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Hello friends, I just want to briefly share my story that leads me to finding about the work called the MWAW. I am from the Philippines, before I was born the year 1982 my parents were baptized in the LDS church that same year.


Hello, I’m Marvin Gajardo residing in the Philippines city of Muntinlupa near Manila the capital city. I just wanna share a little bit about me and how I came to know the work (MWAW).

I was born in the year the 1982, September, in Manila and we are a sibling group of three brothers, me being the youngest. My parents were baptized earlier that year of 1982, the LDS church was still growing here. So we could say we were the pioneering members of the Philippines. So I grew up in the church my whole life. As a child, I was just simply observant and shy but playful when called. I was always happy to see others being happy and doing their thing.


If I’m correct, I remember this one time that happened when I was a small kid. I think I was four years old back then. It was just one ordinary morning. I was standing (probably thinking about something really deep) then suddenly I just concluded that my life is not really here. I have other people who are somewhere waiting while I was doing this thing called life. So that’s how I was thinking back then, that morning. Then I greeted my mom, good morning, and told her that I was not really from here. I am from somewhere else. She just stopped and handed me something to eat.

And another thing happened back in 1989 when my Dad who was going to college borrowed a Science book from their Library about the solar system. The book did something to my mind. I was really blown away by the actual photographs of the Sun and the other planets. It melted in my mind, the scenes felt weird because the scene in space looked so familiar to me. So those experiences still influence me. I cannot deny that there is something about those experiences.

So I also like History in general. So growing up in the church I would take the stories found in the Bible and BOM as literal pieces of history, connected with the physical reality. I would go on and memorize the presidents of the Church and the Articles of Faith and even memorize the temples all over the world. But now I think there are to0 many temples and they all look the same, hehe.

One time when I looked at the pictures of LDS prophets I didn’t know why Joseph Smith seems to stand out among the others and also when I look at the current first presidency I am tempted to think that they all want the position of the Prophet, Seer, and Revelator. And that was me as a kid.


I also served a mission for the church and was assigned to Philippines Tacloban Mission arround 2005 to 2007. I was more of a strict type of missionary, I think. But I would research on the net how to do the work more efficiently. I found some work outside the church that made sense to me. The book’s name was “Law of the Harvest”. During 2005, it was still a draft so I had to download it and print it. It basically says that the church is not doing the missionary work efficiently. Anyways that was my first taste of supporting something outside of the church. Some missionaries would borrow the copy I have. Funny I think that book was never published.


So after mission I went to work for a friend who works at restoring church pipe organs for a living. I worked as an apprentice for pipe organ building, hoping with my earned skill I could go abroad. There was this one particular experience when we were fixing some pipe organ inside a school for those who wanted to be a catholic priest. It was my first time to be inside one of this known place in the Philippines, since most of the people are catholic here. I saw the familiar feeling while walking the old hallways and seeing young men preparing for what is like missionary training center to me. It was weird it was the feeling felt inside in our own LDS Missionary Training Center. They just have different view of what is real regarding religious stuff.

Sometimes I would bring an LDS hymnbook with me to sites where we service centuries old pipe organ. One time we went to Manila Cathedral to service the pipe organs there and clean and tune some of the pipes. At noon when it was break time my senior workmate would allow me to play some music on the pipe organ. There was no mass at the time and poeple coming in just sit and pray in the pews. So I tried playing “Joseph Smith’s first vision” and “I am a child of god” and while playing I can say people liked the tune and they just continued doing their thing. It was kinda cool for me to play that inside a Catholic church. But nothing really matters as it all felt the same.

My friend who Invited me to work as an apprentice was a Jewish guy who lives in California before and now lives here in the Philippines. He loves members of the church and has visited Salt Lake city many times. He sells the electronic organs to the local church there. And we also tried to sell the LDS model here but local leaders prefers the piano over the organ.

This man told me it does not matter what religion you have but as long you are good to another one its all good.


