruth.site

  • Real Truth® will always be FREE●


Kathleen Kaakimaka



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