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Hello, my name is Mark. I started my journey for the truth years ago when I was actually on my mission to England in 1991 to 1993. I grew up LDS, and the time I spent with the church was always positive, even though I was gay. I came out on my mission halfway through and, in doing so, I had to meet with Jeffery Holland, who was the area general authority at the time. When I met with Jeffrey Holland, he told me that no one knows why some people are gay (which many leaders in the church shared with me). Elder Holland did say, “What makes a boy gay?” and I replied, “What makes a boy straight?” He told me to live a good life and, most of all, strive to be happy.

At the same time, in the area I was serving, Lowestoft England, there was a member of the ward, Brother Walker, who was a scriptorian, and my companion and I studied with him on our day off. I learned a lot from Brother Walker, as I loved what he was teaching us that no one in the LDS Church knew or cared to know. While on my mission, watching the general conferences, I always felt that the messages were like watching a TV rerun. Nothing ever was new and they didn’t have any new information or revelation to share from Heavenly Father, I was getting bored with it.

I did, however, love to read about Joseph Smith as he wasn’t like anyone in the LDS Church, and I always wondered what would have happened if Brigham Young didn’t steal the Church. (That is what I thought he did.) I know that the LDS Church was not what Joseph Smith had intended; I felt it in my heart. I also thought that, “If the Church is true, why can’t a prophet of God tell me why I am gay? Why can’t the prophet and prophets of the LDS Church share anything new or provide answers to many of life’s questions?” I used logic and came to the conclusion that they are not in communication with God. If they were, they’d have answers.

Moving forward, in 2016, I was on the internet checking in on Jeffrey Holland and I saw an interview the BBC conducted with him. He acted like a child defending his stance instead of just answering their questions as an apostle, and this bothered me. During my searching about some of the things he said, I came upon a YouTube video of Ida Smith, and I felt the need to watch it. This is where I learned that the rest of the golden plates had been translated and were available. I didn’t hesitate. I followed the link and downloaded The Sealed Portion and began to read.

I have always felt that other things that the LDS Church taught were not true, had to be true. I used logic, and have always felt that if we are here to experience life, grow, and learn, one time here couldn’t be enough. Then, in reading The Sealed Portion, there it was: reincarnation was real, as I always believed. I read more, skipping around, and each time I skipped through the book, I found other teachings that were not available from the LDS Church, but I always believed that there was more.

From that time moving to today, I continue to watch Christopher’s videos and delight in his teachings. The hardest part was letting everything I thought I knew about our purpose here—who we are, and where we are going—I had to let it all go. I wiped it all away and began to build myself new.

When I attended the Temple, watching the endowment presentation, I always thought, “There is a lot more to this that they are not sharing.” And I even thought that, “They don’t know what much of this means.” For example, prayer. Knowing from the presentation that Elohim told Adam and Eve that they would no longer be with them, no communication, but he would send a True Messenger to check in on them and that True Messenger would report back to Him on the status of Adam and Eve and their prosperity. Yet there is no teaching or history from the LDS Church about any visitation from a True Messenger. And because the church seemed stale and stuck, maybe the True Messenger or Messengers are not visiting the LDS leaders.

This actually was a relief to me, and I started to watch Christopher’s YouTube channel and I learned he is a True Messenger and my heart lit up the sky. Finally, I had an answer to my longing question: “Where are the True Messengers?” Joseph Smith, too, is a True Messenger, which makes sense to me now, as he didn’t start an organized religion, he shared “Real Truth®.” You can find more about “Our True Messengers” here and go to the bottom section of the page titled “OUR TRUE MESSENGERS” and read the three amazing books.

I have been learning mostly from Christopher’s videos and after he has shared “Read the Damn Books,” I am well on my way to learning more and can’t put them down. The funny thing for me is that I love Star Trek. I love the episodes when they find a religious planet and one thinks “These people are crazy.” Now that I have found the “Real Illuminati®” and our “True Messenger,” Christopher, I can say the same thing about religious earth, “They are crazy”!

Through my reading thus far, I can’t begin to tell you how I delight in learning the truth, and how it speaks to my heart. Christopher can answer any question you have and there is nothing he can’t answer, and this I testify: Christopher is a “True Messenger.” It’s just amazing that this is life and there is no religion as you learn more, as you read. What I mean by this is, being human here on Earth, we have religions, and they pretty much tell us we are children of God and to be believers, which happens on Sunday, and then back to real life. This work (the MWAW) is not a religion. It is not a hope. It is who we are and we have a True Messenger (not a religious leader or prophet) to guide us and help us learn the “Real Truth®,” and his name is Christopher Nemelka.

If you are just now starting your journey learning about the “Real Truth®,” take your time, read the books, and share your journey here, once you’re under way. It can be scary, but going from trusting leaders, to trusting yourself can be challenging. We are so much more than what religion teaches us we are, so much more, and all you need to do is become acquainted with your True Self (“Oh God, hear the words of my mouth”).

Love thyself with all your heart, mind and spirit.

With Love and Gratitude,

Mark Nilsson


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