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Hi! My name is Kindra Elizabeth Wild (previously Kindra Elizabeth Fisher, and Kindra Elizabeth Neimoyer), born as Kindra Elizabeth Clark. My mom was 17, and my dad 27, when he met her while playing in his band for an LDS dance. Within five weeks, he courted my mom and convinced her to marry him, which they did in the SLC LDS temple. They were poor and often lived with my grandparents. She gave birth to me, her second baby, at age 20.

I was born in Orem, UT, July of 1983, the year of the floods, in Orem Community Hospital. I landed at my maternal grandparent’s home, the Shurtz’s, a very faithful, devout LDS Mormon family who strongly participated in their church community in Lehi, UT. We quickly began what I refer to as my Urban Gypsy life. We moved around a lot even in my first year, wavering in extreme poverty. We moved to places like Paris & Montpelier ID, Nashville TN, Fredonia AZ, various places in Salt Lake and UT Counties. Later on, I experienced even homelessness at different times, staying with different people, in motels, and on my own, sometimes in my car. I have moved 120 times as of the present day (March 2023).

I lived on my own off and on since I was 12, dropped out of high school at 16, had issues with Alcoholism, and ended up living in my car for a while. I went to massage school at 17, was married at 18, five months pregnant with my daughter Alora Fisher (after we got pregnant backpacking up the FL Keys), and divorced and then remarried my second husband by age 20. I gave birth to my son Avery Fisher at 22, and was separated again by age 24.

I went to school to become a Master Esthetician, and then found myself connecting with the Burning Man Community in SLC, creating my own support network after my friends in my marriage villanized me and stayed close to my ex-husband. They were all part of a Reiki group where I met Dan in Provo when I was 16.

I have had a series of tumultuous relationships after my second marriage ended and many challenging experiences over the years, along with a lifetime of physical health challenges. I have so many stories to tell, but I won’t bore you with all that right now. I spent the next eight years living in Sugarhouse and SLC, UT.

I received the Human Reality Book in 2011, as I was reconnecting with my lifelong friend. She expressed how she had been deeply transformed by this work, so she sent me her story online of how the work had helped her. She told me of this man Christopher, and I felt to go see what this is about.

This led me to the gathering in Orem, on his birthday, which is where I first met Christopher. He made casual jokes about the ins-n-outs of life and his relationship with his wife Sheri at the time. I felt comforted to be there and familiar with all these faces I had never actually seen before, many who would become beloved friends.

Christopher immediately seemed familiar to me. My brain went to work trying to figure out how or where I already knew him from. He seemed intelligent and reasonable. I felt compassion for him trying to explain things to people who seemed longing to help the “suffering of the world who are continually met with hardships of even morbid measures.” He asked me, as everyone sat together to celebrate his birthday, why I was there and who I was. I shared that I was a single mother, and some basic things about myself. He sort of laughed like there was more to how I ended up there than I consciously knew.

He later came over to talk to me personally as the room of acquainted people moved around and began to socialize. I recall vaguely him asking if I had read the books and he said if I had questions to please inquire. He was kind, gentle, and seemed straightforward. I could tell he was feeling me out as a random person showing up to his gathering. I said I had been given and begun reading Human Reality—Who We Are and Why We Exist! He gave me a book called Sacred Not Secret for a friend of mine.

As I found connections with some of these people and became friends, I (and sometimes my kids) attended a few meet and greet meetups where Christopher spoke to the many people attending. I very much enjoyed every interaction of shared common interest and views in life in general with these people. I was learning so much about myself.

When I began to study this work, I knew I found something I couldn’t ignore, after an entire life of my truth-seeking mom exposing me to infinite paradigms of religious and spiritual thinking and challenging those bodies of thought, always emphasizing to me to think for myself. I had read into Kryon, Bringers of the Dawn, Sylvia Brown. We’d had guests come from far and wide to the Healing Center in Sedona, AZ, where we lived in a communal new-age household. We had attended Timeweave Ecstatic Dance when I was 12 in Boulder, CO and Practicing The Wave – mind/body connection dance, which my mom discovered when we lived in St. Augustine, FL when I was 10. I was surrounded by the liberal new-agers and spiritual community of the world in all these different places.

