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To whoever is reading this,

My name is Zach and at the time of writing this I am 25 years old and live in Seattle, Washington.

Deep within, I have always been a seeker of truth. Even if it meant going about something alone & losing friends or losing family along the way. Unfortunately though, I too, like many, have made many mistakes in my life where I have sacrificed my personal beliefs, covinctions, and morals under peer pressure, have lied to preserve my social identity, and have masqueraded what I really believed. But, here on this website — is what I really believe. Today I write a simple, honest, commitment to The Marvelous Work and a Wonder & all that comes with it.

I support Christopher Nemelka and the books, videos, blogs, and information he has published. He is the one who receives the most scorn and hate of all the people involved in this work. He has given up his entire life to help humanity. He mourns, he grieves, and he suffers when the truths he publishes are rejected and mocked due to people’s own pride & ego that prevents us as humanity from coming together. I have had enough face-to-face interaction with him to know his character, his mission, his role & to understand his past and why he has done and said the things he has done.

Many things that I read have rescued me from the entrapment of religion, from close-minded thinking and from biases. I have seen tears flow down his face. I have heard him sob. I know there is nothing more important to him than our group’s perpetuity here on this earth. He is the Bearer of Truth. I have tossed all my prejudices aside because of the words he has written. I love all of humanity because of the words he has written.

There is nothing more important to me than this work. I have not found anything else more rational. I have found Real Truth. The Marvelous Work and a Wonder has changed and molded me.

The Real Illuminati know what they’re talking about. We’ve all got to pay attention and follow their counsel or else I know the earth will be utterly wasted (not only in its purpose, but its very existence will be blotted out). I know I have a lot to work on, I know I still struggle with my pride & ego. But, each day, I wake up and I make a choice. I choose to prioritize this work. I choose to be a small part in the solution to human poverty and suffering all over the world. To establish peace and equity for all humans. That we might actually live & treat each other correctly, kindly, and with compassion through a properly established form of government with perfectly righteous principles that The Humanity Party outlines.

I will not deny or hide my support of Christopher, his mentors or this work.

I am here to stay.

May the truth set me free, and you as well.

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Zachary Skagen

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