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(Edited version of my story submitted on August 15, 2019)



My name is Alberto Bulseco, married and residing in the Philippines. I am in my late sixties. I was a former member and long time leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am now a believer of the Sealed Portion, The Final Testament of Jesus Christ. I am one of those who have suffered rejection because of believing in the Sealed Portion. I believe this book because it was foretold in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon to come forth. I also believe that Christopher Marc Nemelka is a True Messenger because he wrote the books of the Real Illuminati. I also believe that the Real Illuminati are the immortal beings referred to in the Book of Mormon as the Three Nephites and John the Beloved.

I discovered the Sealed Portion in January 2017. It led me to the Real Truth that changed my whole perspective in life. This book was the chief reason why I left the LDS Church.

I have written my story so others who may read my story may know how the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon influenced and blessed my life. With my story, I can join others in supporting Christopher fulfill his role as True Messenger. This is also to show my support to the Humanity Party and the MWAW as a whole and witness of the Real Truth revealed by the Real Illuminati through their books.


I was born from very poor peasant parents and was raised a Catholic. I spent my childhood and as a young man in a farming community.

I am the oldest among three boys and two girls. After we boys reached adulthood we were dissatisfied with the religion taught by our parents. We tried for years to find the true church but no religion appealed to us. Not until after we were married and had children that I found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the summer of 1980. I was twenty eight years old then, two years married and had one baby girl. I decided to join this church after I read the Book of Mormon.

Because of my testimony of the Book of Mormon and believing that the LDS church was true, I dedicated much of my time serving in the church faithfully. All changed when I discovered the Sealed Portion, the Final Testament of Jesus Christ.

My wife and I were retired government employees. We have six children, three boys and three girls who were raised in the LDS faith. Three of them served full time missions in the church. All of them are now married and have children except the youngest.

I was instrumental in laying the foundation of the LDS church in our area, a small town more than six hundred kilometers from Metro Manila where the church headquarters were located. My family became pioneers and staunch Mormons in this place. Although I was a faithful member of the church, there were questions that always lingered in my thoughts. Foremost was the whereabouts of the Three Nephites and John the Beloved who are mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Why are they not communicating with LDS authorities if the church is true? Why are the doctrines on the family, baptism for the dead and the temple endowment not taught by prophets in the Book of Mormon in spite of this book being the keystone of the LDS religion? Answers that I received never made sense to me. Only my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the thought that its sealed portion will be revealed through this church motivated me to serve faithfully. But after I read the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, my perception of life and the church changed completely. This caused me to leave the LDS church.

Today I am enjoying a kind of peace that I have never enjoyed before. Perhaps my strong testimony of the Book of Mormon enabled me to readily believe the Sealed Portion when I discovered it.


I have included in my story my conversion to the Book of Mormon because my deep connection with this book prepared me to receive the Sealed Portion promptly and gladly. Perhaps, my conversion story may also motivate non-LDS investigators to read the Book of Mormon.

During the summer of 1980, I unexpectedly met Mormon missionaries and obtained a copy of the Book of Mormon. It happened in the City of Manila when my wife and I took a day’s rest at the boarding house of my brother on our way to visit my parents.

This was my first time to meet Mormon missionaries and the first time I learned of the existence of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I worked in this city for almost ten years since 1970 but I never met or even heard any Mormon living in this city and adjoining cities.

When they arrived, the first thing that caught my attention and made me curious was their name tags that had the name of Jesus Christ in it which was different from how they were called.

The boarder they were supposed to teach was not interested. So my brother and I decided to listen to them. Suddenly I noticed a blue book held by the Filipino companion. I felt a strong impression that the book had a connection with what they were going to teach and their beliefs. They were surprised when I interrupted them and asked for the book. They declined at first. But I told them I was desirous to listen but I needed to leave the next day. I even raised my right arm and promised to read it. They finally granted my request but only after they explained what the book was all about. So I learned why they were called Mormons. I was so surprised to learn that there exists a book similar to the Bible. The feeling I had towards this book was so strange because I felt a very strong urge to read it. Perhaps the reason was I have been an ardent reader of the Bible and have been looking for the true church.

