Jesse Astuto

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I came across this Free Information in February 2017. I was a good standing LDS/Mormon, ready to get my first temple recommend.

I was 40 yrs old, the 5th of 6 kids born ‘in the covenant’ as LDS/Mormons say. I had just lost my niece to suicide, after losing my brother and sister to suicide years earlier.

Rather than deal with this suicide as I did the other ones (drugs and alcohol), this time I went to the basement and read books. One day, maybe 2 weeks into it, ‘Google the Sealed Portion’ popped into my head… and I did! WOW I wasn’t expecting this 😃

I couldn’t believe it, this was The Real Sealed Portion of The Book of Mormon, as prophesied….in The Book of Mormon!

I went on a quest to find out everything I could about it, and the dude behind it – Christopher Nemelka who was and still is claiming to be a True Messenger. I believe him. Please look for yourself.

All I can really say is read the books yourself, sincerely,.. listen to this guy and what he’s saying, and tell me it doesn’t make you wanna be a nicer person.😊

From this same source, the perfect solutions to all our current problems, The Humanity Party, as well as the Real Truth regarding human existence and every question I had about who we are and why we exist has been answered, simply.

Don’t take my word for it though, read the Free Information with your eyes 👀 🧐 🙂

ALL 100% FREE 🆓 ❤️

Jesse Astuto

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