Matthew Wickham

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Hello, my name is Matthew Wickham, born April 1968.

I was born in Lansing, Michigan U.S.A. I had a normal childhood, so I won’t go back that far. I graduated high school in June of 1987 from Harry S. Truman High School in Taylor Michigan. After high school, I tried community college, but that went nowhere. I ended up working and moving around quite a bit in my life. I have lived in upstate New York; Elgin, Illinois; Las Vegas, NV: Newport News, Virginia; Fruitland Park, Florida; and Edmond, Oklahoma, where I currently reside.

While working at a company in Oklahoma City, I befriended Tyrone Griffin in 2020. It wasn’t until early 2023 that Tyrone encouraged me to read this book called The Sealed Portion. I’ll admit, it took me until April of that year to begin reading it. I jumped around at first, but after a week of that, I decided to read it from front to back. I reached chapter 20 or 30, not sure exactly, but I felt a change. I guess I had the spirit in me. That’s what I believed anyways. For the next few months, I quit literally every vice I had…even caffeine.

Previous to April, I considered myself religious. I wasn’t, but I was by May of that year, as I was studying The Sealed Portion religiously and learning new things. It has been an exciting ride. In June, I ordered the 666, the Mark of America book and I was further enlightened. Then in December 2023 or January 2024, Tyrone found out about Christopher starting a church, and we decided that we had to join it.

It’s been very enlightening; and I find myself looking forward to the services. I’ve been reading the books found on the Real Illuminati website. This work is fascinating and I’m fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time to experience it. Well I guess that’s all for me.

Matthew Wickham


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