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Hey y’all!! I knew sooner or later I’d get around to posting about myself … (and now i feel guilty for not sharing sooner)

So here it goes …

I was born in Seoul, S. Korea. I was almost 5 months old when i was adopted and raised in Central Utah.

Growing up 2 questions were frequently asked …

1-Are you Chinese or Japanese? I would answer Neither ( too bad i didn’t have the insight to respond I’m HUMAN lol) and then

2- When did you find out you were adopted? � I was adopted by a “white” family. It was obvious… I’ve always known.

I guess when i was little i told my Dad i wanted to be a “belly” (ballet) dancer … So dance lessons after school filled my days until I broke my leg at 16.

When i was 8 my parents adopted my little sister.

Of course I was raised LDS. I don’t remember being sealed as an infant … But i do remember being sealed to my baby sister … And I have to say i didn’t feel happy or good i wanted to take my sister and leave … i remember the ladies working in the nursery not being very nice. Of course i kept my opinion to myself …

Elementary school was just for my town & I recall most kids being nice … but 6th-8th grade was middle school and they bussed all the kids from the north end of the county to one school (BTW 6th grade was when i met Tyler �). That’s when i noticed my “friends” from my home town starting to act stuck up … Sunday’s they would be nice at church … but not at school. As i began to meet kids from other towns my mom would question “Are they mormon??”

I wanted to answer “No, but they’re nicer than the kids who are!” (I’ve never been big on being all girlie … Even with dance classes 3 days a week!!)

High school most of my friends were guys, the girls were too good to hang out with me … Junior and Senior years i spent finding ways to ditch class. My parents finally gave up and let me drop out.

I went to church every week. Got all my primary and young women awards because i was forced to … Otherwise i was not allowed to go out with my friends on the weekend. My parents were always so concerned with what others would think about me, what i was doing, who i was friends with …

As soon as i turned 18 i moved out. Figured if i was going to hell for drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes might as well not stop there …

This was when i hooked up with my first husband who was 12 yrs older than me … It was his influence that pulled me off of my crazy party train… “It doesn’t make you a bad person because you smoke … it just makes you smoke.” Was what he’d say when i would complain about my family thinking im a failure.

I decided that i was going to keep my own beliefs between me and “my god” and just try to be a good person. For years i avoided talking religion or politics because of how quickly people would become offended and defensive.

In 2003 i lost him and was completely wrecked … My parents wanted to haul me back home … But I tried to climb back on my self destructo party train again and not care about anything.
I tried to make everything in my life opposite of what I had … So started drinking all day … Everyday. And doing whatever else…

Car problems had me stuck in Utah again and i thought i was going to lose my mind.

Fortunately for me Tyler had continued to be my friend throughput school and the years after high school and he refused to let me wander off and be stupid …

In 2005 we moved to Seattle and got married. Fast forward to 2013 we bought land in Amalia and moved out into the middle of nowhere to live off grid.

2016 I heard about MWAW. I was working 70hr weeks and that was about all i could handle …

This year circumstances are that i have had the time to read..and look and listen. And read and read oh and read some more!! (How i wish my eyes were 20 yrs younger)

Despite how i found the work i know its the real truth. I know that the humanity party has the only solution to fixing this messed up planet and i believe this work is the only thing that matters!

Kimberly Anderson


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