Franzen Ray Mwalo

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My name is Franzen Ray  Mwalo,  born and raised in Nairobi Kenya. I am the second out of three. I grew up knowing the LDS church since my dad introduced us to the church while I was still young. After my mom got divorced, I spent most of my young teenage years not going to any church. I still believed in GOD and I always wanted to be worthy of his blessings since my mom used to read us a lot of Bible stories while growing up.

Years later, when I was around 15, my mom reconnected with the LDS church again. I was a bit reluctant to go back to church, but my mom ended up convincing me. I loved the church, especially when it came to the youth activities the church would host. I wasn’t that much of a worthy priesthood holder when it came to the church leaders. My interest in girls got me in a lot of trouble, but still for some reason my Bishop at that time saw some potential in me. I was always repenting every day because I was made to believe that I wasn’t a worthy person before God. The amount of guilt I would feel after “sinning” was so unbearable. I strived my hardest to be worthy of God. My mom and Bishop advised me to go on a mission. Each time I would say no, I would be made to feel even more unworthy of God’s blessings.

My family at that time was facing a major financial crisis and acquiring some of our basic needs was sometimes hard. The only option I was left with after I was done with high school was to go on a mission, because I knew it would give my mom an easy time by laying off some load. I was still reluctant to go on a mission, so I asked God for guidance. Immediately I came across a verse in the book of Proverbs 3:5-6, which said that I should trust God fully and not lean to my own understanding. To me, that was the answer I was seeking from God and so I went on a mission, even though I never wanted to go. I left in September 2020. I was 21 at that time.

As I was on my mission, I now began to understand the LDS church more than when I was home. To me a lot of things didn’t really seem right. I got called on a mission in my own country. I later received my temple endowment. The only thing that stood out for me was the play, even though I never understood anything about it. I kept on thinking about it a lot. My fellow missionaries would tell me how much they felt the spirit and god’s presence; but on the other hand, I felt absolutely nothing like the spirit. I would tell them how I felt, but they’d end up making fun that I am simply unworthy and apostate haha. I’d end up just laughing about it, but deep down I questioned why I never felt the spirit as they did.

Later on, as we would teach people, I always thought about the thousands of people who have never received an endowment. I was made to believe that no one was ever going to the celestial kingdom without it and by not being baptized in the church. Deep down, this never sat correctly with me. I thought to myself that god cannot be this unfair. It was like saying that the celestial kingdom was only meant for the Mormons. Each time I’d teach about the temple to people, I really cringed within myself, because I couldn’t stop thinking about the millions who were not members of the church, who supposedly didn’t receive god’s greatest temple blessing, which was the endowment. Therefore, they were missing out on the celestial kingdom. Plus, it just didn’t add up to me and I never understood why no one around me questioned that.

I really wanted to know the fate of all the other people who were not the members of the church. I asked questions, but I was told to have faith and that we can’t have all the answers in this life. I was never satisfied with that answer. My mind wouldn’t rest until I found something that made sense to it. Time went by when, at one point, while hanging out with one of my companions, someone mentioned the Sealed Portion and condemned it. He said that the prophet said that we shouldn’t read it.

My companion told me a bit about it and mentioned the name Marihala, who was supposed to be the spirit mom of Jesus; and just like that, I grew so curious about it, hoping I would find my answers there. I wanted something that would give me a clear answer, especially about the fate of all those who were not members of the LDS church. I also wanted to know why the prophet did not want members of the church to read it.

After finding it and reading it all through, I FOUND MY ANSWERS. I understood why the prophet condemned The Sealed Portion, but more importantly, I understood that god loved us all equally and that we didn’t need any type of ordinance to be saved, as I was made to believe. And so I wanted to be involved with the Worldwide United Foundation and see how I could help even more with taking care of the poor and afflicted. Then the real truth caught my eye.

When I listened to Christopher’s presentations, it just made sense man. I don’t know how or why, but it did. I didn’t really need to read all the books of the Real Illuminati, judging from how Chris was presenting the Real Truth. I just knew whatever they wrote in those books was true. I still read the books for some references; they are profound. I found the truth. It truly has helped me understand myself better.

Embracing the Real Truth really brings me joy. I think about it a lot. Yes, I have tried sharing it; but I have been mocked, especially by those closest to me. I humbly admit that I really needed the Real Truth in my life. I used to live in so much confusion and living up to expectations set for me. But the truth really does set you free. On my mission, I came across so many anti-Mormon materials, but absolutely NONE of them made any sense. I came across the Real Truth and everything about the universe, religion, and humanity began to make so much sense.

I now know that I don’t have to be anything for the world, my family, my friends, my country, for the god religion introduced me to, or any other thing or person in this world. Because of the Real Truth, I know who I am and that I am entirely responsible for how I pursue my happiness. I am so humbled by the Real Truth, and I am so excited because I know there’s still more to learn. Again the truth does set free.


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