Kenneth Mark Sandy

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Hello, my name is Kenneth Mark Sandy, born January 1964. 

I was born in Midland, Ontario Canada and raised by my paternal grandparents. I would be born into what the world sees as native north American. We were poor as to the things of the world. However, we were happy children. My siblings and I were required to attend Sunday school to learn the things of “God” and so forth, for my grandfather was a lay minister in the local church. We attended until our teenage years. 

I always had this feeling that there was something more to life than going to church, but stuck with it, checking other denominations to see if they were right. I even tried to understand my own culture and religion, but none of these religions felt right for me. So I left religion, or I stopped going to church. This went on for quite some time. I still had in the back of my mind that there has to be something out there that would explain real truth. So I went on with life, doing what I needed to do.

I worked many different jobs: deckhand on local ferry, carpenter, cleaner, flooring installation etc. I tried family life. It didn’t quite work out. There were a few relationships and I only had one child when I was twenty-seven. I raised her four years until her mother and I broke up. I wasn’t happy with family life and have been single since 2005. That same year, LDS missionaries came knocking. So I joined the LDS church and began attending their weekly meetings etc. I was baptized and paid tithing.

I got to attend the Temple the first time for baptisms for the dead. This was around 2008/9 and while I was there, my countenance fell. I felt really stupid wondering, “What the hell am I doing?” I didn’t go back. I would think about it, thinking maybe I was doing something wrong.

It was in 2014 I thought I was doing something wrong concerning my understanding of the LDS faith, so I was going to give it another shot. So it was my birthday. I was going to return to the LDS church. That same day, I was surfing the net and lo and behold the MWAW site pops up. This was the first time I heard Christopher and I knew this was what I was looking for. I did my due diligence and commenced reading the books. It was The Sealed Portion that did it for me. It set me free from religion. I became happier living life, knowing the real truth, and have been following ever since. Love the R.T.


Kenneth Mark Sandy

(705) 427-9023

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