Around 2008 to 2014 I was following a guy named Alex Collier and other self proclaimed messengers like David Icke. He (Alex Collier) basically says he is in contact with an alien race of humans from a star system from Andromeda.

By this time, I was still active but not participating much with church activities because I felt that the church was not really telling something to its members. Like every year you are excited to hear the prophet speak and hear that he will just recycle old “foods from the fridge” and hear things you heard before. Like for me the church is silent about the troubled world. No new revelation the likes of what Joseph Smith gave many decades ago. So I began to think of some other things that will explain the reality I am in. Nobody knows what the endowment means, the church explanation on the Book of Revelation is vague. And I just noticed that the accepted book about JS is all just an account of what one saw during Jospeh’s time. I was waiting for a book where Joseph said this and that.

So with some doubt and confusion I tried to understand things myself and decided that the church could be something that what this Alex Collier kind of messenger was talking about, that the churches were controlled by the malevolent race of aliens called the Reptilian people. So I rode that idea that the world is basically feeding these Dracconian Reptilian beings with our fear as a human race. According to Alex these Reptilians are controlling most of the earth’s politics and religions. I accepted the possibility because what I understand from the Pearl of Great Price there were many worlds created. So that’s why I went with that. And together with my facination for space made me think that the church might be one of those tools used by these reptilian beings.

So I still went to church and shared a few things I learned from the “Messenger Alex” like some cool qoutes from Alex’s two Andromedan friends. Funny the names of the Adromedan contacts were Vesius who was sages old and Moroney who was younger than Veseuis a century old. They told Alex that ” The Pain you carry is the Love you withold lifetime after lifetime”. I shared that quote in one of our priesthood meetings and they liked it (I just simply changed the word lifetime after lifetime with “this life”. My niece and nephews who were still in primary asked my me if I believed in Jesus Christ. I just told told them I believe he does not exist. The kids just say meh and leave me alone.


I was called one Sunday to the bishop’s office and said that if I wanted to be an Institute teacher. I politely declined saying that I have other things that I need to attend to. When in fact, I really don’t need to do anything. But in that Interview I just told the leader that “there is something with the Book of Mormon and I know it is true”. For me, as believer of the Alien conspiracy, the BOM was an anomaly. It needed to be explained out. And Alex’s explanation of Jesus Christ was still not satisfying. He said that he was told that Yeshua survived the crucifixion and died an old man. So the Book of Mormon needs to be explained out. Why would reptilians write such a book? What is their purpose? After all the thinking I just said it must be answered.

At this point in time I was not into anti-mormon stuff because to me religion is “bunkidity”. For me there is no point in proving the mormons as false.


Mid 2014, So one time I was chilling out with my niece on the computer. We were watching cartoons and music videos. Since my youtube search was all about aliens and conspiracy, youtube recommended some interesting video about an old Lady Excommunicated for reading the Sealed Portion. I said wow what is this? I clicked on it and there was a link where you can download the book for free!

The feeling that when you are a “Otaku” this was an exciting find, a long lost sequel to the BOM was found. At first I didn’t cared who did it but was eager to see what was written. And the second video I watched related to the MWAW was the full video of Chris with Shawn Mcraney on his YT channel. I was trying to listen to what Chris had to say but the host interrupted him. So my niece just said wow is this true?

To Be Continued:


And it came pass, that I searched more about the guy who translated the book and my first impression of Chris, he was more like one of those WWE wrestling big boss tough and strong. But hearing him speak was like he was gentle and very polite especially on that video with Mcraney. From the video with Shawn Mcraney he pointed out many things that made sense, like he pointed out that most of the followers of Shawn were just angry and not reasoning very well regarding Joseph Smith’s history. I totally agreed with that. Christopher’s physique in my mind was compared to that of the Jesus LDS New Testament Children (1980) story book. So it was easy to believe he might be the one.

Many questions when I was still active in the church resurfaced in my mind after discovering Chris and the MWAW. I was putting the Alien thing aside for just a bit. The biggest question was who was Jesus Christ? Had he really even existed?

