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I was born in 1986 to nice Mormon parents. Mom was a super nurturing type and Dad was a kind, gentle drunk. The kindest Jack Mormon you’d ever meet. A drunk, gambling barfly and self employed barber who called Family Home Evening, “Leave Your Family Home Evening”. (He had his funny moments). But still, I couldn’t have asked for more easygoing parents. I was the youngest of my siblings. Life as a kid was easy because I was always in lalaland it seemed. No responsibilities.

Going into my adolescence, church was encouraged by both grandfathers. My maternal grandfather had a little black book with the Articles of Faith and other info he would have me memorize and recite to him. I couldn’t memorize a single thing but I enjoyed listening to him talk about the “mysteries of God”. Still in lalaland.

Fast forward to my late teens and I’ve lost faith and stopped attending church. Questions about the “how” and “why” of Joseph Smith Jr. would still baffle my mind and I couldn’t give up the religious questions. Years pass and I’m going down “strange roads” and embracing hateful and negative ideologies. I am completely lost in my own head at this point.

One night in 2014 I’m browsing an anonymous image board. I see a picture of man sitting at a desk in a red robe. One google reverse image search later and I’m introduced with information that convinced me to reject the hate filled philosophies and conventional wisdom. It gave me new eyes to see my dad as a wonderful human being, going through a mortal experience in his own way. I stopped judging him and started to connect with him.

Nothing has profoundly effected my mind as much as the information presented by the Real Illuminati.

Trevor Henderson

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