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Here goes, i was born in the LDS church, in November 02,1957. My parents after marriage joined the church a couple years before i was born, my mom joined after her mother who her and her son were the first to be baptized in the LDS church in Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

Well my mom took the discussions after they were baptized and ended up getting baptized and wanted my father to as well. My father was an alcoholic and fell into that alot. He was a friendly loving man who said hi to everyone and helped all he could, he joined the church also not long after my mom.

At 5 years old we drove our station wagon all the way from Ontario to Alberta where we were sealed as a family. Our car broke down had to get it fixed, but somehow we made it back okay. I of course was baptized at 8 years old. Never really understood it all but it seemed right. I am the 6 child born in the family of 9, in order from oldest to youngest, Linda, Bryon, Jim, David, Rod, Paul (me), Tina, Mark, Tammy.

My dad was janitor at the public school i went to, then he upgraded in water and sewage systems and got a excellent paying job at the Trenton Air Force Base as supervisor over the water sewage plant so that gave us more money in the house for our big family.

So along with my brothers we all received the priesthood, my brother Dave started smoking pot and drinking, i looked up to him and later at 13 i bought my first nickel of pot and brought it too a church dance and my brother who couldn’t believe it rolled it up and we smoked it and they got hi but i didn’t the first time but they had fun dancing. So i had a job with my dad cleaning the church making 20 bucks for couple years then in grade 10 in high school i got another job cleaning an electronics plant for 3 hours after school which gave me money to buy pot.

And then i found a rock bar where i would go and drink and listen to bands, and at 15 after learning to masturbate i met an 18 year old mother of 2 in the bar who i bought drinks for and we had a great time and i took her home to her place where i had sex for the first time, didn’t even take my shoes or pants completely off, lol. I never met her again, anyways she was a little embarrassed for fucking a underage guy and didn’t bother with me.

Well graduated from high school at 17 and decided to go out west to Alberta where there was an oil boom going on. So i flew out and stayed with my sister Linda and her family and got a job, construction jobs of all kinds at first. Then i got on at the plant Great Canadian Oil Sands which was union and paid good and we got to stay in camp and get our food, an easy excellent job that paid well and i would go into Fort McMurray on weekends and get a motel and party in the bars.

Obviously living this way i didn’t go to church anymore, my brother Dave worked with me in camp, he got into a fight with the foreman and quit so i was alone in camp. I took karate for exercise in camp, but i quit not long after my brother and drove back to Trenton Ontario where i collected unemployment insurance and we rented a house together and my brother Dave and cousin Craig Poole (who lives in Utah playing with his wife in a good band). Well it was a lot of fun and partying, seems thats what life was for, had a few girl friends along the way but nothing lasted.

I ended up getting a job on CPR Railroad running chain saws and swinging hammers. That lasted for a few years, but before i got this job i was drinking with my brother Jim and he can be a pig sometimes and upset me and i left his place in a rage and drove into a culvert where i had a concussion and facial lacerations and the end of the signal light flasher which was plastic i bit off during the accident and it was lodged in my throat unknowing, it took about 6 months to discover it in my throat and removed it. Working on the railroad with that thing in my throat which could of killed me at any time had it moved, glad it was gone.

Well after that accident i started going back to church to find meaning in life, cause i was a fucked up individual. So i quit drinking and drugs and went to church, well not drinking and no fun i started drinking with my brother Jim again, and finally stopped going to church, but i ended up staying with my brother Dave with his wife.

I got my own place when i got a job selling, that the Elders Quorum President helped me get. So selling after getting by my shyness and talking to people at their homes. it paid well, i ended up again going out to Saskatchewan and selling siding and windows,etc.

I stayed in hotels and worked by myself, ended up getting charged with impaired driving and hired a Metis guy to drive my car street after street while i knocked doors and made good money selling. I am embarrassed about this but since others told it i will, i ended up getting lonely and picked up a couple hookers at different times, yes i did that.

Well i worked selling for a couple years, meanwhile my brothers Rod went on a mission for the LDS church, then my brother Mark went on a mission and got home and came out to work selling with me. We ended up missing home in Trenton, so Mark left first then i decided the same. So back to London Ontario selling , then Toronto, then Trenton, lived at my brother Jims house renting a room while i sold renovations.

Then one day shit flies and my brother Jim calls me on and luckily i won and immediately moved out and got an apartment in Belleville where eventually i saved enough money to rent a 4 bedroom 2 bath house. And again, i started back to church there and renting out rooms in my house which paid the bills. I studied everything i could about the church, i knew a sealed portion of the gold plates hadn’t come yet. I was a good mormon boy now, never married but close.

I met a filipino mormon lady online dating, i brought her to Canada. Well, first night after picking her up at the airport she was all over me and we had sex the first night, oops now i broke the commandments of the church, we went to church like we were not having sex. Well, she was still trying to get a divorce from her husband she was separated from, so i couldn’t marry her right away. My conscience about having sex i went to the bishop who put me on probation. I broke up with her and she remarried and lives in Ottawa. I missed her alot and wish i never went to the bishop at this time, i wanted kids and a wife, but i fucked that up.

I bought my mothers house in Sarnia she rented out rooms there. I contracted bowel cancer there which was so painful i had to take powerful drugs for it, now i get addicted and went thru chemo and radiation in Kingston Hospital. I was sick, moved into an apartment in Marmora where my brother Bryon had a 4 apartment house. My mom lived in one of the apartments she lived with a mormon guy who married her after my dad died in 1987 at 59 from a heart attack. My brother Bryon has a heart attack and dies. My mother buys his house and now is my landlord.

My sister Linda moves into the house from Toronto and rents an apartment with the intention to take control of everything. She changed the will so she will get the house when mom dies instead of the way my mom wanted everything to be split equally. I confronted my sister about it and not long after she had 4 police kick me out of the house making me homeless and sick.

A member friend in Belleville let me sleep on her couch for a month until a room in the Sarnia house freed up. I moved into the room in Sarnia after buying the house from my mom a few years earlier. My brother Dave died in 2011 from a heart attack before i got kicked out of my mothers house by my sister Linda having power of attorney to do what she wants.

Anyways now i’m in Sarnia living with cancer. I started going to church, then one day i decided to check out the Utah newspaper on the net and there popped up Ida Smith who got excommunicated for reading the Sealed Portion. Well that got my interest. I started contacting Dominic Larkin about an oil treatment they were talking was good so i bought some, excellent stuff.

I wanted the books to read of Christophers in my hands so i ordered them all and read them everyday till i was done. I was so full of joy for reading them. I had to tell my family but no one would listen, that was in 2015 when i found the Sealed Portion.

I sold my house in Sarnia wanting to move back closer to family. I bought an unfinished house on 3 acres, where i been fixing it up, a few problems the well has a block in it and to get someone to fix it is fruitless. I’ve installed large totes for water to supply the water, buying a furnace December 21 they will put it in so i can move out of the cold trailer into a warm house. But there is insulation and drywall and flooring that still needs to be done. Its been 3 years since i moved here going to the washroom in a thunder box with a toilet seat on top and a pail to go in. I’ve never had to live like this before but i am doing it out of necessity.

Well anyways, things can only get better, i’ve tried to remember most everything, i guess i forgot to mention my mom died in 2019 and my sister we are suing for our share of the inheritance. This year my sister Tammy died of liver cancer just before covid-19 breakout.

I am so happy i have found Christopher and the books and the RealIluminati, thats all for now, thanks.

Paul Vieau


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