Anthony Reid

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Hello everyone, my name is Anthony Reid and I live in England in a place called Coventry, more or less the middle of England. While my parents were of Jamaican origin, I had never been there to visit myself. And although my parents grew up in the church when they were back in Jamaica, they did not continue when they moved to England to live. As I grew up, I knew nothing about the church or the Bible or anything of it.

When I was about eight years old, I had an experience of nearly drowning in the river that had flooded. Not more than a mile down the river, two boys had drowned and died that particular day. I had found a little small red wooden boat with a piece of string on it and I proceeded to try to float it on the river, not knowing the dangers at that time. The string had snapped in half and I tried to reach for it and fell in. What was most curious was that, although I couldn’t swim, I felt at peace and calm, as if I was in no danger. I felt as if something had moved me back to the ledge where I had fallen in, and I managed to pull myself out. I always thought that some force had saved me that day. I went back home and told my mother what had happened; but she didn’t believe me that I found my way out, because she knew that I couldn’t swim at that time. But she insisted that somebody must have helped me out.

My first experience with the church was when I was about 9 years old. A friend of mine at the time used to go to church with his family and they invited me to come along. I had an interest to see what was going on there. But that didn’t last very long, as we were invited into the pastor’s office later that day, where we were asked a series of questions that left me very perplexed and confused. These questions were of a sexual nature, of which I had no experience or knowledge of at that time. And so that was the very last time that I went to a church of any kind.

When I was about seven years old, I was introduced into the martial arts by a friend of my parents. He used to study Kung fu and so he began to teach me every Saturday. When he came over, we did a little bit of meditation, kicking, and punching basics. From there, I had a great love for the martial arts. As I grew up, I began to study other martial arts at a later date, such as taekwondo, karate, goshinjutsu and other martial arts. And through these martial arts, I began to notice I was becoming more arrogant and prideful with it and a little bit of a tough man, “as I thought of myself at the time.”

I was not the type of person who would go looking for trouble, but if trouble came towards me, I wouldn’t shy away from it. While martial arts was my first love, I later got into the world of dancing, singing, and acting on a professional level. The world of entertainment is so full of ego and pride, and I slotted in nicely into that space. While externally I showed no real interest in competing with anybody, in my interior world, I was competing with everybody. I never considered myself a good person. And even to this day, I still don’t consider myself a good person.

Almost four years ago, I met my brothers and sisters, who I still keep in contact with to this day. Although this first contact was through the Israelites, we eventually ended up getting into the Book of Mormon and then later, The Sealed Portion. This is where my life began to change. This interaction with my brothers and sisters and then coming into the Real Truth, which I love with all my heart, soul and mind, has truly humbled me!

Anthony Reid

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