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My name is Brady and I live in a small agriculture community in Saskatchewan, Canada. I’d like to explain a little about myself and why I choose to be a member of the True Church of the Lamb of God – of a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

My story began in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada in 1985. At the time, my parents were living in southern California because my father had received a scholarship to play university hockey in San Diego. They had limited health care, so they returned to Canada for my birth. We eventually naturalized and obtained US citizenship, staying in southern California for 10 years.

Both my parents are loving, hardworking, and dependable. They provided a safe, consistent home life and I have many fond memories of growing up. My mother was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My father, who regularly attended church meetings, was not a member. However, he later became a member when he asked me to baptize him. My mother loved her church and was a very faithful member. She always made us go with her, often saying that one of the family rules was church attendance every Sunday. As a kid, I didn’t enjoy church much. It was never something that I got excited about attending. If given the choice, I would have preferred to stay home. Despite my feelings towards the church, I remained a faithful member. I obeyed the word of wisdom, law of chastity and paid thousands of dollars in tithing. I eventually went on a two-year proselytizing mission to Minnesota, Wisconsin and a small part of Ontario, Canada. I used that time to study the Book of Mormon as in-depth as I could. The more I pondered and understood its message, the more excited I became about one day reading the sealed portion of the record Joseph Smith did not translate. More commonly known as The Sealed Portion.

I returned home from my mission in 2008, and got married in the San Diego temple in 2009. I remained a faithful member, patiently waiting for the general authorities of the church to announce that the bands sealing the 2/3 portion of the gold plates had been loosed and the record had been translated. I supposed that 2012 was going to be the year of its release, due to a Mayan calendar indicating significance to the year. By the end of the year, no new information had been released by the Church. I began to wonder if the religion I was born into was even capable of teaching me the mysteries of God that I wanted to know and understand.

Not knowing where to turn, I started researching the wide variety of “spiritual” knowledge this world had to offer. I listened to channelers, gurus, spiritual advisors, guided meditations, astral projection coaches, and lucid dreaming guides. I studied everything from popular religious beliefs to fringe conspiracy theories. I spent hundreds of dollars on books that usually had something to do with an ancient civilization’s belief on life, death, and communicating with deity. I even paid someone that claimed they had a connection to astral records and could explain my personal past lives. My hope was that someone somewhere could teach me how to figure out who I am, why I exist and how that relates to God.

In 2014, I was looking on the internet for more books to purchase. I came across a book that I had been waiting to read for a long time. It was a book that claimed to be the sealed portion of the gold plates that Joseph Smith, Jr. had in his possession when he translated the Book of Mormon.  Interestingly, the book was free to download and read. The author didn’t even ask for a donation to have access to the book. The book wasn’t at all what I expected, but it was everything I needed to read. I’m not an emotional person. I’ve always dealt with this world logically and with common sense, not emotions. However, that book had me in tears in several places. The emotional connection that the book makes with a sincere reader’s brain that has an appreciation for the Book of Mormon is incredible. In all of my searching, I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. The Book of Mormon together with  The Sealed Portion combine as a fantastic piece of literature that remains, to this day, my favorite story ever told.

I discovered that The Sealed Portion was associated with something called a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. There I found more books, journals, radio shows and YouTube presentations, all free to access. So, I read and listened.

  • I finally understood the LDS “endowment presentation” after reading Sacred, Not Secret
    The [Authorized and] Official Guide in Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment
  • I read the book Human Realityand understood more about human beings and their place in the universe than ever before.
  • Questions about Joseph Smith, Jr. and early Mormonism all were answered from the book Without Disclosing My True Identity—The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr.
  • I understood the bible’s book of Revelation from 666, The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast: The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded.

I read and listened to so much incredible information and I had paid no money for any of it. But wait … there’s more. As if that wasn’t convincing enough that I was in the right place, there’s also The Humanity Party®. The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is part of a registered political party that presents a clear, detailed plan to end poverty, inequality and child exploitation throughout the entire world. It has a viable plan to end the Israeli/Palestine conflict, among other things. They even offer a $100,000 U.S. prize for anyone able to competently explain why The Humanity Party® would fail in its efforts. I spent time studying their proposals, trying to find a way to claim that money. No matter how long I’ve tried, I can’t find a reason that, if implemented, it wouldn’t work.

Yet, after all this information, something was still missing for me. It’s something that I want more than anything else, yet is somewhat hard to explain. You see, for much of my life, I felt like God didn’t answer my prayers or really even take notice of me. I’ve never felt spiritually connected to a higher power that spoke to me or gave me revelation or counsel. Part of the reason why I left the LDS faith was because I didn’t feel like I belonged there. Other people would be moved to tears just by listening to hymns or sharing their testimony. I don’t enjoy listening to hymns or sharing my testimony. As a missionary I would often be asked where I thought we should go to find someone to teach. I would pray and not get any answers, so my response was often just, “throw a dart at the map and that’s where we go.” Other Elders would appear so spiritual, insisting God had answered their prayers and were told where to go. It felt like God didn’t really care what I did and, therefore, didn’t take the time to communicate with me.

Now, let’s get to what I want. It’s something that I would pay any price for—something that, despite all my efforts, I have failed to achieve. In the third chapter of the Book of Ether contained in the Book of Mormon is an account of a person who sees God and communicates with him. God tells him:

“Because thou knowest these things ye are redeemed from the fall; therefore ye are brought back into my presence, therefore I show myself unto you.” (BOM, Ether 3:13.)

They had a face-to-face conversation, which is precisely what I want. Joseph Smith, Jr. said it this way:

“Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am.” (D&C 93:1.)

There are accounts of seemingly ordinary people that come to know and understand God by means of face-to-face communication, as one man speaks to another. I’m an ordinary person, so why can’t I have that as well?

I am a member of the True Church of the Lamb of God – of a Marvelous Work and a Wonder® in pursuit of my desire to know, understand, and communicate with God. I believe that this newly formed church is the only way to achieve my goal.



Brady Poirier


February 2024

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