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My name is Jared David Peterson,

I found the Marvelous Work and a Wonder (MWAW) in January of 2010. I was 40 years old at the time. Prior to this, I can honestly say that I did not really know who I was or where I was going in my life. I tried to fit into what I felt was right based upon what influences were in my life towards a belief system that I thought would give me purpose and hope. These influences would expose me to what I was taught about religion and what was expected of me. I was taught as a child to believe in God, to pray often for guidance, protection, and forgiveness. What I did not realize was that my own natural innate instinct was to believe in me, because I knew I could trust in only me, and that I knew was real. I had many thoughts as a child that later in life made me realize that I was subconsciously already aware of Real Truth, but because of the influences in my life, I was taught to suppress them and seek outside of myself for the answers and the truth of who I was, rather than within. This only created even more stumbling blocks for me as I lived my life.

Looking back on my life, I have realized all the deceptions and manipulations of the Truth that have taken place to cause me to stumble. I was so naive and easily misled by the years of brainwashing from society and those that were influencing my life. Religion played a big role in this also and caused me to stumble even more. But I thought I was doing the right thing by seeking it out and becoming a part of it. I sought out religion in hopes that I would find the answers to who I was, why am I here, where did I come from, and where was I going. All it caused me was a lot of frustrations, pain, sorrow, guilt and regrets.

Because of the MWAW I now know who I really am, where I came from, why I exist, and where I am going, as well as what my purpose is here in this mortal experience. I am not the same person that I was 10 years ago. My mind has been opened to see things more clearly as they really are and how they are really meant to be. Although I know I am still flawed and my mortal brain does not have the capacity to see things perfectly as an advanced human being sees things, I am humble enough to realize that without the MWAW, the true messenger and the Real Illuminati, I would know nothing about Real Truth and I would still be stumbling and lost.

I now know a peace and contentment that I have never known before. This work has inspired me to become the best version of me that I can be, not only for myself, but for humanity. I stand and support the Real Illuminati, our true messenger and their work. I have no greater desire than to see this work succeed in opening the minds and hearts of all of humanity, so we can finally End Poverty and create equality for every human being upon earth. Through the Humanity Party, the Political platform they created for the world, they proposed a plan that has the solutions to solve our world’s problems, it is the only plan that will actually work. I have found nothing else like it nor do I believe there ever will be. I highly recommend we heed their words and take a serious look at the plan that has been proposed on their website www.HumanityParty.com . Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

My life prior to finding this work:

I was born on July 17, 1970 at my grandmother’s home in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was raised in a large polygamist group in Utah. The oldest of 5 children through my youth and by the time I was 22 I became the oldest of 7. I am also a twin; my twin sister was born 1 hour and 45 minutes later. She is actually the better looking half. My parents had 5 kids in just 4 years, it was really hard on them. My father was an extremely hard person to live with and we lived basically in fear of him our whole childhood. Being the oldest I actually got to see more of the better sides to him and was able to spend time alone with him when we would take me to work or hunting with him. They raised us like calves in a stall, with very few privileges that most other children had. We were actively a part of this polygamist culture which is part of the reason my parents kept us so sheltered. I participated in their Sunday school classes and meetings until I was around the age of 7. At that time, my father had a falling out with the leader of this polygamist group, due to this he chose to leave the group, taking my mother and my siblings and I with him. For a couple of years my mother tried to keep us active with the group as much as possible, but after a while my father made things so difficult for her that she eventually stopped trying all together.

For about 6 years I had little religious influence other than what my mother and grandmother tried to teach me. I lived in a mostly LDS community in Bountiful, Utah and I was surrounded by religious influence no matter where I went. I did not care much for the LDS church members in my area because they were rather mean, self-righteous and treated me and my siblings rather poorly, all throughout my youth. I had very few friends because we were considered outcasts and heathens as far as the LDS Church was concerned.

