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Well on January 12th 1955 in Fillmore Utah John k Adams was born to Kenneth Benjamin Adams and Lorraine Peterson Adams. I was the oldest of eight children and to an LDS couple and family.

Born into the LDS Church and by the time I was eight I was pretty sure after reading the book of Mormon that the LDS church was in condemnation and wasn’t true and I didn’t want to be baptized at eight so I got a pretty good licking to be baptized with the kids in February coming up.

Been married five times to three different women because one I was married to her three times and divorced three times we had 10 children together. My first wife and I we had three together and my second wife Melissa Ridge, her and I have had twins together and are raising my last child, Ian Adams, from my second marriage and her son, Dakota, from her first marriage.

10 years ago when my father was dying of congestive heart failure and diabetes I came across The Sealed Portion and 666 at my sister’s house at Rose Park just outside of Salt Lake and my life has changed for the better ever since.

Live just up the street from Tyler and Kim Anderson from Utah. They’re my neighbors. We live in Amalia, New Mexico.

I’m a retired plumber of 43 years because of my health because I discovered I had congestive heart failure. I’ve lived 16 years past what they gave me to live with my heart condition. I’ve had multiple heart attacks throughout this time period and survived them all thus far. Even in just the last week since Coffee with Chris I had three major heart attacks. That’s like kept me going. Love where I live. Love life, especially since finding the MWAW and The Humanity Party. It’s changed my life so much. It’s made me less suicidal and just love living here in the mountains.

In the first picture I’m around 10 yrs. or 12 yrs. and in the second picture about 16 or 17yrs.

Rised on this 150 acre farm and horse ranch in Sutherland,Utah outside of Delta,Utah five miles.

Up until 5, I was able to be child. After that, I had to grow up fast because my dad wasn’t going to have a sissy boy, because I liked dressing up like a girl with sisters and cousins up to that point of my life. Alright I was a mom’s boy and my dad seeing that, was not going to have it. So he made sure of it putting me to work on our farm and horse ranch. He gave me chores like milking a cow, feeding the horses, and breaking them to ride. Driving trucks,cars and all kinds of equipment.

With schooling or anything he wanted me doing, he never had any patience with me. He always was mean, yelling and putting me down and punching me in the head. So I was always running away from home and his bull shit. With him and I, nothing was ever easy. He was hard on me and my mom, & family.

There was eight of us kids: Holly, Mariann, Dean, Ella Jean, Stacey, Russell, Angela.

At 12yrs. I pretty much had enough. We had this big fight and I told him I was leaving, and if I didn’t, I would kill him. So I run away to SLC, Utah to my mom’s sister’s place and walked all but 50 of the 150 miles. I was Tired. I slept for three days. Spent six months undetected and very happy at my aunt’s place with my cousins.

Then my uncle Herald, my mom’s brother, showed up to Aunt Charlene’s house in SLC and all hell broke loose, because they had been hiding me. My dad and my mom’s sister Charlene didn’t get along very well because of how my dad treated us .She never wanted my mom to marry my dad. So when my uncle Herald got back home … of course he called my mom … so my dad wanted to press charges against my aunt.

I didn’t want that to happen so I went home to get a beating. Then I run away to Ely, Nevada by way of a good friend Mark Johnson. I always worked so I always had money. I got me a hotel room by lying that my dad had dropped me off to get it while he went to the race track to sit up our horses. That worked until I ran out of money from not working.

There was a swimming pool in the park across the street from the hotel. I went there everyday and met kids and a man that was homeless that protected me, once I wasn’t in the hotel. So I went from the hotel Nevada to the race track and started living there, thanks to the homeless man that knew the care takers of the race track. They lied to everyone for me to stay with them by telling everyone that I was a nephew. That I was their nephew and was staying the summer with them.

The little place that they were staying was too small for me and their son so they put me up in one of the stalls on the track. That was so cool because I never had a bedroom at home. Because our house was three rooms, a kitchen, living room, bedroom, & back storage room.

My dad was gone alot to horse sales all winter long.

There was lots of incest in my mom’s family and I think it went to her head. Through what she had been put through and with my dad gone a lot and their relationship wasn’t very good, my first sexual experiences were with my mother, so that was part of the other reason why I’d ran away.

Cuz knowing my dad, a little story back in time, he was married before my mother and castrated the guy that had an affair with his wife. So I figured that if my dad knew what had happened between my mother and I, he would have kill us both.

So those are the reasons that I had ran away the first time when I was 12. I spent the summer out in Ely on the racetrack and learned a lot from a lot of the different people. I had to grow up really fast because of being around adults and I was just a kid. I was going with a 16 and 18 year old girl while I was out there. Being 12, to me it was a lot of fun. And then one day at the last of the season, one of my dad’s Brothers, Clifford Adams, he showed up and guilted me into going back home. I went back home for just a very short time and the experience was s***** as hell because the first thing that happened when I got home was my dad almost killed me beating the s*** out of me over being gone and worrying them supposedly. And my take was that I just put him, to have to do work that he wasn’t willing to want to do. He never was really one willing to want to do work and so it was up to me. So I left again and pretty much was just back and forth once in awhile.