As a young kid, I had a King James Bible which I kept as I grew up. I picked this Bible from the garbage of many books while I was playing in the old kitchen of my uncle’s house. I was curious about this book because I often saw two neighbors, old men in their late seventies debating from time to time while holding their Bibles on their laps. It was fun to see them shouting at each other because one of them had a partial hearing disability.

Although it was very difficult for me to comprehend Old English at that time, this Bible became my companion as I matured to adulthood. Reading this book from time to time enabled me to familiarize myself with the life and teachings of Christ. I sometimes wondered why I had a deep inclination to read the Bible and a deep desire to obtain spiritual knowledge. Perhaps this was the reason why the Book of Mormon was so appealing to me when I found it.

We spent a week with my parents but my thoughts were focused on the Book of Mormon. After we returned home, I immediately commenced reading. I was filled with curiosity as I read the preface of the book. It only took a few pages into the book to convince me that it was of a divine origin. This made me conclude that the author must be a prophet of God and the church that published it must be the true church. I rejoiced because I thought I finally found the church I was looking for.

It took me exactly thirty days to complete the Book of Mormon. It took me this long because I had to repeat reading portions that were so touching to me and also marked them. I never had a more inspired reading in my life. Reading the book was also a very emotional experience because I was vexed with guilt as I remembered things that I did which often violated my conscience. Often I cried because I was sorely tormented. But then I rejoiced later when I read about the power of repentance and forgiveness. I sincerely repented and resolved to be a better person.

After reading the book, my earnest desire was to be baptized. My concern was where to find Mormon missionaries. The following night after completing the book, something unusual happened. About an hour after midnight, I arose from bed because I was awakened by a strong earthquake that shook our wooden house. The terrible shaking and the squeaking sounds overwhelmed me with fear. One thing that I could not understand was, I was certain that an aftershock would immediately follow. This made me more nervous fearing I was going to die for not having been baptized yet. And it did happen. A strong aftershock followed that lasted for about five seconds. It was difficult for me to get another sleep the rest of the night.

When we woke up in the morning, I asked my wife and my in-laws if they were aware of the quake that occurred during the night. They only smiled and said I was only dreaming. I wondered if I was getting paranoid or was it just a product of my imagination. But I knew it was real.

With that fearful experience I desperately needed to be baptized. But where to find Mormon missionaries I did not know.

Early the next day I took a jeepney and went to the nearest town uncertain if there were Mormons in this area. To my delight, I found four Mormon missionaries in an apartment near the town center. They were new in the area. I was informed that this small town was opened for missionary work only a year ago. They were very surprised when I requested them to baptize me. They thought I was already a member and I was just making a fool of them. They were only convinced when I related to them my experience with the Book of Mormon.

I was frustrated when they told me that I must listen first to several discussions before I could be baptized.

The visit of the missionaries in our home earned the ire of my wife. She was very upset by my actions because she was a devoted Catholic. She hated the missionaries so much that she would find ways to embarrass them every time they met with me at home. She even threatened to separate from me if I joined this church. I did not fear her threat because the truth was more important to me than anything else. I was baptized at a beach resort on August 5, 1980. It was a great day in my life because I thought I was now a member of the true church. Fortunately, my wife never carried out her threat to shun me away. But for three years, I suffered much persecution from her. Sometimes she would throw my scriptures under the bed or do anything to stop me from attending church services.

As a new member, I was delighted to share the Book of Mormon to others. My two brothers and my youngest sister joined the LDS church not long later. My wife finally joined me after three years. My parents also joined the church.


My thirst for spiritual knowledge was very unusual ever since I read the Book of Mormon. I completed reading all LDS scriptures in 1982, two years after I was baptized. There was a time in September 1981 that I felt a strong urge to study the Bible. At that time I had a new Bible and a Triple Combination bought from the church but I still kept my old Bible. I was amazed at the feeling of inspiration, the same I had with the Book of Mormon. It was my first time to focus on the Old Testament. I have been reading my Bible since my youth but I could not understand much of the Old Testament. But this time I could comprehend much including the words of Isaiah. The commentaries on the words of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon helped much. Five chapters of Isaiah were so appealing to me that I memorized them – Isaiah 29, 49, 52, 53 and 54. These then became a daily bread for my spirit as I recited them in my mind usually before I arose from bed.

