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The written word is unable to articulate or express the thoughts that have crossed my mind when trying to describe the benefits that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® has brought in my walk through this mortality as an advanced being playing the game of mortal life. I am grateful for the chance opportunity that I found myself in San Diego California the spring, late summer of 2006. While there I had a discussion over religion with an individual involved in the Marvelous Work and A Wonder, it opened up my eyes to the mistruths taught by man (religion) enough to see beyond the veil of faith that I belonged to at that time. The individual had told me that the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon had been translated, something I had been excited and hoped would occur in my lifetime. I read through ¼ of the TSP and knew that what I was reading was true and that I was willing to leave the religion I had belonged to based on what I had read thus far in the TSP. I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with the True Messenger- Christopher Marc Nemelka before I returned back to Canada. His parting words were “to do unto others as I would have them do unto me”. The first two years were a struggle when I returned home to Canada in August of that summer, however Isaiah 6:4 was the keystone that helped me move forward in a direction with many hard knocks in this life. This was due to being brought up naïve to the way of the world. New wine had been brought into an old bottle multiple times with self-chosen heartache and emotional distress. Through the process decisions were made that opened my eyes to the real truth of things past present and future. I am doing my best to be as a child and implementing the best I can to love myself with all my heart and soul. I believe and trust in the teachings of the Marvelous Work and A Wonder and the plan outlined by the True Humanity Party that can solve worldwide poverty.

The MWAW and THUMP has assisted me in shedding the dogma taught by religion. It has changed my perception and focus to understanding how I may objectively/truly know myself to love myself and trust myself enough to know the answers and have the patience and desire to do all that I can to support this work with my free will in the present and future.

In closing as I have previously stated, the MWAW has been a constant still small silent reminder that I must become as a child once again.

Feel free to contact me at brockman_jason@hotmail.com


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