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By Mike Allen

I am just a human living on this planet we call Earth. I am someone who has always looked for answers to questions, question that most all humans have had but not answered.

I am a typical person who was a typical member of the LDS (Mormon) religion. I attended Sunday school, passed the sacrament, used the power of the priesthood, went on a mission, attended the temple, married in the temple etc. Did all the things that were expected of me as a priesthood-holder, and yet I still had questions that had not been answered.

My questions were not extra-ordinary to say the least. They were simple questions I thought should have been answered long ago in primary class as a young boy. Or at least come to a more reasonable explanation in the temple. And yet it took another 35 years of searching to find what I have been looking for.

The answers to all my questions, the answers to all the questions that any of the human beings on this planet have yearned to know, can be answered through the books of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Plain and simple, there is no other source. There is no other source, which can explain in such simple ways the meaning for well, LIFE.

If you have questions to seemingly impossible answers, take a look at what the Marvelous Work and a Wonder has to offer. Start reading the books that have been produced by this Marvelous Work and a Wonder. And if read with an open mind I believe that a person can come to a better knowledge of what this LIFE is all about.


I have never been one to take anything at face value, especially something important to my “salvation” as contained in the gospel of which I had been raised in. As far back as I could remember I was always “looking” for answers to questions that would inevitably arise as a result of much study.

As I can recall, as a preteen I would find myself gravitating toward thoughts of the future and what would be the outcome of this life. Almost any book about future events such as the Apocalypse, the Millennium would grab hold of me like no other. While my friends had no concerns about such things, I would pour over books like, Prophecy, Key to the Future by Duane S. Crowther.

As I became a teenager and attended high school and all that high school would entail, I forgot about my interest in future events of the world. I guess my lack of interest was my inability to find answers that satisfied my curiosity. I thought in my innocence of youth, that someone had the answers, for HEAVENS SAKE I WAS PART OF THE ONLY “LIVING AND TRUE CHURCH” ON HE EARTH, you would have thought that someone in that blasted religion had the answers to the most important aspects of human existence.

Not finding any clear and precise answers, for I did find many opinions from many authors, some even contradicting one another, I did not find really what I was looking for. So I left the muddy waters of opinion and contradiction, and turned my head to “clear” learning such as science and architecture class in high school.

Never really doing much in the way of LDS life, other than to attend social and, sporting events I gave up looking for answers to my questions. I instead turned to what most teenagers did. I focused not so much on the classroom, but athletics. I was involved in Wrestling, and church softball, and to round out my intellect I was also involved in the chess club, since my best friend’s dad was the math teacher and chess club coach.

My best friend’s family would become my surrogate family. I would stay at their house for most of my teenage life until my mission. I loved to talk to David’s (my best friend) Dad and talk to him about “churchy church” stuff. I leaned towards people much older than myself; I had no interest in talking to kids my age. All they talked about was gossip and did you score with that chick at mutual dance, GOD WHAT A BUNCH OF DRIBBLE, I could not be around them for very long.

My senior year came around and I never really thought about going on a mission, never was interested. But, we had a diligent Bishop who actually did his bishop thing. He made sure things where done right, helped us focus our efforts on getting ready to go on a mission. I do miss him he sure cared about his flock (even thou they were flocked up).

So, I was preparing for my mission, returning my focus to the “good news”, and reading the Book of Mormon for the first time (I can’t believe it took me so long to read it the first time). The BOM is the only scripture that I read from cover to cover, the Bible, forget about it. I only read in the New Testament about Jesus. I tried to read the Book of Revelations that was like trying to milk a cow with my toes wasn’t going to happen. The other modern scriptures, I really never touch, don’t know why, never really interested me except the pearl of great price.

Well, as you could see I was well prepared. I can’t believe the church would create a program that would empower such wet-behind-the-ears, snot-nosed brats to disseminate what the church thought of as being so highly valued. I never understood, and never will.

I will not go into my mission, I gained many valuable lessens about human behavior and thought. 
So back from my mission, I thought I had gained knowledge about the gospel, and the plan of salvation. I thought: “Now, I really am starting to get the whole gospel and scripture thing down, real intelligence”. Hmmm.