Amazingly, I also understood the words of the Apostle Paul, those verses that were difficult for many to comprehend. I realized that these verses in his epistles required a knowledge of the Old Testament to comprehend them.

It took me six months to complete the Bible. These first two years of my membership in the LDS church were the best years of my life because I received a great outpouring of spiritual knowledge.


I desire to include an account of my various responsibilities in the LDS church to show the power of the Sealed Portion to motivate even the most faithful LDS member to depart from the church if only he/she reads the book with real intent, with open mind and full purpose of heart.

Since 1983, I have always been a consistent church leader. I had this great desire to serve because of my testimony of the Book of Mormon and thinking that the church where it belongs was also true.

My first major calling in the church was as Branch President in 1983 under a Stake and at the same time the Seminary and Institute Teacher in our branch until 1987. Membership rapidly increased in this area within ten years, and it was necessary to create a district out of the Stake. I was called to serve as district president for the new district. I served for three years. Then the district was split again to create another district in 1990. I served as district president in this new district for another twelve years. Then I was released in 2002 because I was called to serve as counselor in the mission presidency. I served five consecutive American Mission Presidents of the Philippines Naga Mission from 2002 to 2013. All of them were from Utah. This calling required me to travel on weekends by land, by sea and at times by air fulfilling errands and joining mission presidents in leadership trainings and conferences. It was not unusual to meet apostles and other general authorities during area and regional conferences. These eleven years of rubbing shoulders with American mission presidents not only improved my leadership skills, it also improved my proficiency in English.

My wife and I needed to retire from government service in 2013 because we were called to serve a full time mission. I was called to serve for three years as Mission President of the Philippines Cagayan de Oro Mission located in Southern Philippines.

This major calling provided me and my wife opportunities we never experienced before. We were privileged to visit Salt Lake City to attend a mission presidents seminar.

We joined 173 newly called mission presidents attending this seminar in Provo MTC in June 2013. This group was so far the greatest number of Mission Presidents called in a single batch in the history of the LDS church.

The job of a mission president is perhaps the hardest and most strenuous job in the LDS church because there is almost no rest. It is a good training ground for future general authorities.

In my case, I handled up to two hundred and fifty missionaries in some cycles. Besides attending to their health, safety and housing needs, I needed to have a personal interview with each missionary regularly. This required me to drive up to eight hours just to reach one zone of twenty or more missionaries. This was just a fraction of my duties enumerated in my handbook.

The most taxing of all which usually brings so much stress to a mission president is maintaining discipline over the mission assuring that each missionary obey mission rules and missionary standards. Besides dealing with homesickness, stress and depression, a mission president has to deal with some missionaries breaking mission rules, moral infractions, companionship problems, flirting, slothfulness and many others. These things truly test the patience and endurance of the mission president. It is a heartbreaking experience for a mission president to send home missionaries who commit a serious violation of mission standard.

Nevertheless, there is much joy to a mission president when he sees that the majority of his missionaries are diligent, obedient and love missionary work.

These experiences enabled me to improve more my ability to love, to be humble, to be patient, to be kind, to be compassionate, to overcome anger and to endure all things. These qualities made me a better leader of the church.

In my three years of missionary service, I handled a total of 391 missionaries who arrived by batch during each of the 24 cycles of transfer from July 2013 to June 2016. These baptized a total of 3,561 converts during my term.

We were released from our mission in July 2016. Home after three years of hard work, I felt some sense of pride for having accomplished a great task and knowing that only a few among seasoned leaders are selected to assume this position.

Having served for thirty three years in major callings in the church I can say that my name was popular to hundreds of members perhaps several thousand from many stakes and districts in areas where I served.

With this popularity and reputable standing in the LDS church, who among members and leaders of the LDS church would expect me to turn around, forsake my faith and depart from this church that I served so faithfully half of my life? What force was so great to pull me out from a church I testified as true for many years?

