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Greetings, my name is Chudi Okoye, and I hope this testimony finds you well. I have been eager to share my experience for quite some time now, in the hopes that my words might be of assistance to someone else on their journey to discovering the Real Truth.

I was born and raised in London, UK, in a devout Roman Catholic family. Despite my upbringing in this faith, I was sheltered from learning about other religions and instilled with the belief that any faith other than ours would lead me to eternal damnation. I always had questions about what was taught in church, but my inquiries for clarification were met with ambiguous answers that failed to provide me with the answers I sought. Instead, I was encouraged to conform to certain regulations and rituals.

Growing up with this type of faith was challenging, and as I matured, I became an avid seeker of truth. Despite consulting with numerous priests, pastors, and prophets, I never found satisfactory explanations for my questions.

I often found myself frustrated when these supposed “Men of God” would simply recite “Thus saith the Lord” and discourage any further questioning. The interpretations of scripture I received always seemed to be variations of the same message: follow their instructions and ordinances to receive blessings, while everyone else in the world was misguided and lost.

Recognising that this faith was not serving me well, I made the difficult decision to leave religion behind and search for happiness on my own. While I initially built what some might consider a successful life, I also made several poor choices along the way. In 2019, I experienced a sudden loss of everything I held dear – my relationship, my son, my career, and my financial stability. Strangely enough, this turn of events ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me, as it set me on the path I am on today. I was desperate to understand why this was happening to me, and in my despair, I once again turned to the Bible.

I had never read the Bible properly before, so when I began to read it for myself, I was surprised to discover that what I was reading was different from what I had been taught in church. I tried to talk to friends and family about this, but no one seemed to care. Most of those close to me thought I was either crazy or going through some sort of crisis. Honestly, at times, I felt like the only one who saw that something was wrong with religion and the world we live in, which made me feel a little crazy. Despite this, I kept reading and searching for answers, and the more I read, the more answers I found.

I had always sought truth and answers, but my experiences with organised religion left me feeling disillusioned and unfulfilled. I knew that there had to be more to faith and spirituality than the strict rules and lack of transparency that I had encountered.

During the COVID pandemic, over the course of two years, I continued my search for truth and understanding. I explored various teachings on YouTube, including The Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion. While The Sealed Portion offered valuable insights, it ultimately didn’t satisfy me. I made the mistake of joining a fellowship to study The Sealed Portion in more depth, hoping to find the answers I was seeking. However, after a couple of years, I realised that the people leading the fellowship had their own agendas and were not genuinely interested in helping me understand the teachings of The Sealed Portion. They claimed to have received revelations from God and were using “the power of the Holy Spirit” to manipulate and deceive others, including me.

By the time I introduced the book ‘Human Reality’ to the fellowship, I had become certain that those who were attempting to teach me were deceiving me based on their own understanding. That’s when I discovered the Real Truth. After reading ‘Pentateuch Illuminated’ and ‘The True History of Religion,’ I knew I had to leave the group, or my presence would offend their beliefs. It was a difficult decision, but I couldn’t continue down a path that didn’t align with what I now realised from watching Christopher’s videos.

I was confused as to why they would not continue on the path indicated by the name on the front of the books, which would have led the group to the trilogies. It seemed clear to me that this was the intended direction.

The MWAW is still a challenging experience. The Real Truth will make you examine yourself and slowly, and I am talking ‘baby steps slowly,’ begin to understand what truly brings you happiness and how the pursuit of that happiness affects others, even the world. It’s like taking a bitter pill that ultimately provided me with a warm, fulfilling feeling inside. I heard all the answers to the questions I had been seeking for so long.

Through Christopher, the only True Messenger, the MWAW, and The Humanity Party, I have found a sense of peace and purpose that I never knew was possible. I am grateful to have found this path, and I hope that my story can help others on their own journey to finding the Real Truth.

Chudi Okoye

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