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Hi, mi nombre es Diana. While writing this, I’m almost 28 years old. As for a brief synopsis of me …Once upon a time I realized that all I really want in life is to get back to the little Diana who I once was. I was able to recognize how much I missed her. I often remember her simple beauty. I recall her during the hard moments. It took every iota of time to find her once more, to try and be her. Or at least, to turn back the clock and get a little closer with each passing day by coming full circle. I believe these last 27 years have coalesced in offering me this very specific thing.

It is easy enough to talk about one’s self, but to support a solution to fix this planet… I have found myself asking: ‘What am I trying to accomplish here in telling this story?’ for months, due to that goal’s importance to me. I do not take any sort of insignificant contribution I might make lightly, so I can’t say I ever in fact became certain of an approach. You see, my life story is no more insignificant or significant than anyone else’s, and I do not expect to make a difference in YOUR life from you reading what I have to say, but if it could… that is what motivates me. If simply sharing arbitrarily might somehow further to help promote the solving of poverty, that would hands down, be infinitely worthwhile so I’ll keep this as simple as it is.

I feel I have had a full and purposeful existence, but that is because I know my worth for my own sake, the sake of a little Diana and for this, I directly have the existence of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder to thank. It is without question how different my life would have been had the MWAW never have entered it. Strict religious household based on a pre-set, perfectly planned rule-book… wandering a planet full of expectation and traps and hate. This outcome altered forever at the age of twelve for me (when my once-religious parents left after reading a single MWAW book), but even at that age I was able to comprehend what I thought I knew for certain, and discover that in fact, I knew nothing. What an incomprehensibly useful tool. This has become a life-long lesson but how remarkable that in a single moment, a half-hour blip in my timeline the explanations and information given by the Real Illuminati were so clear and so undeniable, they attached themselves at the core of my being and that was it, the simplicity in their illustrated truths held me enraptured and never really let go.

I now carry with me a compassion for anyone consumed by any outside thing because I was them and their journey would have been mine… I recognize what would have otherwise been …So I Cannot. Ever. Judge. but I can illustrate the difference in being free from belief in anyone or anything other than my own common sense …And through the proof of the life I have led, the peace I have come to, the joy and unyielding calm from within I have found in staying close to the REAL TRUTH I can begin to hope demonstrating that there is one.

“Current scientific laws, facts, and all other knowledge that has the possibility of changing, cannot be considered real truth. Real truth is the ultimate reality of how things really are, how they have really been, and how they will really be. … “Real truth” is the final answer. It gives a conclusive and ultimate explanation that requires no further discussion or change. Real truth debunks all ideas and beliefs that are formed through speculation or conjecture devised in the human mind. It ends our search and gives us the comfort we need to be assured that life does, indeed, have a purposeful meaning.” -Human Reality

All the people I have met since the age of 12 and come to love, I simply would not know. This includes all of my closest friends. I would not even know them. All the places I have been brave enough to travel I never would have gone. The many diverse experiences I have had in doing so, in working to align them with a little Diana person/heart by living how she would want (not what the world tells her she should want) I would not have lived. The depths of a whole understanding for others and for knowing how to treat and love myself and the challenges of growth which I have managed intently to overcome, those especially …I would not know any of it. I attribute all the good in my life to the Marvelous Work and A Wonder.

I of course, am imperfect. Getting to ‘content’ was a long journey, I wouldn’t want to claim that it was easy. Let’s talk about that. How I have been lost, sometimes for years. The heavy muck of depression, apathy, utter confusion and self-deprecation. Not knowing if my sadness even has a proper or treatable cause. A many times severely broken heart… some intimate relationships ending through the loss of death. My past contains a painful hopelessness for hopelessness to ever change. I well know all these emotions. I have even been willful to die.

Coinciding with all these chaotic emotions over the years I have sometimes wondered if the MWAW was everything it claimed to be… somewhat similar to how other people ask, “Why would God allow this to happen?” after all, IT taught me how to question everything. As the MWAW has periodically been what I am able to lean on when I am in want of some concrete optimism, for the times when I couldn’t seem to find peace, I could just as readily blame it. How could I be sure of this when I am sure of nothing? I suppose I have come to the easy conclusion that this is the one and only thing I am sure of. A major difference for me, between this and any other beliefs or God I have encountered is how brashly/necessarily unconcerned it is with handing over the very tool one needs to question the thing itself, as to consider it you have to set aside everything you think you know. Does a better fail safe exist? To be so bold requires perfect answers within real truths, and received these, I have. Nowhere else.

It has been 15 years since I was 12, for more of my life I have been aware of the MWAW than not and after all that time this is what I have found, consistency. No matter how long it takes my mortal brain, if I stick around with patience for the real truth to build upon what I already understand and allow my filters to further erode, if I can manage to withhold all judgment, even on myself, setting aside my walls and biases and the harsh reality of every uncontrolled emotion, I can use it as an incredible tool, I will find my answers. They are always seemingly obvious after the fact and directly in line with my common sense. What is available through the MWAW once I finally have been humble and am open enough to see it has allowed me a basis for absolute peace in an endlessly trying experience.

Humanity has not only a True Messenger at our disposal, but the possibility of the Humanity Party and the words of the Real Illuminati to fall back on. Unmatched sources. This is what gives me hope when the weight and sadness of the world would otherwise capture and hold me hostage, just as it often needlessly does to every human soul. It is not God, it is not religion, it is not science, it is not my career, or money… Where even my dearest friends and family failed to fill the endless void and could not save me from how alone I thought I was, from all of that despair and suffering, I had the possibility and reality of a meanded world. And now because of that presence in my life, I have no equivalent negative thing. Everyone else could equally.

A final point I’d like to make, people, even my friends, have many negative and defensive opinions about who Christopher Marc Nemelka is. I get how when earthly value is at stake people have something to prove, who can blame them… To those reading who wonder, I would like to point out the obvious, these people have hardly met him or often have never even been around him in person. Black and white words on a page, virtual snap judgements we have been conditioned by the modern world to make, what truth do they really hold? A wonderful part of my life is how I have known Christopher Nemelka since I was 12, I got to spend time with him while growing up, and I do not associate myself with mean people, let me tell you. The male ego specifically really rubs me the wrong way, I do not put up with it. His is a façade, to deter those who want to find fault so that the information can stand on its own. And it will without fail, effortlessly, no matter what. That’s one of their claims that now to me, after all too many proofs, is a promise. I have been asked to write about myself, not him, but to anyone who reads this and knows me and trusts my own character, those I associate with closely reflect that and his is one of the kindest I know. Magnitudes of compassion. If it were not the case I would be nowhere near here and solving poverty would not be an exclusive goal of the MWAW (which he represents) without any monetary price, other than to say, “I support this.”

I support this. I support nothing more. With every fiber of my being. I am willing to pay the only ‘price,’ what I am willing to give up of my own ego to let the world heal. This is in fact the only truly important thing I’d like for anyone I don’t know or do know to know about me, little Diana.

Diana Smith



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