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Hi my name is Layk Franklin I am 13 years old. My parents are Becky and Jon Franklin. I am the youngest of 4 kids. My dad found this work in 2014 when I was only 4 and a half, and this is my story.

I only remember a few things from when I was in church, but then my parents stopped going to church. I do remember my parents talking a little bit about the work and Humanity Party. I haven’t really paid attention to all the zoom meetings until the beginning of this year.

Back in January, my mom knew that work was being done on a presentation that would explain the mysteries of our solar system. She encouraged me to sit down and watch it with them because she wanted my opinion about whether or not it was clear and simple enough for me to understand. She wanted to know if I had any questions. It did make sense to me and I really liked it. It answered my questions and it got me more intrigued into watching more.

A month later, my English teacher assigned the class to read an article about protests, named Turmoil in China. Afterwards, we had to answer these questions from the article, and the last question was about if protests were necessary for social change, and whichever answer we picked, yes or no, we had to go on one side of the room if we answered yes, and the other side for no. While everyone went on the yes side, I was the only one on the no side. I felt really nervous. When I went home I told my mom about it, and she said I was right.

The teacher also assigned us to write an essay about why I chose my answer, with a source from the article, a book, and a source online. For the online source we used a paragraph from the Real Illuminati website where it talks about protests and uprisings.  I didn’t know what kind of grade I got on it until we went to parent/teacher conferences.  Mom asked my teacher what she thought of the essay I wrote.  My teacher had to look it up because she had given me full credit, but admitted that she had not read it.  She quickly did and told me that I had an interesting perspective and I did a good job.

I am glad that my parents found this work so that I could learn for it too.

Layk Rex Franklin

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