Knut Erik Stormyr

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I was born in Norway in 1959, my parents were non religious, non rich, only simple working class parents. My childhood was a very happy one. I became independent from an early age and started working at the age of 17 in a Norwegian shipping company, my first employment was in Seattle (United States of America).

My last teens and my early 20’s of age was a very confusing time for me, it was a hard time mentally because I started questioning my existence, I clearly understood my own ignorance, and it led me into researching many of the different religions. I believe that over time I came to the conclusion of accepting some kind of peace and faith in my own consciousness.

In 2006 I went through a knee replacement, and during that time by coincidence while browsing the internet I came across The Sealed Portion of The Book of Mormon. It brought my attention, I had studied the Mormon Church and its beliefs many years earlier. I did read all of the Sealed Portion and was pretty impressed, and I wanted to know more about Christopher Nemelka who claimed to have translated it through the same means as Joseph Smith (the Mormon Prophet).

I’ve been a close follower and investigator of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder since 2006, and I’m very excited in listening to Christopher and in reading everything about this Work, especially The Humanity Party and its solutions in ending poverty and inequality.

I do not claim to know anything, but this Work which Christopher is the spokesman for has brought to my conscience a greater understanding of my existence on this planet earth’s reality, and it has brought to my soul an inner peace which I didn’t know before.

That’s all ☝️ 😎

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