After a few days of reading, something hit me strong in my mind. I began to doubt the credibility of Chris as the chosen messenger to bring about the translation of the sealed portion. My mind was darkened for a moment. I was really thinking that this might be from Satan or something like a Dracconian influence. But I weighed the matter in my mind and decided to continue investigating, because none has come up with the sealed portion yet. And in my mind it only could mean two possibilities: it’s either he’s a fraud or the real deal. So I decided to continue reading TSP for a bit longer.

So I was reading TSP and it occurred to me that the writing style was similar to Moroni’s but as if he was more speaking to our current time. Like as if Moroni just wrote the book just yesterday. But it really sounded like him. It was really cool to finally know what was he saw in the vision.


A few days later, the third video I watched connected with MWAW was about Human Realities. Oh this is my stuff because it talks about the things that is not connected with religion. And this was the MWAW book that I finished from beginning to end. I was really convinced that Chris was the messenger because of the Human Reality book. With TSP as the book that explains away the anomaly of the BOM. Like if you tell me about the Human Reality book only, and you don’t explain what’s up with the existence of the Book of Mormon. I might still doubt Chris as the messenger. I don’t know if that makes sense, sorry my English is bad hihi.

Human Reality book was something that I was really longing for, a book that simply tells you what is and what’s up with our reality. There were many questions answered in that book than what the Adromedan visitors of Alex could explain, and that Human Reality book explains more in a simple manner. Though there were still some questions with that book, because if that was the only reality after this life then who started life up there. But later upon my following of the work it was said that after you die in that state (second state) you will just be back to the real you in the first state.

I was so sorry when I read that there was an overseer instead of the Savior scenario that I was taught to believe. So I remembered telling my nieces that I don’t believe in Jesus existence. I kinda repented of that. But come 2016 Chris revealed that Christ does not exist. Whew what a relief hehehe. It didn’t bother me that much since I already accepted that he really does not exist at all. And more importantly in the book it was talking about a plan to elimenate poverty.


After a long search for the truth of all about this reality. I can finally say that MWAW has the answer and the only work that made sense. It fits all the pieces of the puzzle for me. It answers things I’d never consider. It dissolved my interest about those conspiracy theories about Aliens and stuff. I just thought, let’s say that it is true that we were held captive by the these Aliens and humanity was able to get rid of them. Next question for me was, can we even trust ourselves in governing ourselves? The HR book made it clear to me that we are the only being capable of saving ourselves. And so that’s how the work helped me changed my mind and made me more understanding and tolerable of others and not quick to judge others.

MWAW was the light in my darkened world. And I think there never will be other light source for me. I just hope things will work out for all of us. There are times it really wets my eyes to realize that there is MWAW and its information to cling to. Thanks a lot for staying with us Chris. It really means a lot.


So after watching videos and hearing and reading the materials provided for by the MWAW or Real Illuminati, they began to point out things that could be done to help the whole world eliminate poverty. In my mind, like a flash I began to understand, like yeah, there is no other important stuff that a group that claims to be the real deal will do but do things that will help all people equally. And they never failed at explaining and even challenging the world to point out things that does not make sense when it comes to eliminating poverty. Only this work and no other work that man has ever produced that make sense. Like what would a real deal church of Christ would do? Of course they must have the answer to eliminate poverty and none has delivered except this work. Sorry I hope you get the point. LDS church, Charitas Manila and many UNICEF has done nothing really to get rid of poverty once and forever more. So I support this life or world changing policies that is Salvation to the whole world. I stand with the Humanity Party in its quest to bring peace and hope to all of the people or children of this world. That would be all for now.


Portions of Real truth

Perfect human bodies, We started to grow. Energy from the advance brain to the environment.

Mechanics, brain gives off energy Medium of exchange.

Gravitate over other people towards we are like us.

Thank you very much I dont need your help.

Nature to help.

2 times happened 15billion were here.

Marvin Gajardo


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