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Spent many years buried in science.  I thought it held the answers to difficult questions.  After many years of study, I concluded that science did not hold the answers. So I turned to religion. Then after many more years of study, I found that the scriptures did hold a message, but what was it? Now a day came in which I read a passage from Christ that talked about the spirit of truth. It also happened that on a religious blog site, I was told to study Ezekiel 14, which I did. So when I took the advice of Christ and opened up to the spirit of truth, I knew I had to let go of all of my earthly desires.

I did this and wanted to be led to truth.  It took about 30 seconds.  It appeared that nothing happened, but from that moment on, I knew truth when I came across it. Now, several times I took a wrong turn and made assumptions. Each time the spirit of truth left. But I came back and threw out my desires again and was led to many truths.

So by the time I heard about Christopher, I had made a lot of progress. This was early, so he was still talking in religious terms. So I waited; and in time, all of truths I had found, lined up with what he said. Some of the things I held to be true were not.  Each truth built upon the next to give a greater picture of reality.

Now many tell a story of hard times and mental anguish that led them to truth. I guess I was lucky. Coming from science and having the heads-up chat about Eze 14 helped me avoid most of that.

Over the years, Christopher has revealed many things. These truths came together in my head and formed a new way of looking at the world. I am a much different person than who I was twenty years ago. I see all people as equals, even though their avatar on the earth may not be a nice person. I can recall when I too was taken by the world and became the natural man.  There was a time when ambition drove me to own and control everything around me.  Now that does not interest me anymore.  I still love science and making things.  But I feel it is a wonder now and not a way to control people.

When I come across an angry or sad person, I now know the world and other people made this person sad or angry. So I comfort them the best I can.  I no longer seek to fix people.  People are never broken.  They are attached to this world or have been abused by others. In my head, I know if the world would embrace true reality, we could transform this world into heaven. But I respect free will and the choice that others make. So I live on this world but have become a visitor.  I watch the world and I know that it can be better. But the choice is on each individual to make.

Many times in my life, I felt for sure I had come across some truth. But truth does not conflict with truth. So, taken as a whole, everything I thought I knew had to fit together without conflict. This never happened for me.  One truth always had issues with some other truth I also embraced.  So common sense told me that some of what I believed could not be true.  That changed after I embraced true reality as given by Christopher.  He covered all aspects of human existence.  The true nature of the universe in detail. The true nature of the human mind. The true history of the earth, including the true history of humans. Everything he said made common sense. It all fit together.

I feel like my whole life was guiding me towards knowing true reality.  I can look back and see major turns where things made no sense.  But each of those led me step-by-step to a place where I would be exposed to the truth of reality. Human reality. I thought at one time that knowing about the building blocks of matter would open my eyes, so I could see the structure of the universe. But now I know that knowing the true reality of humans is the base knowledge I was seeking.  To know and understand humans is to know the universe.  So I was in the forest, but I could not see trees. How odd that seems now.  For my whole life to be that close to Real Truth I could touch it.

It is very true that we can spend our whole life and be blind.  Then a day comes in which our eyes are opened and our ears can hear.  Many say this, yet are taken by the world down a path that leads them into a ditch. But Real Truth does not lead to a ditch.  Real Truth changes you at your core.  It can transform you from a user, to someone who can love others as they are.

Francis Baginski
4447 N. 5th st W
Snowflake, AZ  85937

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