Otis Ryan

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Hello, my name is Otis Ryan. I am 26 years old and was born on June 12th, 1996. I found the Humanity Party website in 2019 after browsing some online message boards.

I’ve always been drawn to new ideas, looking for answers anywhere I could find them. This led me to research different religions and philosophies. While I could see value in some, it didn’t really answer any questions completely, which compelled me to keep searching.

I had a relatively good upbringing. My immediate family got along well with each other. When I was around 19, I had some mental health issues that took a long time to sort out. I had seen many things that had left me very cynical about the state of the world.

When I found Christopher’s videos, I was amazed. He answered questions on every topic. The books about the True History of Religion and Revelation really opened my mind to the problems caused by religion in the world. The Marvelous Work and a Wonder stands in complete contrast to anything else I’ve seen. It makes complete sense. The Humanity Party economic plan is an amazing solution to world poverty.

This work is unlike anything else, it provides the real truth to anyone that is willing to be humble and listen. Christopher has explained things that no one else has before. I encourage everyone to read the Humanity Party’s plan and constitution, it is truly miraculous.


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