John F. Roh

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John F. Roh

Having been raised the youngest of four and only boy in a very religious upbringing, in the early 1960’s I can recall many times going from church to church while my very religious mother sang for them both during the weekday evenings after school and weekends. My WWII decorated Marine Veteran father believed in his own version of God but pretty much detested anyone who was not like him especially people professing to be religious, straight up calling most, but not all, hypocrites. Quite a conflicting environment.

When I was 9 or 10 the LDS missionaries knocked at our door and my mother let them in – we all, except for dad, fast tracked into the church. I recall sitting by our fireplace in my PJ’s vividly watching the flannel board and listening to the discussions about Moroni, Joseph, the Book of Mormon 1/3rd and hearing about the 2/3rd Sealed Portion which were showing the bands around the plates of the Sealed Portion that would one day come! I too was hooked thinking This is it!, Maybe this group will end the Vietnam War and help us fix what Chief Iron Eyes Cody was bringing to our living rooms [Crying Indian commercial] and end poverty, the racial & gang fights and hatred I was beginning to see all around me, growing up afraid for all and hoping for a solution to manifest itself. In the years-later paraphrased words of Rodney King, can’t we all just get along? I too back then thought surely there must be a way we can all get along; I really “thought” the LDS church had access to answers.

Years passed- wars continued, poverty, pollution and hatred continued, but in the belief the LDS church had the answers, I served a mission in South Texas where I finished my mission at the 18-month “new program” mark and had met my wife along the way. We’ve raised 4 children into grown adults each with their own families now. One remains Highly LDS the other three are quite happy to be free of it. I did some dumb things over the years- one of which was how I couldn’t imagine anyone not liking Christopher or the messages he shared – I shared it with anyone in earshot. It didn’t take too long, but after these many years I concede that I’ve met very very few who do [not like the message or messenger]. And worse yet, I had such high hopes that we’d have thousands of people backing the Humanity Party fixing the problems of the world but no, that has painfully and obviously not happened

During those early years, I managed to always find time to serve in the LDS church callings – too many positions/callings to mention but the last one I held when finding the Sealed Portion, the Final Testament of Jesus Christ, was in the Bishopric. Shortly after, I was excommunicated in 2005 or 2006 for “apostasy” specifically for supporting this work. I had found the Sealed Portion back in 2004, read it and never looked back, but of course told anyone I thought would want to know the Sealed Portion was here!. Next year, 2024, will be 20 years since that discovery. It has been a bumpy road for me, and because I shared this work with others, and took no thought for tomorrow, it caused a lot of issues, many of which my family will never get over but it has proven it can’t leave my heart or thoughts.

The copious amounts of [MWAW] work that has been brought to the world over these near 20 years, has been one of the hardest parts for me to accept – Evidences in every way imaginable all point to the solution to the problems in everyone’s lives. Why religion is not the answer and how we as the humans who made this mess, far exceeding the 71 things mentioned in the pollution commercial, can clean it up and save it!. The Humanity Party, by contrast is the ONLY thing I thought the LDS church would one day be able to proclaim to the world via one of those bi-annual conferences – before 2004, I sat through Hundreds of conferences, councils, meetings, special meetings, temple special meetings ad nauseum ALWAYS hoping this would be the one! After all, They had/have the BOM, They had/have the Bible, they had or we were led to believe they had & have “Living Prophets Seer’s and Revelators” or something to that effect- and I had believed in this because of the initial Author, Joseph Smith and reading the BOM stories, even though there was so much conflict in the BOM vs the living, that they would find a way to solve poverty [Mat 5,-7 3rdNephi 12-14] but that never happened.

Back in 2005 when the origins of the Humanity Party were being formed I COMPLETELY hoped, and because I’d read the Sealed Portion and heard Christopher speak that I thought, one day this would be the virtual earthquake that shook the earth to get people’s attention and got people out of their pit. I think my hopes were too high, but I did not know it then.

The very Marvelous Works and Wonders of this work have continued on without skipping a beat. I have never ever heard anyone else speak with even the faintest resemblance to “Truth” or plausible explanations as I do and have over the years while listening or reading the words from the Messenger, Christopher. To this day, he continues to provide solutions and options for how to get out of the messes the world finds itself in but it continues to go unheard by the masses.

There’s a bible verse that I often think of that I’ve paraphrased for myself, if you find yourself in a pit and want to get out, first thing to do is stop digging and look up, there is a way out.

It’s been a while since I’ve “shared” anything about this work to anyone, except when opportunity presents itself, the Humanity Party – but even that has near always fell on closed ears or at best, the occasional smiling comments in return, there are countless answers, videos, examples Blog responses and more to share the political, economic even human trafficking solutions that have been given when, they apply to a conversation, but like the MWAW in my experience they are just not interested.

I am adding my story here in the hopes maybe someone will read it and can perhaps relate to it – please feel free to reach out- txt is best, 440-821-1750 or email me.

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