Mark Edward Henry

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Since I discovered The Book of Mormon, I have kept an eye out for the release of the rest of it. I came across James Reitdijt’s Youtube channel, from Australia. The video where he told how he discovered the Sealed Portion moved me to investigate. I bought the book; read it twice and then I got it for members of my family, who were familiar with The Book of Mormon. To my surprise no one was interested in reading it. Neither were the people at church. I no longer attend church, feeling free of its control. Hence, I am eager to be a part of this community. I am also very grateful for “Without Disclosing My Identity”, “Sacred Not Secret”, “666” and the other books I am currently studying. Learning about the ego and how it works is of great help for me to understand and treat people properly. I look forward to gaining further light and knowledge so I can apply it to live my best life in truth. I am very happy there is much more to be revealed and I want it. I am 64 years old. I moved in with my 89 year old mother in Saint Augustine, Florida because she is suffering from dementia. I work as a statistician and website developer, I have 6 grown children, and I am a social dancer.

Sincerely, Mark Edward Henry

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