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I was born on Easter Sunday 1977 in Mt. Pleasant Utah, and raised in Moroni (Moronee) Utah on a turkey farm. My family is what you’d call Jack Mormon. We only went to church if the farm didn’t need immediate attention. I’d say my childhood was nothing but work before play, but I did get a good amount of play in.

I remember being in Primary learning the church doctrine about “God” and how he became “God”. All it did was make me wonder who created him? So I asked the question. My Primary teacher just answered with ” his “God before him.” Which only left me asking the same question. The teacher just gave me the same answer, which just left me with the same question. I was quite adamant about getting a definitive answer to the point that I was told to be quiet and read my scriptures. That just caused me to question whether or not they even knew. I never could concentrate very well when reading scriptures, so I didn’t read them all the way through.

I do remember when they started teaching us that we were “Saturday’s Warriors”. They were reading us the passage of the vision of the brother of Jared, (I think that’s the one) and him speaking of seeing the people of the last days. That is one of the times that I did actually read my Scriptures. They stopped reading and explaining what it meant at the end of what seemed to be praises, so I kept reading what followed immediately after they stopped. The next few verses condemned everything that they had just finished reading. I had a very hard time believing anything they tried to teach me after that.

I learned pretty quickly after that that it was easier to just go along with it than question it. But I always had a feeling that there was something to this “Jesus” character, though I never could put my finger on it. I never was very active in the church, but I did keep a hold of the “Jesus” guy. What little I did know about what “Jesus” said I understood was to be nice to others, regardless of how they treat you.

I was quite a sensitive child going through elementary. For several years, fourth and fifth grades, there was very few days that ALL the kids in my class didn’t send me to crying at my desk with my head on my arms. One day in fifth grade I had had enough. One of the main instigators in my torment was in front of my desk in the front row continuing with the heckling while the teacher wasn’t in the room. I stood up and pushed him into the teachers desk. He had rolled around onto his stomach down on the teachers desk with my hand immediately on his back. Without hesitation I spotted a pair of scissors, grabbed them, raised my hand, and luckily someone pulled the scissors out of my hand as I proceeded to hit him in the the back. I then ran outside still crying to cool off. Needless to say my classmates backed off a little bit after that.

Middle school wasn’t to much better, but not as bad. High school was about the same. People always seemed to take advantage of me wherever I went. I was quite wishy washy when it came to arguments and standing my ground with people.

Ever since I went through puberty, the “little” head has dicktated most of the major decisions that I’ve made in my life. (even to this day) A few years out of high school, I got my girlfriend pregnant. (because I didn’t have the foresight or “foreskin” over my emotions to push her off of me) I did the “Good Mormon thing” and we got married. We had our second child a few years later. After that she didn’t want anymore kids, so I went snippity do da and got a vasectomy.

That marriage lasted five years before I just couldn’t take her control over me anymore. We separated and I proceeded to take the kids every other weekend. That went on for a little while till one weekend that was supposed to be her weekend with the kids. She called me and asked if I could watch the kids while she went to the elementary for parent teacher conference. That was supposed to be about an hour. Four or five hours later, I ended up calling the local bar to tell her to come and get the kids. I was pissed! When she arrived to get the kids I asked her “What the hell?” I was stoking the fire at the time, and her response of “What?” Like she hadn’t done anything wrong just flared my emotions to the point that I lunged that fireplace poker at her just stopping shy of her gut. That was the moment that I realised I had to get away from the situation before it escalated too far.

Meanwhile Kimberly had lost her husband and moved back to the area. I was working at an auto body shop when one day her sister-in-law stopped by to talk to me. It was then that I finally mentioned that I’ve had a crush on her since we met. Well, she ratted me out. That was the best decision this little “dick” head had ever made. That evening we had a good long talk, and got it on. (BEST EVER!) I had found my Queen.

About a glorious month and a half later Kim got me to finish the divorce papers and file them with the courts. The next day we packed up in my 1986 Nissan Pulsar, and moved to Seattle. Shortly thereafter we got married.

The child custody agreement with the ex wife was a joint legal and physical custody, which gave me the kids during the summer. On one of the trips to drop off the kids we stopped by some friends house in Provo. While we were there we were watching the travel channel. It was showing a special on the Earthships in New Mexico. We both immediately looked at each other, and knew that’s what we wanted to do. Shortly after getting back to Seattle, I ended up hurting my back at work and ended up on L&I.( Washington states’ workers comp) I spent the next while going to physical therapy and researching off grid living.

We secured some land in New Mexico, packed some shit, and proceeded to completely change our lifestyle. Kim managed to get a decent paying job as a manager at Family Dollar. That allowed me to be able to stay on the property and build the house. While she was working her 70hr work weeks, (which was straining our relationship) she had an employee who’s partner was from central Utah just across the mountains to the west from where we grew up. We became friends and they ended up buying a house on our dirt road.

One “fateful” day, my new neighbor was over visiting. (you all know him as John Adams) I was in a mood that day, “bitchin” about shit. I got off on a tangent about how stupid all this was with life the way it is, and what’s the point of it all. John finally got the words in that he knew where the truth of it all was. I responded with a brash “What’s the truth then?” He got talking about the LDS church and how The Sealed Portion had been translated. That rang quite true with me since most of the BoM scriptures that had an impact on me when I was young were all about The Sealed Portion, the book of Revelations being unfolded, and Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

I let him know that I really hated reading scriptures, and didn’t really want to read TSP. We went over to his house and he handed me the 666 book. I took it home and started reading it. About 50 or so pages in, something clicked in my brain and told me I knew all this stuff, like I had read it somewhere before.

By the time I had gotten all the way through the book, I was ready to strip down naked and just start walking. Helping people on the way while not even being concerned with my own well being.

I read the other books HR, SNS (which was quite a perception changer to realise that MY parents did that “shit” in the early 80’s when I was a little child), JS Biography… currently working on the Dream of Mortal Life. Watched YouTube episodes of MWAW TV, Blog Talk shows, read daily posts, which were the highlight of my day. Every post had at least one part that made me realize a flaw in my perception. They seemed very personal and directed at me.

I found the Work in late 2014, shortly after we had moved to New Mexico. Around the time The Humanity Party was making the attempt to get through to the Politicians. I must admit I was pretty nerve racked when I realised the implications that THumP could have on the world I live in. None the less, I stuck with it, of course, I couldn’t deny what I had learned. I voted for the Humanity Party in the 2016 election (which was the first time I had voted in about 20 years).

So here I am today, in my Hobbit hole in the ground in BFNM, finding happiness in being a member of CCC. Trying to do everything I can to support our Messenger and the Work that he represents, and of course the Advanced Nomadic Genderless Enlightened Lifeforms that are this Work!

Love to all, Tyler



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