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I’m Marco Concepcion from Philippines.

I’m a returned LDS Missionary. I served my Mission in the southern part of the Philippines with Alberto Bulseco, my Mission President. So just like him, before I found my True Self, I’m was a Diehard Defender of the Mormon Faith 🙂.

Just to make it short how my true self led me to find the Real Truth. During the Hard Lockdowns because of the Pandemic, our mission set a reunion with our former mission President. During and at the end of our Zoom meeting, I knew that there was something wrong with him, because he was talking about things that we didn’t know. (Well, because during that time I couldn’t comprehend those things that he talked about🙂.) Then I found that it was already a couple of years that he had not been attending church anymore, before that Zoom reunion happen.

So I set a goal that I would bring him back to church. I investigated to know why he stopped going to church. Then I found that he became a follower of Christopher Nemelka and I also found his testimony on the MWAW website. But I knew that my mission president was very good in scriptures. So if I could use my knowledge with the scriptures and church history, I knew that what I have is only less than 50% of what he knew.

So for more than a year, I studied the Church History and the Doctrines that I felt that if I found out would make my Mission President come back to Church. He never knew that I was doing it. Now here’s the thing: I had 2 mission presidents on my Mission. The 1st year was President Hernaez and the 2nd year was President Alberto Bulseco. I was about to ask my 1st Mission President about this feeling that I had, or why this was happening to me … that a person (Alberto Bulseco) who became a big part of who I am would now fall away from the church.

But when I was about to ask him about that, I remembered my mission ways of converting people. It was to know what they believe, so I can make a better understanding of who they are according to what they believe. And if I asked, or went to my 1st Mission president first, I knew that I would only get biased answers that would favor him and the LDS church. So I decided to take some time to read what President Alberto Bulseco posted on his Facebook account.

And here’s the thing. I decided that I would read it without praying first. I would just do it by my own self, without any influence of my 2 former mission presidents. IT WAS JUST ME! The very 1st video that I watched was the THumP – Imagine. When I watched the video, it made me feel sad. This is because for me, the contents in the video are true and it’s really happening. Then it made me feel hungry to know more.

Then I got curious, “Who are this Real Illuminati and this Christopher Nemelka thing” (which for me was a false Prophet before I watched the video), and so on.  It lead me to the official biography of Joseph Smith “Without Disclosing my True Identity.” Before I read that book, there was a feeling in me that I could find answers to my unanswered questions about the church history. I read the book and then, “BOOM”! My mind was blown out!

I hadn’t read the Sealed Portion first that time, but it opened my eyes and mind that, “This Man—a supposed sex offender, polygamous, sex trafficer, convicted, and … as what Jeffrey Holland said, “A man from Joe’s Bar and Grill” … is a f**k*n True Prophet and a True Messenger of God! Not all these men in suits, full of body guards in congregations. When I read that book, it was instant that I knew who my true self is and that the LDS Church only followed Brigham Young and not Joseph Smith.

Now here’s a kinda funny thing 😁, when I knew who really I am, I messaged President Alberto Bulseco and I was about to ask for advice.

He replied, “Marco, I am not an Authority anymore to give you advice, go to your bishop or church leaders.”

Then I replied:

“Oh, but President, how do you think they’re gonna answer me? Of course they will just give me answer according to church doctrine and beliefs. I just want to ask now what advice can you give me, because I don’t want to go to church anymore! Never! That church is corrupt and it takes my free will for more than 10 years of my life! I should’ve been more happy if I found the Real Truth earlier! Now I believe on what you believe. I believe on Christoper Nemelka as we both know our True Selves now, Tatay.” (That’s what we call him—an old Filipino term for “Father”). “Now just give me advice, because my wife is a covenant child in the LDS church, and I have no non-LDS friends here. All of my wife’s roots, friends, and associations are all members of the Church.”

Then I received a genuine advice from my Tatay: to follow my True Self and read more of the Books and listen to the True Messenger Christopher.

And till now, that’s what I’m doing everyday. I’m about to finish reading TSP. I already finished reading the SNS and the True History of Religion, and I want to read and finish all of the Books from the Real Illuminati and Christopher.

As what I’m always telling my past Mission President, Alberto Bulseco, “I never felt like this before, I never interpret the Scriptures like this before, by myself, I can’t understand what the true meanings are of the verses and chapters in the scriptures and I’m happy that I’ve found the Real Truth!

I’m hoping that you can understand my brief story. 😅

Marco Antonio Concepcion

Iligan City, Philippines 9200

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