William Miles Trueman

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Hi! My name is Will. I was a premature baby. As a child I was quiet and liked to play by myself. Reading became my favorite pastime. I remember going to the library and asking how many books was the max limit to check out (27) and checking out that many! I did very well on standardized tests and generally found school quite easy. When I was in junior high, high school and some college I played the trombone. This was my favorite part of school and kept me motivated. I was in ska band, marching band and jazz band. I just had a hard time improvising. When I was 19 I went on a mission to Quito, Ecuador and that’s when my musicianship ended. I was a devoted missionary and enjoyed the elevated social status among the members. It was hard for me to transition back to “normal” life. I went to BYU-Idaho for business management and felt proud of meeting my wife there. This lasted around 7 1/2 years before we grew apart. Moving to Boulder Colorado for a few years was very meaningful to me, I enjoyed the outdoors and the health focus of the culture. I found the sealed portion while living with my in laws in their basement, I googled into it when I was on the wrong track getting into energy work and acupuncture. For me I recognized moroni’s voice and read the sealed portion in a frenzy overnight, I told my wife “I think we should leave the church” and she agreed. That’s my story, I’ve read all of the books of the marvelous work and a wonder and I know they are true! It truly is a Marvelous Work and a Wonder :)

Here is a rap I wrote about the Work:

Maybe I should be number one

Maybe I should “just have fun”

Maybe I should spend time in the sun

Maybe, Maybe, Maybe

Maybe I’m alone

Maybe I should lose my phone

Maybe I need connection and Facebook only gives me lies and rejection

Youtube is a party but the other party goers are naughty and the food is not hearty

The drinks are thin and I cannot grin

Muscles are muscles but even the strongest person cannot win

Peer pressure is a lecture

College students go there to escape It’s a rave it’s fake its like drowning in a lake

No one takes the time to think

And no one takes the time to make a mistake

Philosophers now they’re swell I’m talking the old school Plato Eristotle Emerson and Christopher Nemelka the independents they’re not dependent Speak their truth Even if they get rejected!

Socrates refused to get high on the lies

Ghandi spread peace but I guess that’s not what your supposed to put on toast – People can’t be real and Jesus got punished the most

Jesus did not care about social status

People now days all they care about is social status

Well, I’ll just keep my head down

I won’t be a clown!

and do what I need to do Even if I get a frown

If you ask me what I’m all about I’ll show you my tattoo

Let me inspire you

If you hate me I won’t hire you

I’ll retire you I’ll fire you

I respect you even though I reject you Can you do the same and Do you even want to? Life ain’t the same with your slavery and your games, your stocks your loans, your Bitcoin, your denial and your phones

But go ahead. Play with your knick knacks – if it helps you perform in bed – Maybe you need that. If you need it then feed it I just laugh when clean water requires a paycheck and clean air requires you to live in a certain nation. Fact is a clean conscience requires patience. And we’re being taken over and it’s amazing! But I’m out and You can dish it But can you take it? Grass is blue and Cows have rights too – But no one cares about the child prostitutes and they are the only ones who are truly singin’ the blues

William Miles Trueman



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