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My personal story in regard to what lead me to this Marvelous Work and a Wonder began some fifteen or so years ago when I become somewhat disillusioned with my place in a God Forsaken World, as I “living in the lap of luxury,” as it were, in comparison to the greater majority. I knew deep down that my secure lifestyle was not a “blessing” as I was so educated to believe. I soon come to realize it was not me who was wrong in this world but rather the world itself, the world that we allowed to be created.

As I am one of few words “my story” will be brief yet to the point.

At a “low” in my life, dismayed at the cruelty of this world, a world I felt foreign to; I found myself awakened on several occasions throughout the night over a period of several weeks/months by a reoccurring and unusual dream where this “Angel Moroni” fellow, you know that “graven image” that sits atop the LDS/Mormon temples throughout the world. Anyhow this graven image as it were lifted off from its mounting and ascended through the clouds and beyond as a song played that seemed to trumpet a message that at the time I did not quite understand. The song was Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues. Crazy right.

All the same, it was only a dream. Or was it?

Growing up as a young lad I found great comfort [from time to time] in the peaceful easy feeling, or rather the “still small voice” I received when “hearing” the “voice” of Moroni as I read the stories from the Book of Mormon. All the same I was never comfortable with the Mormon religion itself, but those “words of a book” were powerful. So powerful that they bought to my attention that “the Gospel [itself] is true, but the church is trying.” Somehow the church did not reflect “the fullness of the everlasting gospel.” All the rituals, priesthood authority and the like all seemed to be in direct opposition from what I read and felt “the everlasting gospel” to be.

Anyhow, at the time of these convoluted dreams I passed the first one off as silly nonsense, even though they grabbed my attention as they stood out and were somewhat unique as opposed to other dreams of which I seldom recall having. As I was woken from this dream with some kind of urgency I contemplated the meaning, if any. As I envisaged the image of Angel Moroni ascent from off the top of this temple. With this the sealed part of The Book of Mormon come to mind as I recalled the promise as stated in the BOM. With this I ascertained the probabilities for but a moment and shrugged it off as just a convoluted dream. After all, this was a cruel, cruel world. My thoughts were how on earth could there be a God who would lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way. A God who seemed in all reality to not care so much for the well being of all his children.

So with much grievance and heartache I become somewhat pissed with God as things between us became rather personal.

Upon having the same dream occur a week or so later, as my then wife Michelle was pregnant with our second child, after a miscarriage several months prior, I woke from this dream with a sound and reassuring understanding that [somehow] the “child” who in due course who would be born into this world would be the same child had Michelle not miscarried. At this point in time I did not really understand how this could be. I later, many years later found that Human Mortal Life actually begins upon our first breath, just as it ends [for our mortal flesh] upon exhaling our last.

Anyhow, back to this crazy dream. This time I noted that the “Gold plates” that contained the sealed portion were without the bands that once had sealed them and that they were at the feet of Moroni, or rather Moroni seemed to be standing on the plates as he ascended from atop the LDS/Mormon temple.

It was not until this very same dream occurred for the third time some weeks later, it may have even been a couple of months by now, that I jumped up from the couch from where I was banished, due to my snoring, that I showed it, the dream the attention it seemed to demand. At some ungodly hour of this early morning I walked to the office and kicked the computer into gear and typed in the words the sealed portion. This was mid to late 2005. Much to my surprise there it was. Overwhelmed I cried a little. O.K., a lot.

The power of Moroni’s voice in reading TSP gave me the reassurance of the truthfulness of “the work” Joseph Smith begun 175 years prior. Fast forward a year or so and the unfolding of John’s book of Revelation – 666 The Mark of America Seat of the Beast come out. Now that is a book the whole world should read. We will all benefit greatly from it. Then some years later came the Human Reality book. Wow what an eye opener. O’ and somewhere along the way came Sacred, not Secret which I have come to understand and enjoy. And Without Disclosing My True Identity- The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr. If you love Joseph Smith as much as I do, well, you are just going to have to read it for yourself.

Now my intent here in revealing a short piece of my story, as this is not all, but will suffice for now, is to give strength and courage to any who may have doubts or perhaps are just too afraid to LOOK due to some authority outside of their individual self who passively yet aggressively capture the hearts and minds of many and for a price lead all astray.

Through “the work” as Christopher puts it I have come to have an appreciation for world politics. Politics I have always hated but now love what has become known as The Humanity Party. This plan will eliminate poverty virtually overnight. And who in their right mind would not want to uphold that. Anyone? To not would only be selling out on one’s own family, or to walk away from a starving child, would it not? Now that I have snared you in my little trap, the decision is solely yours to make. Bugger.

In rounding up this, my little tidbit of what I would call “hope” hope for any and all who may be at their whits end when it comes to reasoning in what is now a senseless world. A world in decline. A world we have built to leave in the hands of our children. And any who will say there is nothing we can do about it or tell you it was meant to be this way is nothing but an ignorant ass.

As the late Ida Smith often said, “read the damn books.” They are only information folks. Only inform[ation.]

For THumP’s sake.

Andrew Burridge

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