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The Story of Jesse Glen Iverson

I was born and raised in an LDS/Mormon family. My grandparents were also LDS. I had a strict father who raised me with a firm hand. My mother was an (angel) from heaven.

My father worked for the /department of Defense so we had to move all over during my life until I was 18 and I left home. I’ve lived in Colorado three times, Magna, Tooele, California, Texas, Germany, Thailand, Korea, and Iowa.

I was exposed to all religions, all races, all kinds of climates, poor, rich, humble, many different people and places, military, and non-military.

My mother taught me very early in life by her example. She was especially considerate to people less fortunate. So, by watching her throughout my life, I had no judgments on people until I was 18-years-old, when I left home in Korea and returned to the States.

I never had problems with the law growing up. Neither did my brothers and sisters. We were all good kids.

My mother raised us and taught us correct principles. However, I never applied myself in Seminary or church. I went because I was forced, because that’s what we did on Sunday. We had to go to church and we had to have Family Night. Family Night was always hard and mostly ended up in a fight.

I dinked around a lot in Seminary and I didn’t read the Book of Mormon.

I liked to play ball: basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, and tennis.

Church was boring to me, except if I had a girlfriend at church. I used to go to sit by her.

Moving around was hard on me. I was shy and I didn’t make friends easily and every time we moved we had to start over. I was grateful for the places I’d seen but I was the new kid in school and had to meet every bully at the new school.

I got married at 25, two months short of 26. This is where my life took a turn. I had two daughters who I loved dearly. They were my daughters, I was their protector. They were daddy’s girls. They couldn’t wait for me to come home.

Then I got divorced and my daughters were taken from me. I had to go to court constantly to get some type of custody. Life wasn’t fun anymore, being accused of things I didn’t do.

Then I married again, had another daughter (another daddy’s girl), and divorced again. It was the same thing: no visitation and court battles.

This is when I learned there is no justice in the judicial system.

Fighting, court, no kids, attorneys, onslaught of ex-wives, no visitation, pay attorneys, turmoil…

I sat home and cried. I’d never had problems like these. I prayed fervently and felt I should read the Book of Mormon. At 35, I had back surgery and was confined to bed. I read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover in about five days.

When I finished, I went back to church. I read the Book of Mormon every night. Eventually, I read it 13 times. I went to the temple once a week, was a Primary Teacher, then Elder’s Quorum Instructor. I paid my tithing and got married in the temple again. The next five years were tolerable.

Then, all of a sudden, the Bishop called me in his office and wanted my temple recommend. I asked him why? What did I do?

He told me two women had come to him and told him they were my ex-wives and that I had beat them when I was married to them. He told me he didn’t know them but that’s when he told me to hand my recommend over. I explained that I had not done those things, that it was untrue. He believed them. I was in his ward for five years now and he should have known that I wasn’t of that character.

These ex-wives had put me in jail and prison for things I did not do. Now I felt that not only is the judicial system corrupted but so is the church. So, I started to check things out on my own.

I was introduced to the “Parowan Prophet” who is from Parowan, Utah. I spent some time (approximately one week, total) checking him out. He was not about truth.

Then, I checked out a young girl of about 13 who was claiming she saw Christ on a daily basis and her dad wrote about her in a book. There were over 150 people in one meeting to see this person. I found out this was a fraud.

A friend of mine who was doing my paperwork for me for court told me that the Sealed Portion had been translated. I was very enthused. It was on the computer. I didn’t have one. So, Rulon DeYoung downloaded and copied 20 chapters for me. I read those really fast. I asked for more chapters and then the Sealed Portion came out in a book form.

I was reading the headings of each chapter and I read in Chapter 39 how Christ did not condemn homosexuality. I had to read that chapter first. That chapter not only touched my heart but it changed it completely. My whole body was humbled because of the explanation.

I then started and read the Sealed Portion from cover to cover in a short time.

I was still having trouble in court with ex-wives and visitation and false charges. I was overwhelmed.

Then I heard that Christopher was having a get-together in San Diego and I had to meet this man who translated the Sealed Portion. I watched him closely, and I mean closely. We played games. People were having fun on this weekend as we were taught things. We met one another and then we had a fire at the beach and people were getting hungry. It was getting dark and I was within earshot of Christopher and Sheri – just those two and me about seven feet away. They were talking about feeding all these people and Christopher pulled out a card and asked Sheri if there was any money on that card. I believe I heard around a hundred dollars was all. Christopher said, “Fuck it. Let’s order some pizza.” And I got to see this man give everything he had to us.

He lived in a van, had a mattress in the back, and he gave us his last dime. I quietly cried as I ate my piece of pizza – actually, I had two.

I have never looked back since I’ve met a man who translated the Sealed Portion and he taught me the truth of things I never imagined.

I saw him get drunk one of those nights and it was hard for me at first because I didn’t drink and it was hard for me to see it. And then a feeling came over me that nobody had to tell me. The feeling was that he was doing this so we wouldn’t put him on a pedestal, so that we could see him as a normal man. I discussed that with Julie Taggart. She agreed with me.

I went home after that weekend to the same problems: court, ex-wives, not seeing my kids, paying lawyers.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was at work one day after that memorable weekend. My ex-wives were continuing to put me in jail, all based on lies.

I had Christopher’s number but I never called him or bugged him. But this day was different. I was lost and I couldn’t handle it anymore. So, I called him. And this true messenger answered my phone call. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I told him who I was and asked if he remembered me. He said, “Yes, I do.” He asked me what he could do for me.

I told him my problems and he said he went through similar experiences and that I need to let that shit go. He explained that these were not really my kids. When you are 60 and they are 40, are they really your kids? And he told me other things that calmed my troubled heart. I knew now more than ever that this man was more than a true messenger.

My whole body was comforted from my excessive weeping.

I’ve read all the MWAW books. I’ve been to almost every symposium. I’ve read his posts and those from the Bros. – it’s all the same. I’m still watching and listening. It’s hard to believe that I know this man. I don’t want to miss anything. All the posts help me get renewed each day. They give me a reason to get out of bed.

I’m glad that I have met the “man from Joe’s Bar and Grill”. AND he represents all of us. I still don’t know how he does it all. I stand all amazed at the love he has for us all.

I would exhort anyone and everyone to look at his works because by his works ye shall know him.

I have been happier since finding this work than the rest of my life.

This is definitely a marvelous work and a wonder. Anyone looking for truth at this site, shall find it. Thanks to him and the bros. we have a chance. Thanks for all the things you have endured on my behalf.



My Mother’s #2 Son


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