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I spent the first nine years of my life mostly as a Southern Baptist because of my Mom, and sometimes as a Southern Methodist because of my Dad. When I was nine, my parents converted to Mormonism. My conversion to Mormonism was based on Joseph Smith’s History and the Book of Mormon. I always considered myself “a Joseph Smith Mormon,” especially later in life. There weren’t many Mormons in Texas and Louisiana where I was raised up. I served a mission in Illinois and Wisconsin. I was a musician, working in Louisiana, Texas, and, after my mission, in Utah.

Fast forward to 1985: Excuse me as I touch briefly on politics, but it created the path that I took. As I said, I was “a Joseph Smith Mormon,” and politically I would be considered a Long Democrat (meaning Huey P. Long). My grandfather and Senator/Governor Huey Long were close friends. My grandfather started the Railroad Union in Louisiana, and he helped Long early in his political career. I think Long would have embraced The Humanity Party® if he had lived today.  

I’m into history a lot.  I was familiar with several of Joseph Smith’s comments on “the Constitution hanging by a thread” from 1837 through 1844.  In 1985, I came across hard evidence on designs to accomplish this.  Between 1985 through 2015, I tried several times to get the LDS Church to do something about this. In 2009, I learned many things from a retired JAG (Judge Advocate General, a military attorney) on what to do about the situation. In July of 2015, I contacted the LDS Church Headquarters about these things. Again, it was no surprise that they brushed it off with a letter saying that there is nothing they can do (or more accurately, would do). At this time, I realized that they were in bed with the Establishment, or what today is called the Deep State. More accurately, they are part of a secret combination that the Book of Mormon warns us about. At that time, I stopped attending the LDS Church. At that time, it would have been so easy to stop what was coming; but it would need to take a large, solid group of people (LDS Church members) in lockstep to do this. 

Over the next few months, I continued reading things about history. During this time, I learned the truth about the Word of Wisdom and the truth about the Blacks and the Priesthood.  

For many decades, the General Authorities, mainly the Apostles, debated about turning the Word of Wisdom into a Commandment.  They always came to the same conclusion that it was just advice and not a commandment.  In 1938, they came up with the idea to make it a Corporate Rule or Regulation. In 1954, they made it a requirement for a temple recommend. So, the Word of Wisdom is not a “Commandment of God,” but a Corporate Regulation.  

In 1969, yes, that’s Sixty-Nine, President McKay, the First Presidency and eleven of the Twelve Apostles agreed to give black males the Priesthood.  They had the letter written up to announce it.  Harold B. Lee rushed to Salt Lake to stop it. In 1968/69, a lot of Christian churches were allowing black ministers to preach to white congregations. The LDS Church never recovered from the nine-year delay. In fact, that’s all that non-Mormons know about the LDS Church.  

These were just some of the things I learned over a 6/7-month timeframe.  In late January or early February of 2016, I came to the realization that I didn’t know a thing, nothing!  History was a cover-up; all political parties were wrong and corrupt. The LDS Church ignored what a blind man could see. I knew absolutely nothing. I prayed to myself that I knew absolutely nothing and that I really wanted to know the truth. 

Either later that day or the next day or the next, I was on YouTube. I saw on the sidebar, ‘Ida Smith, Part 2, The Sealed Portion.’ I wondered, “What’s this?” Part 2 was where Ida Smith discovered and read The Sealed Portion.  I wondered, “When did this happen?” thinking it was recently. TWELVE YEARS AGO!” I was shocked that nothing about this had been talked about among Church members.

I downloaded The Sealed Portion and ordered a printed copy from Pearl Publishing. I’m telling you, every other page was a Holy Ghost Hit, occasionally three pages. Next, I read the Joseph Smith biography, of course. Then the Temple Endowment book (Sacred, Not Secret) and 666, The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast (now on my third read) and then Human Reality. I have also read all the books. I can’t get enough.  

The MWAW has had a huge impact on my life.  I really can’t put it in words.  I was definitely ready and it came in my life like a freight train.

Flem McMillan



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