At the age of 14 we moved from Bountiful, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah in an area where there was a much less religious influence. In the summer of my 15th year, I asked my parents if I could go to Idaho for 2 weeks to visit my uncle. He was my mother’s half-brother and only a year older than me. He and I had been pretty close growing up. Because he was family, I was allowed to associate with him. He was working on a 3000-acre spud farm in Tetonia, Idaho and asked if I wanted to come up and visit him. I soon learned that this farm was owned and operated by members of this polygamist group that I was a part of when I was a child. I had never been concerned about my safety around these people even though they were strangers to me because they were always kind and treated me well. I loved it there on the farm because of the breath-taking scenery of the Teton Mountain range and the Teton River that surrounded the property. I always wanted to live near the mountains and in the forest. This was a dream come true for me, and the first time I had ever been allowed to go somewhere over night without my parents or grandparents.

During those 2 weeks on the farm, I helped my Uncle with his job moving water pipelines in the spud fields every morning at 4am and every afternoon at 4pm. After my two-week visit, the people that ran the farm saw that I was a hard worker and asked me if I wanted to stay for the summer and work. I was elated and excited for the opportunity but feared my parents would say no. They told me to call my parents and ask them anyway and to my surprise, they actually said yes. For the first time I was free from the nest! It was so different and liberating at the same time.

My first introduction to the Real Illuminati’s work:

One day during that same summer working on the Idaho farm, it was a Sunday afternoon, and I was relaxing in the bunkhouse with the other guys that also worked there, when one of the older guys noticed that I was rather bored, he asked me if I wanted to read a good book. I had never been a big reader and it was not something I enjoyed doing, but he caught my attention by saying that it had my name in it, which did make me very curious. He handed me a Book of Mormon and suggested that I read The Book of Ether. For hours that day and into the night I laid there on my bed reading the story about the Brother of Jared how he saw beyond the veil, I was fascinated and getting more interested the more I read. Something just lit up inside me and I just knew that this book was true. It had to be. It was like something just spoke to me and from that time on I was hooked. While I was reading the Book of Mormon, I learned about the sealed portion of the gold plates and that they contained the fullness of the gospel. I was elated to know that there was an even greater understanding of Real Truth to be revealed in the Sealed Portion of the gold plates. With all my heart and desire, I wanted to know what that fullness was. I hoped so much that one day I would be able to read the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. That seed was planted that day and from then on it continued to grow. It was always in the back of my mind with a burning desire to know that Real Truth. Someday, I just knew!

After having this experience, I was convinced that what this polygamist group believed in must be true if they supported and believed in the Book of Mormon. The way they portrayed their affiliation with Joseph Smith Jr. and the LDS church in its beginning helped me to believe that the Book of Mormon was part of their history and given to them by God. So, because of this I assumed that if this book was true, then the rest of what they believe must be true also, I just did not know any better at the time. It gave me the desire to learn more about the gospel with this group that I was now working for and I thought if they were able to provide me with this kind of information and inspiration, as well as a hope for something greater, then they must have a higher understanding and knowledge of something that I did not. I thought that maybe through my affiliation through them it would allow me to find the fullness of the gospel (Real Truth), in turn putting me another step closer to be worthy of reading what was contained upon those sealed plates. I made up my mind that I was going to prove myself worthy for this knowledge and understanding, so I became an active part of this religion and hopefully I would find my place and eternal salvation.

Becoming a man:

It was over this same year in 1986 when my father was extremely ill and battling colon cancer and Agent Orange from being in the Vietnam war. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in the springtime and was told that he had about 2 to 3 years to live. A week before he died he told me that I was the man of the house now and that I needed to take care of my family, he knew his time had come. On Oct. 13, 1986 only 6 months after his diagnosis he passed away, a frail of man weighing only 90 lbs. He weighed less than half what he used to weigh. It was a hard thing to deal with and a big shock to our whole family.

I was in my Junior year of High school and my mother came to me and asked me if I still wanted to go to school, with all that was going on I told her I did not, so I dropped out of school and eventually went to work full time. I was on my own at the age of 16. I dedicated myself to this polygamist group and went where they wanted me to go. I was told to go to work in a Coal mine in central Utah and that I would serve them best there. I did not know anyone there at all, but I did have 2 of my father’s brothers that worked there as well as some cousins that I eventually connected with, making it so it was not as foreign to me. I never liked it there, but I was told that I am getting blessings in heaven for the work I do for them, no matter how dangerous it was. We were told that “the lord will protect you”. I almost died several times because of how careless they were. But hey “THE LORD WILL PROTECT YOU”, obviously I survived, but it was my own actions that saved me, not the “LORD”, it was a close call a few times though. I put up with it and did what I was asked because I wanted to be obedient and worthy of blessing and eternal life. They played with my head many times over to get me to do things I did not want to do and “all in the service of the lord”.

