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I’m gregory hatch and I will allow one of my enemies introduce me…

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If you are reading this on Christopher Nemelka’s website, then I assume you are in search of ‘the truth’… and if you have made it this far, you doubtless have some capacity to “read between the lines”, or should I say ‘read between the lies’. So I’ll share this article in spite of the negative light it attempts to cast on me and my circumstances in 04′.

I’ve only read this article on a few occasions… however, when I do read it, I laugh a pretty hardy laugh. It is so full of half truths and blatant lies that from my perspective, it speaks volumes of my situation, the corruption of the media, and the hypocrisy present in my society. They did get my name and age right.

I remember Lee Benson’s visit like it was yesterday… I knew full well, ‘at the time’, that he was going to do everything in his power to make me look ‘bad’. I was o.k. with that, as I was intent on allowing him to do as much damage to my reputation ‘at that time’, as possible… I knew his efforts would only further mine, by increasing my ‘notoriety’, which I knew ‘at that time’, would help me in the long run. I figured that someday and perhaps in some fashion the ‘truth’ pertaining to my situation would come out. However, even at this point in my life, I’m not terribly concerned if the ‘truth’ about me… ever comes out. Those who are searching for the truth, whether in general or about me, seem to inevitably find it. Feel free to contact me if you ever want aspects of my personal story from my own mouth. 435.612.0431(

Here are a some questions that, if answered properly, would allow you to understand a bit more about me… First…Why, at the pinnacle of my popularity, in January of 2004, would I make a 180 degree turnabout? Instead of giving people the ‘peace sign’ in response to them acknowledging me on my porch(waiving) at 431 Geneva Road in Provo Utah. Something I was doing from mid 2002 through 2003 in an effort to establish a public presence. Which really was only a side effort to me…my primary objective was to resolve the health problems I was increasingly subject to(periodontal disease), but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do double duty and sit on my porch while I was between health endeavors. Why did I start using the middle finger for the next five months as my greeting? Why was I feeling the need to exchange some of my popularity for notoriety? Oddly enough, in doing this, I became even more popular among certain ‘downtrodden’ and ‘outcast’ segments of my society…”the wild crowd”. All the same, that wasn’t my intention…but one might wonder, why was I in desperate need of as much notoriety and as little popularity ‘at that time’… as possible. Why?

Other questions might include…was it really the “Primary kids” that were frightened by my presence in the LDS chapel, or was it the ‘leaders’ of the LDS church? (perhaps the tone of this article, in an LDS Church owned newspaper, might be indicative the truth?) Why didn’t your editor get my friend and neighbor, your colleague, Tad Walch ( who attended church services in the same building as me, lived in the new houses just behind mine , regularly said hello to me, and had engaged me in a conversation on at least two occasions that I can distinctly recall…why not have him write the article, or at least share his perspective? Perhaps his observations and conclusions would have been to close to reality and less supportive of your agenda?

Why was I forbidden in 2006(never before this time was I “asked to stay away”), in a letter from the Stake President, to attend church services in any of the buildings in his particular Stake, without ever being disfellowshipped or excommunicated? I could ask any number of revealing questions that provide a different perspective on this article.

Did the fact that my brother was working at Novell(“computer company”) with his boss, a counselor in the Stake Presidency…did this have anything to do with the motivation behind my brother’s ‘quandary’? I’ve never even bothered to quiz my brother about this. Shortly after this time he was made a bishop in his ward, has since found himself working for the LDS Church and currently works for the people building Provo City’s new City Center. Hmmm. For those who understand how things work here in Utah, those would be somewhat suspicious circumstances.

Here’s a question more pertinent to whoever might be reading this…Why did a copy of The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon find its way to my little ‘shabby’ “shack of a house” in February of 2007? Why was it not difficult for me to recognize the truth contained within it’s pages? Maybe it was my ‘Mental Illness’… or perhaps my ‘Mental Wellness’ that prepared me to receive this information. Just because a society does everything in their power to ‘LABEL’ someone mentally ill, doesn’t mean they are.

I really like this quote from the Real Illuminati’s ‘about us’ section. “The society’s goals are to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and the abuses of state power. [Our intent] is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.” This is the kind of goal that led my efforts before I found the MWAW… this is why I had so many enemies back when…hopefully less now. I still have to weigh out rather carefully what I do and don’t say in telling my personal story. It would not be difficult at all for ‘certain people’ to end my mortal experience at any time. The only thing stopping them is the exposure. They would likely expose who they are and how they operate in the process…something I’ve carefully and meticulously spent many years arranging. You probably know how important it is, here in Utah, to be ‘perceived’ as the “Good Guys”.

I’ve paid attention to this Marvelous Work and a Wonder pretty thoroughly over the years. I’ve especially paid close attention to Christopher Nemelka and his ‘mental illness’… and one thing I can say about him that I would not likely say about anyone else I have ever met… he probably is more intelligent than me. He is, without a doubt and by far, the best informed human being I know…not by a little bit, but absolutely and unequivocally ‘By Far’. Which leads me to echo the words of Adam from Joseph Smith Jr.’s endowment play. “These are true messengers. I exhort you to give strict heed to their counsel and teachings, and they will lead you in the way of life and salvation.” (pg. 190 Sacred not Secret.) Hopefully I do the same.

Maybe someday I will take this article by Lee Benson and break it down piece by piece… but for now I’ve said enough. I did actually enjoy Lee’s visit and if you read carefully you can see he did too. If we could only implement the economic plan of the humanity party, then surely the day would come when Lee and I could sit down without our little agendas and be friends.

There has been some talk about including information about our sex life…mine is pretty simple. I was a virgin until I was 46 years old. Those who helped clear Ida Smith’s house in March 2015 would have known me as such. That was the day I met the woman who is the Mother of my 3 kids. I was taught by my older brother to masturbate sometime prior to 5 years old. I made some comment to him that prompted a solid kick in the gut which ended our habit of bathing together as kids. I’ve always had a wicked tongue. I remember an occasion in kindergarten when I took advantage of my loose fitting pants to enjoy myself while the teacher read us a story. Shortly after I turned 40 and succeeded in producing my first IgA, I destroyed my sex drive all together. As I was laying in bed in the summer of 2008 and I found myself entertaining a naughty thought, when the thing went soft on me. I thought to myself ‘this is strange’, so I proceeded to think every dirty thought I could for quite a period of time. It was strangely liberating but at the same time a little depressing as I had yet to verify any benefit to the body chemistry manipulations I had been conducting which led me to this circumstance, and eventually to the Class A antibody for herpes virus(and related illnesses). I didn’t have a clue at the time if I was ever going to be able to resurrect my little friend. Clearly, at some point between 40 and 46, I succeeded in doing so. This doubtless played a role in my efforts to produce a class A antibody for the HIV(human immuno-virus). Ironically the only person I have had occasion to help, directly with this one, is my 1st cousin Jeffrey Smith who many of my MWAW Facebook friends find themselves contending with. One might ask how I could possibly know from just one case that I had succeeded in producing this IgA… well the government sent someone who got it from me in 2012 and latter another one of their ‘secret combinations’ was sent into my life who unwittingly confirmed it. Needless to say I’m not always dealing with the ‘sharpest tools in the shed’ when it comes to those who would like to keep me in the dark.

If you ever have, or ever do find yourself having sex with me, man or woman, you will have to conclude that it was something you were clealy asking for… ’cause that’s about all I require.

Peace for now, but watch out for my middle finger…it’ll get cha’. :-)

Gregory Hatch


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