Sheena Martin

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My first encounter with the MWAW was hearing about it from my husband after I came home from travelling. His first sentence to me was “I am never going back to church.” This, coming from a person who was a staunch mormon. I wasn’t sure what to think at the time and although I was relieved that we were no longer going to chuch, I did not believe it would last. Six months later I had seen a big change in him and was beginning to believe that he was serious. This was the first seed planted in me that he really found something interesting. Prior to this he would look up different conspiracy theories, deep philosophy, and all sorts of history, in search of something. So at first, I thought he had just found another conspiracy theory or another religion, or another philosophy. Due to my uncomfortable feelings about all of the things my husband dove into, I was very leary of what he could have found. Our life had been very up and down before this because of him and his searches.

We had lots of money problems, to the point of relying on the LDS church for food. We had three small children and could not seem to find lasting peace. Everywhere we turned, there were massive problems in our life. This is what brought my husband to where he found the MWAW and was humbled enough to be willing to open his mind and heart. At that time, I was not there with him.

After we left the LDS church, I decided that I did not need to follow anyone. So I was enjoying my first experience of not following any religion. At this point in life, I kinda despised religion and seeing my husband becoming so interested in something felt like he was joining another religion. For the first few years, we struggled and I became angry toward the MWAW because I felt like my husband had chosen it over me. He even told me such. From this point I began to experience severe anxiety and depression.

Although I felt those things about the MWAW, I could not deny that many of the things I overheard on the shows made perfect sense. These were the second seed that was planted in my mind.

15 years into our marriage, my husband decided that he needed to leave me and separate. He said that he was not able to find happiness in this situation. As much as the situation pained me, I knew that there was no changing his mind and that he needed it for him. Despite being in this low point of our life, we always loved each other and never wished ill will on each other. I knew we needed to stay friends in our life and ultimately we decided to completely support each other through all of this.

During the next 10 months I experienced my own hell. I fell to the lowest point in my life. I was lost and did not know where to go. Meanwhile, I saw my “ex” husband becoming happier and kinder, and much more satisfied in life. I got to a point where I decided that I either needed to sort my life out or end it. At this point I looked at my ex and wondered how he was so happy. I knew that the one thing that changed him was finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I asked him what to begin with if I really needed some help, and he told me to read The Sealed Portion.

So one night my ex was on a date with another woman and I was having a very difficult time. I actually said a little prayer in my head, with all the sincerity I could muster, and asked that I can just find peace. I opened the Sealed Portion and began to read it. I read it with the most open mind I could possibly have. I read about 4 chapters and began to relax. My thought processes completely changed and I began to feel peace and self confidence. After I put the book down, I expected the sense of anxiety and depression to come back, but it didn’t. After that time, I no longer felt my anxiety, nor could I even get it to come back.

The next day I went to my ex husband’s house and I told him how I was feeling. I explained to him what had happened to me over the last few days and how I was now feeling total peace. We ended up sitting and talking for about 3 days straight. We skipped work to just talk and communicate. We communicated like we had never in all our years of marriage. Because we had always loved each other, it was very easy to be in love again. Just like the very first time I ever met him, we had a spark, and that spark came back. After almost a year, and with no intentions to come back, my husband decided within days of my experience, that he would come home and live with me and the kids again.

We passed our 16th anniversary and are in the best place of our lives. We both feel a deep love for one another and have a whole different respect for each other based on what we learn in the MWAW. I legitimately feel happy now. I have become a more kind and tolerant individual. Money problems used to send me into a deep mental health spiral, but I have not felt the same stresses since my “baptism by fire”. TSP 9:24

Due to the things I have learned through the MWAW, my life has become so much better. I feel hopeful and my mental health is not such a burden to me anymore. I feel a sense of compassion for all humans. I am better at focusing on the now and living in the moment. Both my husband and I can agree that since we have found the MWAW, that we even surprise ourselves with new attitudes and ways of being that were never a part of us prior to finding “The Real Truth”. We have both come off of our antidepressants. We sit and visit and play games and communicate all the time now. This situation now is much much happier than the situation we were in prior to my husband leaving, and me finding out the truth of the things taught by the MWAW.

Sheena Martin

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