I had been active and diligent in this group for several years now. Many times, I would meet a girl in the group that I would really like and as soon as she would show interest in me also, her parents would find out about it and then secretly marry her off to someone she did not want to be married to, in most cases they already had multiple wives. This usually would happen within just a few weeks afterwards. My blood was considered tainted or not pure enough. It was said many times behind my back and my family’s back that we had black blood in us and therefore we were not considered noble blooded. They are some of the most racist people I have ever known. The head family of this group had the last name Kingston but interesting enough they were also half Peterson, yes that’s my last name. They believed that their Kingston bloodlines were traced back to Christ and they even created a full timeline and story of events that led all the way back to the time of Christ, saying they were his true descendance. I remember being taught in one of their “Young People’s Meetings” about this so-called noble history and about how Christ left for many years to go to Europe and while he was there, he had taken many wives in secret and had many children with them. Due to this I was not good enough to marry one of their daughters. This happened to me at least 5 different times over the years I was active within their group. I started to realize that they were not going to allow me to have a wife out of this group unless she was someone that was far less desirable, or someone they did not want for themselves.

My indiscretion:

After realizing my options were limited for finding companionship, when I was 19, I ended up falling for a woman that was 9 years older than me and also the fourth wife of one of the Kingston’s family hierarchy. She had been neglected greatly by her husband and being his fourth wife and also his niece, she was less favored, not because of her beauty or personality but because she was so closely related, being married to her mother’s brother. She was lonely and lost and I could see how it was slowly tearing her apart. I was the shoulder she cried on and as time went on, I became completely infatuated with her beauty and how amazing she was of a person inside and out. When I saw that she felt the same way about me, I struggled with my natural man and my flesh was weak and eventually I gave into the temptations and so did she. All the while I knew it was wrong but yet I could not resist her. This went on in secrecy for almost 5 years. Ultimately, I had so much guilt and regret building up inside me because of what I had been doing, I knew I needed to stop somehow. I resolved in my mind that the only way I could resist her was if I came clean about it, so I went to the leader (Prophet) of this group and told him what was going on. I genuinely wanted to repent for my actions. In seeing my shame, he proceeded to tell me that “the lord must still love and care about you, but I do not know why, because if you had not come to me when you did, I would have found out on my own a few weeks later and all your hopes for eternal salvation would have been lost”. He then excommunicated me from this group and their church that very day. I was devastated because I had lost all that I knew to be true and believed in.

Little did I know that this was one of the best things that could ever have happened to me, because it allowed me to be free of the bonds and lies, they manipulated me with for some many years. It got me out of one of the most manipulating religions and beliefs systems on earth. They constantly boast about their superior so called chosen blood line and how they are the chosen people to inherit the earth. Many times, I watched as they would treat people that were not part of their group as if they were beneath them. Their arrogance, racist attitude, pride and self-righteous mentality cannot be good for humanity. I am now 24 years old and found out through the grapevine that people were saying that I had lost my eternal salvation because of what I had done. It caused me to drop into a severe deep depression that I struggled with for almost 2 years. The mental mind game of guilt that I was going through was sometimes overwhelming. It was not until I realized a few years later that I really was not the horrible person that they thought I was. I always treated people with kindness and respect regardless of who they were or where they came from. I finally started to pull out of my depression and live my life again with some normalcy. I still felt guilt and regret but learned to suppress it in order to go on.