I never really stayed home much. I had a car got a car along the way and just didn’t stay. Was back and forth between California and up north to salt lake and just doing my own thing always had my own job sometimes multiple different jobs and milked cows about from the time I was like 13 until I was 18 off and on just depending on if I was at home or around home at the time.

I worked for the Drew Bayes dairy and the Henry dairy and a dairy in town by Delta, Utah where I was a feeder for a thousand head of milk cows for this polygamist family.

There’s a lot of gaps in between a lot of little stories here and there I’m just trying to give a gist of what life was like trying to grow up and be a kid. I never got to really be a kid so it’s just how it is, I guess for some. Around that time of being 18, I’d come across an old friend from growing up, Gordon Delap, that had been in Vietnam and then been to prison and out of prison was working at the dairy and that was the last time I seen him. But I ended up going to visit a friend, Glenn Humphries, up in Orem, that was going to the Orem community college there. We were 18, right out of high school, and I hadn’t seen him for the summer because I had been down in Mexico for three and a half months.

He was going with a girl named Kathy Flack from Kirkland, New Mexico down by Farmington and he invited me to stay over. They had been going for like a year or a few months, I’m not really sure about their story, but anyway in the middle of the night after staying, she crawled in bed with me. That broke them up. And then she found out somehow where I was from, and where my parents lived, and beat me home from Orem, and lied to my parents that she’d been going with me and was pregnant and we were going to have to get married. And that’s how I ended up with my first wife.

Yeah being young dumb and full of c** my dad got me on that track cuz his little story. I remember on a deer hunting trip at one time with his buddies and me and the younger ones that were supposed to be already gone to bed. We’re hearing the older ones talking their stories and my dad telling the story about the little stud colt. He was running up to his dad, the stallion on the top of the hill of the wild horses, and bouncing around daddy going, “Daddy, let’s run down and jump over that fence and f*** one of those mares.”

And daddy said, “No, let’s run down the hill and jump over the fence and f*** them all.”

So at an early age in the church, being taught that multiply and replenish the earth, I always wanted to have 12 kids. I ended up with 17. Two are my step kids, the rest are my blood kids – one from a girl that I met in high school. She had a boy that I have never met. And then my first wife, Kathy, from Farmington, we had three kids: a girl, Megan, and two boys, Torrey and Russell.

After seven yrs. We got divorced and then I was single for just a little bit and then I got engaged to a girl in Holden, Utah that was still in high school. I was 29 at the time and was just waiting for her to get out of high school and then we were going to get married in the Manti Temple.

And then one night, I got a phone call from one of my mom’s friends in Delta, that a friend of hers. Mother had just passed away and her sewer line was backed up and could I come in and take care of it. Because I was running a plumbing business at the time and had the equipment to do it. So I went in to take care of that. Her and I met and a couple of days later I broke up with my fiance. And two weeks later her and I got married by Bishop Ashby and that was to Anna Gale Garvin .

She had a daughter, Heather, that she had had before we met, when she was 16, and didn’t really want to have any more kids. But I, being Mormon and wanting twelve kids, after we got back together after getting an annulment after 6 months. When we got back together we moved to St George, Utah to be away from the rest of my family and her family so we could have a life and not be judged and bugged all the time.

The first morning we moved to St. George from Delta, Utah, we got a knock on our trailer door that I was borrowing from my parents. We were staying in a campground and the highway patrol and Anna’s brother, Bob Garvin, showed up at our doorstep accusing me of kidnapping her and her daughter. Man, she had to straighten that out with the law and her brother and stuff and they laughed and we were down there for a few months.

I started working for an insulation company which I worked between Cedar City and Las Vegas, Nevada on a regular basis. It just seemed like it was back and forth and all over the place doing insulation jobs and stuff and she ended up having an affair with my boss. I was a green-eyed monster back then and was so jealous that when I found them out, I threatened to kill him. The highway patrol was there. My wife and him were standing naked and my rifle was in his mouth and I was going to blow his head off. The cop talked me out of it and nothing ever happened to that, other than we stayed together until she left me again and went to Cedar City to go to college.

But when she got to Cedar City to go to college she like, started missing me cuz we were away from each other. I started going and seeing her again. The next thing, she was pregnant with our first, John Errol.

Once we left Cedar City, after her getting pregnant, we moved back to Delta and lived in her sister’s trailer house, a rental in Delta. And I worked for the county landfill and patrolled all the fill sites around the county, about 14 different sites, being promised that I would have the job on a permanent basis for the county after a certain period. That certain period never came up and I didn’t have a job because it was given to two 18-year-olds when I was 30 and had five kids by now.

I couldn’t take care of them because I didn’t have a job anymore, so I was talking to her sister’s husband and the company he worked for was from out of Seattle. He tried lining me up a job with that company in Seattle. We were broke I didn’t have a way to get up there and so my Aunt Charlene had given me a motorcycle that I restored and drove to Washington where I ended up in Kent, Washington and working for an apartment complex as a maintenance man until the maintenance man that I was taking his place got back off of vacation, then they let me go.