This force was simply the power that comes from the words of the Sealed Portion, the Final Testament of Jesus Christ. Because I have been waiting for this book and have read it with real intent, with an open mind and full purpose of heart, the Spirit opened my understanding and testified of the authenticity of the book. And because I experienced this power from the book, I am certain that an investigator of the MWAW, especially those from the LDS church will also feel the same power if only he/she will exercise humility and read the Sealed Portion with real intent and full purpose of heart.

My decision to leave the LDS church was never a hard challenge for me because I have been waiting for the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon all my life as a member. I was willing to forsake all things for this. I was not so concerned about the popularity, accolage, honor and prestige I leave behind or even mindful of the adverse effects of this decision on my family. The truth is more important to me than anything else. I know the teachings of Christ and I live them.

It was truly a great blessing in my life that I encountered these two books. If the Book of Mormon planted me into the LDS church, the Sealed Portion dug me out and replanted me into a field of Real Truth.


In January 2017, less than a year after my release from missionary service, I was browsing YouTube when I stumbled upon a video of a former LDS member who left the LDS church because he was influenced by a book called the Sealed Portion, The Final Testament of Jesus Christ. It caught my attention with much curiosity. I wondered if this was the sealed book I had been waiting for. I thought perhaps this was just another literature designed to discredit the LDS Church. Then I came across the amazing video of Ida Smith. Her story was so incredibly touching. These two testimonies convinced me that both referred to the sealed book written in Isaiah 29 and 2 Ne 27. This was a big surprise to me. How in heaven have I not heard about this book? Why was this book not revealed through the LDS church?

After watching the video of Ida Smith, I immediately looked for the website of the MWAW using the link posted by the person in the first video. Another surprise caught my eyes. I saw other books besides the Sealed Portion. I was filled with excitement as I downloaded the books. (The Sealed Portion, Human Reality, Sacred Not Secret, Without Disclosing My True Identity and the 666, The Mark of America)

What a delight when I looked into the title page and read the preface of the book. It was indeed connected to the Book of Mormon. It was a big surprise to see in the appendices the Book of Lehi, the Fullness of the Gospel and the First Vision of Joseph Smith. I never thought that the Book of Lehi, the 116 page Lost Manuscript would be revealed again.

I decided to start with the Appendices. I truly wondered at Christopher’s experience in the Salt Lake Temple receiving instructions from Joseph Smith. The new revelations from the Appendices were enough evidence for me to confirm the authenticity of the Sealed Portion.

It was wonderful to learn that the Sealed Portion is a continuation of the vision of the Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon. Awe and wonder engulfed me all throughout my reading because of the marvelous knowledge the book revealed. I have never been more inspired to read since my encounter with the Book of Mormon. It was written in simplicity yet the power in it was incredible. I feel that no other scripture is greater than this book because it truly reveals all things from the foundation of the world to the end thereof. Truly this book is the marvelous work and a wonder foretold to come forth in the Bible and Book of Mormon.

Added to my delight was the information that the Sealed Portion was the work of the Real Illuminati who were referred to in the Book of Mormon as the Three Nephites and John the Beloved. This answered my long time question on the whereabouts of these immortal beings described in 3 Ne 28. This book also answered my question on why the Sealed Book was not revealed through the LDS church. Common sense dictated to me that Christopher Nemelka was a True Messenger like Joseph Smith because he was chosen by the Real Illuminati to translate the gold plates through the Urim & Thummim.

One very uplifting experience I had with the Sealed Portion happened when I read a part where Moroni posed a challenge to readers of the book that if one had the Spirit he could even know the time when the Lord will come in the glory of the Father by understanding the meaning of the Time, Times and Half of Time periods mentioned in the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Revelation.

Moroni wrote in TSP 67:81 And now, I will give unto you my final words concerning the time, and times and half of time. . .

82 For if ye truly had the Spirit to be with you, then ye would know these things. And if ye would listen to the prophets who have been sent unto you, then ye would know these things, . .

68:59 And if ye are wise and follow the Spirit and pray for an understanding of these things, then ye shall know the time that the Lord hath given for all things, even ye can know of the year in which the Lord shall come in the glory that the Father hath given unto him.

I was touched by this challenge because I have been searching for years for the meaning of these time periods mentioned in the Book of Daniel and Book of Revelation. I read some interpretations published by two major Christian sects in the past but I was never convinced.

