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How and why I became a supporter of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder, the Real Illuminati, and the Humanity Party.

I was raised in the Mormon faith in Carey, Idaho. Up until I was 16, I never really questioned too much. Church and church activities were basically more of a social thing for me.

When I was 17, my family moved to Sanpete County, Utah. It was then that I met various people who seemed to have a spiritual connection with God, and it influenced me to want to get to know God for myself.

I remember wanting to repent of my sins, and I decided to walk up this hill in a secluded area and pray to God to forgive me. As I left, I asked God, “Am I forgiven?” I felt the answer, “No.” ..which saddened me. Later that day, I shared with my dad what happened, and he said, “Sometimes we need fruit meet for repentance.” I then realized I needed to prove to God that I was going to change.

So that began my journey in wanting to know God, and learn what life was all about.

I started reading and studying the Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, and various authors of LDS church history.

On occasion, I would go with my parents to meetings that were formed by people seeking more fundamental Mormon teachings.

I was also going to Church trying to be good enough to go to the LDS temple. I knew that my affiliation with a fundamental group would stop me from going to the temple, so I just kept that private from church authorities.

I was a sponge at this time. I wanted to obtain as much information as possible about the purpose of life.

I made it to the temple when I was 21 years old as a non-missionary single woman. (Which wasn’t very common.)

The temple was a beautiful experience. The architecture, the peacefulness, the kindness and respect I felt towards others was really something I don’t feel as often in the outside world. The endowment ceremony was never explained to me, nor could it be discussed inside or out, but was left to my own interpretation.

Yet, I still felt it was part of the steps needed to follow God’s plan.

The main aspect of fundamental Mormonism is polygamy. I was among a few in this fundamental group who entered this practice. I believed at this time that it was the way to be an Eternal Heavenly Mother someday.

I was in and out (mostly out) of polygamy with the same family for 6 years, due to the difficulty of this way of living.

I also was caught up in my own imaginations, thinking I had a connection with God in a way that truly interfered with my interactions with the people around me. These imaginations developed over time and were encouraged by dreams, spiritual feelings, burning in the bosom, and other ways that gave me conviction that what I was receiving for myself was true, no matter what anyone said.

After a few different moves, I ended up in St George, Utah. At this time, I was confused about what was true? … namely …

* I knew the LDS church couldn’t be all true because there were so many things that they changed over the years, and it says God doesn’t change. “He’s the same today, tomorrow, and yesterday.”

* The fundamental group wasn’t right for me either, because I kept feeling, “Who the hell do we think we are? There is a great big world out there! We can’t be the only ones special enough to have the truth! I feel sorry for God if this is all that is truly saved!” It just felt like something was missing.

* The imaginations of my personal relationship with God would bring me some happiness, but I’d get doubtful of these spiritual insights, because there was no substantial fruit or evidence that came from them. There were things that just didn’t make sense.

So, I decided to “settle” in the LDS faith again. I was tired of trying to figure things out, and I also was wanting marriage and children. I was married in 2012 in the St George LDS temple. After finding out my husband couldn’t produce children, we tried to help with foster care. When that failed, I became depressed with life.

Our marriage began to have struggles, and after 4 years, we decided to go our separate ways. We decided if we couldn’t find happiness together, we both deserved to find it somewhere.

A few months before our divorce, I came across the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon online. I thought it strange that someone would claim to have translated it, because that’s a BIG claim! I saw that it was free to read, so I started reading it. I read it with a grain of salt, because I have always had an annoying critical part of me that questioned everything. I could not believe easily unless I truly felt good about it…hence my struggle with religious views up to that point.

As I read the Sealed Portion, I was astonished by so many things! I loved how this book opened my eyes to see the whole world and see all human beings in a whole new light!

I soon was made aware of my own selfishness, and how for years I was seeking my own salvation, my own specialness, my own happiness, my own glory. I was good because of the “Heavenly Rewards” promised by “Religion” after this life… Not because I was genuinely a good person. I soon realized that what I thought was “good” was actually “evil,” and added to the suffering of mankind.

I truly felt duped!

Not only by my own faith, but by all religions! Shortly into reading, I knew I would never set foot in a church to be part of a religion again!

I cannot describe the feeling well enough, but I just felt The Sealed Portion did more for me in just a few months, than 19 years of studying and searching for truth. I truly felt “This is it!”

In investigating the Author more, I discovered many unconventional attributes. At first, it was hard to link Christopher to the translation of the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon.

But then it made sense…

One who has NOT read The Sealed Portion would think it would be a “Prophet of the LDS church” who brings the translation forth to the world.


Everyone who has read The Sealed Portion of the BOM with sincere heart, understands WHY it wouldn’t be an “LDS Prophet” who would translate and publish it. The main reason being, The Sealed Portion opens the eyes of ALL to see the truth about ALL religions… and that means no more money for the self interest of the LDS church.

So…Christopher made sense.

After the Sealed Portion, I read other books by the Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

Little by little, I was sloughing off old beliefs. It wasn’t easy at times to let go…

Especially if it was something I thought brought value to myself. But soon, I saw things more clearly, and over time, I no longer had the need to search for answers. I felt peace. I felt free to be who I am with a better understanding of life than ever before.

Once I saw things from the perspective the books showed me, there was no unlearning it, it just made sense.

❤ This Work reaches out to ALL Humanity asking nothing for itself, but reaches out with the “Message of Real Truth about our Existence.”

💚This work helps us find a way to “Love” as “We Loved” before coming to this earth.

💜This work helps us have world solutions through the plan of the “Humanity Party.” A plan to save human life from destroying itself … as it has done before.

💙This work is the greatest of All!

I will always be grateful to All those involved in making this work available to the World!

We are All in this Together! 🌎


Krystal Monks

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