I should have learned my lesson the 1st time:

In 1998 at the age of 28, I met my ex-wife. She was a highly active member of the LDS Church and a major influence in my decision to become a member of the LDS Church. We dated off and on for 3 years, all the time breaking the rules and standards of the church by having sex outside of marriage. I again felt the guilt and regret because I could not once again live up to the standards of this religion. Meanwhile I am being fellowshipped into the LDS church and considered a Golden convert to the church because I understood the Book of Mormon and knew a lot about the Church history and about Joseph Smith Jr. I loved learning about Joseph Smith Jr.’s life and what history could share about him. Deep down I just knew that I believed in him and who he was along with the Book of Mormon, but I struggled with believing in the church. I still had a bitter taste in my mouth from the way I was treated as a kid. Ironically, I was living at the time in almost the same area that I grew up in, so seeing the change in acceptance and attitude towards me was quite different. I was now a convert and they treated me as if I were an equal rather than beneath them. Part of me could not help but think these are some serious hypocrites but I resigned to the fact that this was at least better than what I had, which was not much. I went through all the missionary discussions and then became a member of the LDS Church. This would be the second time I would allow myself to be manipulated and influenced to be a part of another religion and more lies and manipulation.

I was well liked and had a lot of attention with the women in my Ward, but my girlfriend at the time (ex-wife) really did not want to be considered a couple or seen as dating and almost felt ashamed to be seen as a couple, it was as if I was not good enough for her standards. I was fine with that and started showing interest in other women, but as soon as I started getting more and more attention from the single girls in my Ward, she seemed to cling to me like glue. It was as if she only wanted to be with me when she could see that other women desired me. My ex-wife comes from a very prominent family in the LDS church and very wealthy. She had the, I am better than you attitude, and had extremely high expectations of people. She was an extremely attractive woman on the outside, but who she was on inside was never genuine or true to who she really was. I participated in the church and tried to be a good member but because of dating and seeing my ex-wife off and on I did not always live up the standards the church required.

When I was 32 my first son was born from a different woman that I had a brief relation with while I was not seeing my ex-wife (girlfriend at the time). I did not like some of her life choices and victim mentality, so I stopped seeing her after only a month of knowing each other. My ex-girlfriend (which would soon become my ex-wife) and I had gotten back together after that brief relationship with my oldest son’s mother. My girlfriend (ex-wife) and I struggled in our relationship with trying to get along. She was constantly trying to change me and make me become someone I was not, which caused the majority of the tension between us. I was trying to distance myself from her as much as possible but she always had a way of getting me to give in so I would continue seeing her. She would dangle the preverbal carrot in front of me to entice me and I fell for it every time.

While this is all going on, I am trying to be a part of my son’s life, and his mother was making it exceedingly difficult for me to do so. She was very bitter towards me for not wanting to be with her and upset that I went back to my ex-girlfriend. My girlfriend was jealous of her and of my son as well. It was quite a difficult time in my life. They both despised each other but neither had even met the other. Then to top things off, my girlfriend gets pregnant with my daughter. In order to save face, she resigned to live a lie to protect her innocence in the eyes of her LDS family and peers and insisted that we elope and get married. Her claim was that we had a honeymoon baby even though she had gotten pregnant a month prior. We lived this lie because she insisted that no one can know. Out of guilt I went through with it thinking I cannot do this again getting another woman pregnant and not marry her, even though I was not in love with her. So, we eloped and got married.

I then decided to toe the line and live according to the standards of the church. I confessed my sins and went through the repentance process with the church bishop and a year later I got my temple recommend and was able to go through the LDS temple for our actual temple marriage. This was my first and only time going through the LDS temple. It was very confusing and frankly a bit weird because I did not understand all the secrecy and symbolism. But believing in the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith Jr., and who he was, I accepted it. I had intended on going back many times but always felt strange and awkward and I did not want to go alone. My own wife was so bitter and angry all the time that she would not go with me, so I never did go back. She hardly ever even went to church with me but the whole time I had dated her and was married to her she never once admitted her guilt and kept her temple recommend the entire time. I truly never got to experience the Temple endowment like I wanted or even try to understand it. Around this same time my youngest son was born and my marriage was a miserable disaster. I hated all her lies and the anger and tension that was between us. I became the blame for her unhappiness. I tried my best to make it work for the first year and half to 2 years for the sake of my children and also lived according to the LDS church standards, but I just really never felt like I fit in. I hated how fake people were and judgmental including my ex-wife. I know I am not innocent either and I am sure I am guilty of it as well at times, but the difference is, I was never happy with it or even content being there. There were so many self-righteous people in one place that were all trying to keep up with the Joneses and I was doing my damnedest to keep up as well. I drank the Kool-Aid and was doing my best to fit in. But I think my Kool-Aid was spiked, because I did not always see things the same way they did. Something was different and I knew there was more going on than what you could see.