So with a firm grip on the gospel, so I thought, I would turn once again to searching out some of my questions that still have not been answered. I thought I know have a good foundation of knowledge, and where to go for more knowledge.

I would turn to reading books about my favorite subject, the end time events. I would read authors such as Cleon Skousen, for many people on my mission talked so highly of him. Also would read other works by popular LDS authors. Once again I was disappointed, could not come to a clear understanding of last day events.

Why was it so hard to find clear answers? Why could not the only church sanctioned by GOD himself explain these mysteries? I guess I was either not trying hard enough, or was not worthy of such things, because it sure in the hell could not be the church’s fault, right? Right?

So with this new sense of thought of either it was me, or the church that was at fault, cause I new I was not the best LDS out there I had my many, many faults. I tried even harder to find these many answers that have been lingering around since my childhood. I started to look within myself to find out why I was not receiving the personal revelations that I knew others where receiving.

I read as many self-help books within and without of the church had to offer. I bought many cassette tapes on the subject of the atonement, prayer, remission of our sins etc. Well let’s just say I was a little disappointed. What a bunch of dung. Self-help, more like self-obliteration. No wonder people are not happy listening to these people, to me, it was all fluff and no stuff nothing but dribble.


“Now for the rest of the story”. Thank you Paul Harvey, what a great guy. So, for the rest of the story. It has been several years since returning from my mission, I moved from Atwater, California to St. George Utah. A friend of mine, his family moved there and said how they liked the college. Found my wife there and got married in the temple. At this time I pretty much left my questions behind and said to myself, “If the answers come, they will come”. Started to just become content with my daily routine of going to work, and attending churchy church. Until on day…

One of my coworkers was discussing some stuff about the church and how it has gone into apostasy and lost its way. Well that was like dangling are carrot in front of a donkey, didn’t think of myself very highly at that time (see what happens when you read self-help books, you don’t think of yourself very highly). I got to be very close to this person, I would drive to his house we would discuss the things that he read. One of the subjects was the “Dream Mine” and Bishop Koyle. Got involved with the Dream Mine/ Relief Mine. Took a trip with the group and helped to clean up the mine. I thought I found what I was looking for, cause the group talked about the end of time stuff I was so interested in.

Some of the things I learned were things like: The Cardston Temple Vision – World War III, The White Horse Prophecy, A Temporary Gathering in Texas, Turn Your Dollars Into Silver Coins, The Dollar Will Get “Utterly Destroyed”, EMP 101 A Basic Primer & Suggestions, Postal Service Might Not Make Payroll in October. These things where like fuel to the fire, that just added to my interest in the end time prophecies.

As I dove head long into these topics, I also became heavily involved in governmental conspiracy and the New World Order, and the Illuminati. I started to implement some of the things I learned to prepare for the end time events. I got food storage (tastes like crap), and things like that. I was off in the deep end without a life preserver, and not turning back.

At this time 2004, my family had moved to the thriving metropolis of Mesquite Nevada. My wife accepted a job at the new regional hospital. My wife and I where going to school as well, she for nursing, and I for Graphic Design at the Art Institute in Las Vegas. Damn, I hate the heat. Anyways, I was still involved in preparing for the end of the world (kind of funny looking back, I was going to school while preparing for the end of the world).

I had not really been involved with the dream mine group lately because of school, but it was sort of in the back of my mind. While attending school, I don’t know if something was telling me in my head to get back with the Dream Mine group, or I was just missing the group itself, the people, I reignited the Dream Mine flame. I would visit their website, and read once again the materials they had.

One night I went onto the Dream Mine website to read more exciting end time event articles when I noticed an ad on the right side of the page. It read something like “The Sealed Portion Revealed”. “Hmm, the Sealed Portion, I interested in things like that”. I could not pass up another Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon, the other two where so strange, but I had to see what this was all about.