And the elders quorum president from Kent, Washington – so to back up a little bit, I wasn’t active for short time like in St George and then once we moved back to Delta I became active again because of the bishop that we had in our fourth ward. Got to Seattle that first day and ended up at a park. Didn’t like being in Seattle, so started heading back south from Seattle and ended up in Kent, Washington at a fast food place to eat. And while ordering seen a woman ordering that I could see her Temple garments through her clothes. So I asked her where her Ward was at and if she could hook me up with the elders quorum president or the bishop and she did. Then she wanted to know how I knew she was a Mormon and I told her and she’s like, “Oh wow! I didn’t even realize.”

But we ended up being friends in the same ward. I stayed there for a few months, then got my wife and two kids Heather and John Errol up to Washington to Kent for just a very short time until I lost my job. Then the elders quorum president from the fourth ward and Kent, Washington got me a job at an apartment complex in Mountlake Terrace, Washington in fourth ward. I was the maintenance man. I took over the position from the old maintenance man that had cut his hand off because he was an alcoholic. In the shop at work, he cut his hand off with the table saw and was out of work because of it on workman’s comp. I took his job because after he was off workman’s comp, they wouldn’t take him back because he was an alcoholic. So I ended up working there for about 3 years as the maintenance man of 198 apartments and yeah spent like 20 years up there.

The children that we had while we were in Washington was Adriana Adams, and Tristan James, Sean Philip, Rose Elizabeth. Christopher we had in Independence, Missouri, and then Tessa may she was born in Washington state after we moved back from Independence Missouri to Washington to Everett. Melissa Noel was born in Everett, Washington after a few bouncing around between Utah and California and Oregon and New Mexico in different places, we ended up back in Everett Washington and Melissa Noel was born there. And then Ian he was born in Pinasco, New Mexico.

While in fourth ward in Everett, Washington – Back a bit, Rose was born. I reactivated into the church because there for a time I’d fallen away again and then I got back into it at Fourth Ward when Heather was being baptized. I got sucked back into the LDS thing again and ended up being in the front page of all the newspapers there because they were like doing a report on the Mormon Church in Washington state and families and stuff and so on front page with my daughter, Rose, and a big write-up story about The Adams family and so on and so forth it was such a hoot.

Then we ended up in Independence, Missouri for about 5 and 1/2 years before ending up back in Everett, Washington again for a short time for the same company I’d worked for before I left. And then ended up in Taos, New Mexico. And all over Taos county, New Mexico being a plumber. And then Anna and I, after being married for 18 years off and on, finally got a divorce in Taos, NM not to get married again, but still having three kids after we got divorced. Tessa Melissa and Ian.

Then after my dad was getting really sick and in Utah being in a care center for the elderly. My sister, Angela, had taken him to Rose Park where her and her family were living at the time and he was telling everybody he was dying so I went up to pay a visit to him on Christmas. And that’s when I came across The Sealed Portion and the 666 book which I’ve been waiting for the sealed portion all my life and couldn’t believe I’d finally found it.

It has changed my life for the better, knowing the MWAW and the learning about The Humanity Party. I came back to New Mexico after visiting my sister and getting the sealed portion and the 666 book given to me for a Christmas present.

I came back to Taos, New Mexico to go back to work and study what new things that I’d found and then I found out about Christopher and came back to Utah To my sisters.

By then I was living in West valley in a house there from a friend of theirs that lived in Delta. The bank was taking it back and I got really sick there almost died from six weeks of not eating. I finally recovered that and was going to Liberty Park to drum circles every Sunday because I’d left the church, so Sunday’s drum circles were my church at the time. I was just hanging out and having a great time with everybody and there I met my third wife through her brother and his girlfriend at the drum circle.

So after going there for a few months, living in my RV and I had gotten one of my daughters from Washington that was grown up and was wanting to leave home. She found out that I was in Utah and she come and moved in and lived with me for a short time. With Melissa and I in Ogden, where Melissa and I went on our little track honeymoon to Mount St Helen, Washington to a rainbow gathering. This ended up being our honeymoon and we ended up Melissa getting pregnant with the twins Lilly and Chloe.

Shortly after the 2012 meeting at Liberty Park, with Christopher, we were packed and ready to leave to come to New Mexico. I talked Melissa into coming and try New Mexico out. So we moved down to New Mexico. We bounced around until we got the place where we’re at here in Amalia, which is just up the street from Kim and Tyler Anderson from Utah.

And life goes on got other stories that I’ll add later and bits and pieces here and there but this gives you a general gist of what’s made me who I am.

I can’t believe I finally found the truth and it has changed my life for the better. It’s like because my whole life has been suicidal I’ve tried to kill myself multiple times and survived and yeah don’t feel suicidal anymore. I get disgusted with life and things that are going around but don’t feel the same ways that I used to thanks for listening hope it’s not too boring.

Love John


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