Because Moroni provided clues as a basis for making calculations like the equivalent of Times period and the year the Book of Mormon would be published, it was no longer difficult to put a value on the other time periods and to set a fixed reference point where I could create a timeline of events backward and forward. I arrived at a time line that ended in the year 2145 AD.

I was very surprised to discover that these time periods began when the Lord covenanted with Abraham. It presented alternate dispensations of the gospel and apostasy periods where Lucifer was also given time periods to prove his plan of happiness. The last great period given to Lucifer to prove his plan ended when the Book of Mormon was published. The true birthday of Mohammed can also be determined in the timeline. My testimony of Christopher also increased as I discovered that Christophers’s brain was transfigured at a specific date in the Half Time period.

After I became FB friends with some MWAW followers in 2018, I noticed in some of their posts a circular logo in which the year 2145 was inscribed. I wondered if my calculation was correct. Then I read this statement from one of the blogs:

“What if we started out by saying that the earth on which humanity exists, and the solar system in which planet Earth exists, will be destroyed on June 16, 2145, if the human race does not come together and create peace and harmony among themselves?”

I was very elated that my calculation was indeed correct that I thought only a fool would dispute the authenticity of the Sealed Portion.

My discovery of the meaning of the Time, Times and Half Time periods was one of the most exciting moments I had while reading the Sealed Portion.

Added to my delight was knowing the meaning of the 1,290 days and 1,335 days mentioned in the last three verses of Daniel 12 which Moroni also provided a clue to unlock. These figures are actually years which are significant in knowing the year when the Messiah would be born, counting from the year the Ark of the Covenant was destroyed and the daily sacrifice ended. The clue provided was knowing the year when Herod started to reign.

At last these mysteries are now unlocked through the clues provided by Moroni in the Sealed Portion. To me, the unfolding of these secrets through Moroni is a solid proof that the Sealed Portion, The Final Testament of Jesus Christ is indeed the sealed part of the Book of Mormon foretold in Isaiah 29:11 and 2 Ne 27:6-21 to come forth.

After I was finished with the TSP, I continued with the other books of the MWAW. I completed reading the other four books in about eight weeks. It was truly a marvelous experience to learn much of the Real Truth from these books. I have never been so satisfied, more fulfilled and more content because of these incredible knowledge I learned.

I shared the Sealed Portion and the marvelous experience I had with three of my siblings. But to my dismay, only my youngest sister believed. My two brothers expressed their doubts. One of them remained faithful to the LDS church because he claimed that the TSP is anti-family and the other left the LDS church and returned to be a Bible believer because he lost his testimony of the Book of Mormon.


With my wonderful experience with the Sealed Portion, I had a strong desire to share it to those who were willing to read. One day I shared this new knowledge to a close associate in the church who was also an avid believer of the Book of Mormon. He was very interested in reading the book so I shared with him the link to the MWAW. Like me he was convinced that the book was indeed the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon foretold to come forth. In his excitement, he became very vocal in sharing the book to some members of the priesthood quorum. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm to share was met with negative reactions and even anger. He was accused of teaching doctrines opposed to the doctrines of the church. This earned the ire of the district president when he heard the issue that he ordered the branch president to confiscate his temple recommend. This created a serious rift between them which caused several priesthood holders to support the district president and persecute the brother.

Because the district president thought that the brother was a bad influence and that the book might also influence members, he sent exaggerated reports to the mission president without even attempting to conduct a face to face meeting with the brother to resolve the issue. He even refused attempts by the brother to talk to him.

This false report prompted church authorities to investigate. An Area Authority accompanied by the Mission President came to interview those involved. Surprisingly, I was also invited during the interview because I learned later that the district president accused me as the source of the book. During the interview, the brother defended himself by saying that his only intention was to inform others of what he discovered and that there was nothing wrong with sharing knowledge. When I was asked if I believed the Sealed Portion, I frankly acknowledged to them that I was convinced by the book because it testified of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I asked them if there was any written memo from the First Presidency instructing members not to read the Sealed Portion. I also asked if they had read the book. They both responded in the negative. I had the courage to ask questions because I knew that reading books and sharing knowledge were not bad and not grounds for disciplinary action.