So I clicked on the link and was brought to the old website of Christopher’s (end 2006), I can’t remember the name. I found the link to the Sealed Portion as well as many other links. You see when I find things that interest me I would download all the things that we website would have to offer before I delve into the details.
So I copied and pasted the old group forum entries, and read all I could. I remember the first book I read, The Sealed Portion, and found it a bit skeptical at first. I had read other Sealed Portions and you could tell right off that they were smoke and mirrors. So I was not easily impressed when it comes to prophecy, scripture, and end time events. I have pretty much read it all, seen a lot of it, and it usually comes down to people behind the scenes trying to gain value for themselves through their followers.

I remember reading in the Sealed Portion where it talks about families being one of the main sources of war the other was religion. WTF. Ha ha I found another bogus Sealed Portion, to bad cause this was much more interesting and viable than the others. I kept reading though, I kept reading cause it got me like heartburn to a sausage-eating fiend that I am. I could not stop reading. I read into the wee hours of the morning, I would read at school, I would skip class go to the library to be alone, cause I knew nobody would be in the library, right?

I started to love the Sealed Portion I started to have knowledge of the power of conversion contained in the book. I READ AND FOUND SOME OF THE ANSWERS THAT NO REGION OF MINE COULD HAVE ANSWERED. You have to remember that I really never read any scripture but the Book of Mormon. I find it rather hard to read any scripture, but the Sealed Portion read like the Book of Mormon, go figure.

I got to about the middle of that book where it talks about Jesus the Christ, and some of the mysteries of his childhood. I ate it up I could not get enough of it. I continued to the end, which did not take too long. I was dumb founded some of the most joyous scripture I had ever read, yea the most joyous to my soul was contained in the book of scripture. This book, The Sealed Portion answered so many questions that I had had what else did this Christopher guy have up his sleeve.

Well, the Dream Mine was gone, the allure of a mine with gold in the bottom was now just a “fig newton” of my imagination, and so was all the other stuff, so powerful that book had on my life. I threw away all of my papers from all the websites I had downloaded (about 2000 pages) into the trash. I even threw away my Patriarchal blessing that I loved so dearly.

I started to read the “666 book America the mark of the beast” I read that book by John from cover to cover while sitting on the John. I love this book, answered so many questions and eliminated all the rest. While reading this book, I attended the gathering at the Murray Park in Sandy Utah in June of 2008.

Christopher was going to be speaking at the pavilion, I had to go, and I had to see for myself what this guy was all about. So I drove from Mesquite Nevada to Sandy Utah. By this time I was totally convinced of the books that I had read where true, and had contained the words that I needed to hear.

I brought my oldest son with me we arrived at the park at noon. My oldest was ready to get out of the car he saw other kids playing in the park and had no interest in sitting and listening to someone talk for five hours. So I let him play in the park. As I was walking to the Pavilion I wondered to myself which one was Christopher?

I saw a couple of guys I thought might be him, but no, not him. I sat down and was just talking to a couple of guys, the first was Bob Newton the other was a “desert rat” (affectionately named) Dennis Richmond. While talking to them for a little while a man with long hair and sandals, (with painted toe nails) came over. We said hi I could tell the other guys knew him. He introduced himself as Christopher I was surprised that this was Christopher, but the feeling gave way to peaceful happy feeling. We sat down on one of the benches he asked me where I was in my reading. I told him that I was reading the “666” book.

Christopher begins to explain the book to me and about how he came to know the person we would know as John the beloved. Christopher also explained to me about the creation of a book called the Bible. And how all scriptures where just made up, not real. This was so fun for me to listen to Christopher explain in simple terms some of the mysteries that have been since the foundation of the world, I had a blast.

Christopher then tells me he is going to give me a book.

Christopher walks over to the front of the pavilion where he has a couple of books, walks back to me and gives me the book called “Sacred not Secrete”.

Christopher announces that it is time to eat, so we eat. After lunch we settle in our places to listen what Christopher has to say. For the next several hours we listen to Christopher explain to us about where we came from, what the real reason why we are hear, and what to expect in the future.

This is my story.

Mike Allen 
 435. 229. 5578

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