To me, everything that was a false construct of my old life has fallen away as I study this work. It’s been a process of returning to myself, even if parts of the process have been painful. I was taught to pursue personal growth. I feel that eventually led me to be open to the teachings of this work. It taught me that I don’t have to live inside a prison of the expectations of others, in order to not be thrown away and therefore die alone, which is a fear capsule of approval, grooming, and a feeling of being worthless to my world unless I comply.

This work guides me in Essentially Returning to Innocence, to that which we were born as a little child, back through the writing on my own wall I must confront — the spirit of the child and the lack of Pride that the world chiseled into me in more ways than I even know how to manage some days and nights. I finally buckled down after 10 years and read the 666 book. My last gamble was to surrender to this work with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I am alive because of the 666 book…and this work.

This changed my brain and my entire perspective of reality. There is not a doubt in my mind and soul that Christopher is who he claims to be. The countless phenomena for better and for worse which I have experienced in my life that no one has been able to explain, this work has brought into the light and made clear to me, through repeated tests and impossible things and simple common sense.

The plan The Humanity Party offers is everything that needs to happen ASAP. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of all the countless gurus and bodies of spiritual study out there, nothing has made sense to me like the entire body of this MWAW, RI, and The Humanity Party.

I was encouraged to weigh the teachings of my life and the world so far against the works of Christopher and the Real Illuminati, and NOTHING measures up to the powerful affects this work has had on me, and yet keeps me wanting more. It’s curiouser and curiouser, almost like dreamily sleepwalking through life, and then being vividly awakened into a new world of clarity.

My partner in late 2014 ascended into a mental illness episode, scaring me and my children with his progressing behavior. He was taken to a hospital by officers and it was a frightening time. Christopher learned of what was happening; he was concerned with what was going on. He was also a friend of this partner of mine and his mother. I did need help and I was terrified, not sure what I could do or how I was going to survive etc. I had financial dependency with the manic partner. Christopher and this work helped me feel brave enough to leave this relationship.

The MWAW has given me a platform for deep relatable analysis of what I comprehend about reality itself. It has led me to find other human beings I care deeply for. It has provided me with a guiding light of connection to existence and to like-minded individuals. It has changed how I view everything. It has taught me to enjoy my own company. To be okay on my own, and patient and tolerant of the shortcomings of others and myself. It has aided me in the difficulties of raising children into teens and now crossing the threshold into adulthood, learning about free-will, especially how it factors into parenting.

The lessons don’t always come easy, but as I learn to receive the work, it really gives me growth and healing manna when I surrender. My “natural man” primal self has required a lot of ‘educating’ and learning how to control my out-of-control impulsiveness. The Golden Rule Ultimately principles its teachings, and the peace it brings is the real golden treasure.

It took time to heal after so many tragic events, but I was able to implement the teachings of this work to find peace after the storms of my life. I learned how to truly listen to the inner barometer of my own truth. I can literally feel anxiety well up in my body if I begin to stray from that truth, which, to me, is the basics of being a kind person.

For example, I learned not to protest against the strong opinions of others, as they have every right to their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings and free will. I learned to let go of relationships and environments which take that peace from me. It took a lot of time and practice.

As I began to really understand the work’s message, despite what happens around me, and the dynamics of surviving in this world, I have found the abilities to stay in the calm waters within. If something is bringing that turbulent feeling to me, it’s a sign to me that I’m straying off my own truth. I’m able to examine what I am feeling and take action to bring myself back to feelings of peace.

The pride and great many principles taught by the world, society, church, state, family, the social world, etc., don’t necessarily align with what is good and true deep within me. I didn’t know how to have healthy boundaries before really getting deep into the understanding of this work. This is not to say life isn’t challenging. I still have feelings about all kinds of things. However, now I am aware of the compass of peace that does exist within me. The work led me to that understanding. It taught me to feel real compassion for people, and to be calm and kind to others despite whatever I might feel inside. To be true to myself.

There’s definitely MORE to the story. I’m working on a more in-depth explanation of my life’s journey and how it shaped my way of thinking and the person I am today. I will be disclosing how I was raised, some things I went through, and how this work has continued to help and change me and my life for the better.

Please feel free to contact me for further questions or comments.

Thanks for reading, Kindra Wild-Fisher

My number is 385-444-0451, or email me at



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