They finally realized that the issue could not have inflamed into contention had the district president done his job to resolve the issue. The interviews ended up in reconciliation but with an instruction for us to stop
sharing the book to members.

Although the issue was resolved, the brother and his family never returned to church not because of the issue but because the brother believed in the Sealed Portion.

Because the interview was conducted on a Sunday, several members who were close to the district president waited outside the hall after the sacrament meeting waiting for the result of the interviews. They assumed that a disciplinary action was conducted against us.

I was surprised a week later when I heard a rumor that I was disciplined and excommunicated from the church for reading a strange book. In just days, this false information spread like fire. My wife was also surprised to see a post on Facebook informing others of the same gossip. The gossip turned into another version in other areas. I was reading a black book and that I have erected my own church. It was sad to learn that this evil report also reached some of my returned missionaries and to members of nearby stakes and districts even to the area where I served a mission with my wife.

I learned later that even prominent leaders entertained this gossip that caused the lies to spread more. In my thoughts, how could people who call themselves latter-day saints are actually latter-day sinners? The way members reacted to these hearsays and making rash judgements has unmasked the true natures of many members of the Church whom I have always thought of as good people.

This was a very gloomy day for me and my wife. My reputable standing in the church and the high esteem afforded us suddenly vanished. My good reputation was totally wrecked. I confronted the district president concerning these malicious allegations but he denied having to do with it. I was upset because he never cared to correct or even prevent this gossip from spreading.

I was hated. But in spite of this and the evil reports against me, I never displayed hatred or even reviled against any of them because I already learned the reason why humans act this way.

But my wife was so hurt by these issues that she put the blame on me. I understood her feelings because as pioneer Mormons and respected leaders for many years, we were looked upon as models of faithfulness. And now this image has turned ugly. I had no other option but to leave the LDS church, which I had already conceived when I found the MWAW. My children were also affected by these sad events that they, too, no longer attended church.


I obtained a witness that Christopher Nemelka is a True Messenger simply because he wrote the Sealed Portion. I believe him as I believed Joseph Smith because I am familiar with the scriptures that point to him as the Messenger who would bring the marvelous work and a wonder which was foretold to come.

As I watch him deliver his message and as I read his blogs, I am amazed at his intelligence, boldness, his sincerity, frankness and clarity. He speaks from the heart without fear and without the traditional formalities unlike other self-proclaimed prophets who prepare and read their formal talks. I was amazed at his ability to confound his opponents who are seemingly intelligent people. His style of delivering his message is unique. Many might be uncomfortable by his unorthodox style but I feel there is wisdom in this. His method may determine who truly are the good ones and who are the hypocrites. I recognize him as more than a prophet because he is in possession of the Urim & Thummim like Joseph Smith and Seers of old.

I feel truly blessed because I have witnessed a True Messenger echoing warnings to the world while I am still alive. Every time I read his posts and hear him deliver a message directed to the LDS church, he reminds me of Zenos and Zenoch, Abinadi and Samuel the Lamanite in the Book of Mormon who testified in boldness against wickedness in the church of God. It seems that the situation of the LDS church today has become like the church of the Jews during the time of Christ and the time of Lehi. Hence, the need of a Samuel the Lamanite or a Christ today.


Leaving the LDS church caused some kind of pain within me because friends and close associates have forsaken me. But on the other hand, I am happier now because I was loosed from the shackles of religion through the Sealed Portion and the Real Truth, having been relieved from very demanding church obligations and stressful priesthood responsibilities. No greater peace and contentment have I felt after being freed from ignorance and blindness caused by the influence of religion.

At present, I am seeing some fruits of my efforts in sharing the Sealed Portion. Besides my friend whom I first shared the book with, my two daughters and their husbands are now believers. My youngest sister and her two sons living in Canada are now believers, too. Two of my former missionaries informed me that they were also reading the Sealed Portion.

I am hopeful that I can assist a bit in this work by being a good neighbor, by supporting Christopher and the Humanity Party and by sharing the TSP and other books of the Real Illuminati to those who are willing to listen.


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