After 2.5 years of trying to make my marriage work, I had enough and decided I wanted out. I ended up in a very nasty divorce that took a year and a half, where even my life was threatened by her father and her brother if I did not sign the divorce decree allowing her full custody of my children, or they would have me eliminated. They proceeded to tell me that they knew a guy in Alaska that would do it for them. Her father being a man of status in the church and both him and his son being upstanding members of their Church proved to me they were just hypocrites. After a year and half of battling and getting nowhere, I seceded and gave in to their demands. I was flat broke and did not have much more fight left in me. They knew they could out spend me.

During this time, I was also excommunicated from the LDS church after being a member for 6 years, partly because I just did not want to try anymore. After two different attempts at religion and trying to conform to their beliefs and failing miserably I resigned to myself that religion was not for me. I was literally humbled to the point that I felt I was a complete lost cause. It was going through all this that finally helped me to open my eyes so I could see things for the way they really are. Religion obviously was not working for me! There were just too many rules and standards that I did not like.

How I found the work:

It was January 2010, and I was working on job in Pleasant grove, Utah installing an electric sign, I had one of my younger uncles helping me, he proceeded to tell me that his friend had told him of an ancient record that had been discovered and not only that, the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon has been translated also. I said “WHAT? Now say that AGAIN!” I immediately lit up with excitement, exactly like I did the first time I read about the sealed plates in the Book of Mormon at the age of 16. I could not wait to find out the details. I asked him if he could get his friend to come over to help us and then tell me more about the Sealed Portion. When he arrived, I drilled him with question, after question, about it. Where is it? Who translated it? etc., he did not really know much but that it was free for anyone to read online at www.thesealedportion.com. So that night once we finished up the job at about 1:00am in the morning I went straight home and looked up the website and started reading it, first I wanted to know who translated it, so I read Christopher’s Story first and then I started with the 116 Pages of the Book of Lehi that was originally supposed to be in the Book of Mormon that were lost. It did not take me long to realize that it was the real deal. After realizing this I took a break from reading it for a few months and wanted to seek out Christopher the Author of this book. I researched online and watched every YouTube video of Christopher that I could find. I chose to ignore the negative because I wanted to make my own opinion of who he was without someone else trying to taint the picture for me. After I was satisfied that he looked to be genuine and all I could see was how kind he was with others, I took the next step and sought out the MWAW website to find anyone that could get me in contact with him. I was able to send his wife Sheri at the time an email through her story on the MWAW website that displayed her email address. I told her that I would like to meet Christopher. She responded and told me that there was going to be an MWAW Softball practice at Murray Park in Murray, Utah and that I could come and meet him there.

It was now the spring of 2010. I was really nervous because I did not know what to expect, so I showed up at the park. I stayed a bit reserved at first and only socialized with just a couple of people. Julie Taggart was the first person I met, and I felt like I had known here my whole life, it was like she was family to me. The image I had of her was like she was an aunt or something familiar. I really appreciated how she was so open and warming to me right from the very start, it really made me feel much more comfortable being there. Then Sheri came over and introduced herself to me. She said that at the end of the practice Christopher is going to address the group that was there. This was the first time I met Christopher. The things he said that day confirmed to me who he was.

With this newfound information I really wanted to share it with people, but it was not easy to talk about, so I was careful about what I said to anyone. My friend Joseph Lemmon (who is also a supporter of this work) and I had been friends for a few years, he was also a convert to the LDS church. I knew he was also seeking for the truth, so I started to tell him about the Sealed Portion and, like me ,he became extremely excited and eventually sought out the work as well. Later Joe and I arranged a time to speak with Christopher in person and met with him at Sheri’s work which was at Nate Davis’s office and spent some time asking him any questions we had at the time. I could see that Joe as well as myself was completely on board from then on. We just knew!

The Books:

My whole life I have struggled with reading and or even having the desire to read. It stems from when I was a child and to this day, I cannot understand why. I read things that are short and to the point daily that are no more than a few paragraphs but anything that is more than a page long I have to force myself to read it. I have read a few books in my life, but it has been limited. It is not that I cannot read well, I just do not read as fast as others because I want to thoroughly understand what I am reading so I can retain it better. Once I do, I have a better retention of what I read than most. This may be my handicap, but I try to make the best of it. Or maybe I am just too impatient to sit there and read.

With the technology that is now available, I have an app on my phone that takes the books and reads them to me. Many times, I will read along or just listen to them as I am working or driving. It does not always get all the words correct but because I already know the gist of what is being said or what it is trying to say I can still make sense of it. This is how I have gotten through most of the MWAW books. I hope that all the WMAW books can be converted to Audio books also someday, that would be amazing!

I have listened and read through a few of these books again and with a much greater understanding of the things written. It has become much clearer and more amazing than it was when I first started reading them years ago. Already this time I am seeing a completely different and greater understanding than ever before. Most of my hang ups with religion and how I was raised was more on Joseph Smith because I genuinely believed in who he was. My heart, mind and gut believed in him. Because of how I was raised I needed to know, why was polygamy lived and where did it come from? These were the things I struggled with, because it is what I was taught my whole life.

The book “Without Disclosing My True Identity the Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.” was the book that really helped to set me free from the lies and beliefs that I was taught my whole life. Coming from a polygamist background I needed to know and understand why my family chose to follow this and why they lived it. It was this book that really opened my eyes and answered most of the questions I had about Joseph Smith Jr., Polygamy, the church, and why Joseph did the things he did.

“Human Reality” was the next book that I read that really explained to me things in a way that made complete sense. Now that my understanding has changed over the years, reading it again has a much greater impact on my life than before.

“Sacred not Secret”, I have yet to read this from start to finish because of my limited experience in seeing the temple endowment only one time. I was quite overwhelmed and really did not understand much of what was going on. I have since learned from Christopher’s comments and posts over the years much of the symbolism used and why certain things were done and what they meant, and I do believe it would make much more sense to me now that I have a better understanding of things.

“666 The Mark of America Seat of the Beast Revelation Unfolded”, I started to read this years ago but had a hard time staying focused on what was being said with all of the symbolism that it started out with, I have read and listened to most of it now. I really like how it explains the symbolism that John wrote in the book of Revelations. I know now that much what confused me before has since been explained in a way that makes more sense to me.

“The Sealed Portion”, I have read and listened to this book clear through and had aw… ha… moments all the way through it. It was fascinating and so moving at the same time. I felt so much peace come over me and gratitude for what I was reading and hearing. As I have read and listened to the Sealed Portion, I have been realizing the very things that Christopher and the Brothers (Real Illuminati) have been trying to say to us for years. It is like I am now understanding the true meanings behind their words. For this very reason I know why Christopher has been so adamant about saying “Read the damn books!”, with all that he has taught over these many years it is starting to make more sense. How could I ever expect to truly understand Real Truth unless I studied the very truth that is contained in this work. I know I could not, nor would I have ever truly understood anything about real truth without a true messenger. He is our only link to this real truth and the only way to understand it fully.

“The True History of Religion”, one of the easiest ways to understand religion and why it has been used to manipulate the minds of so many for some long. The explanations of its origins and how it came to be, how it was used and what the Real Illuminate did through religion to reach our minds in hopes of getting us to change how we treat others and this world, was amazing to read and understand. Truly an amazing book!

“Read the damn books!” all of them. The information in each of them has a way to reach almost every single person in this world in some way if they will just take the time to read them with an open heart and mind. Each one has its purpose, and some will speak to you more than others.

I have learned that in our dealings with others; if he or she asks for thy coat give him thy cloak also. Have compassion upon them, love thy enemy for they know not what they do. I have seen so much kindness and compassion that Christopher has given his enemies even to the point that he has tried to even help them out of the hole they have dug for themselves over and over. Even knowing that he is in the right and that they were not, he still allowed them their free will to do what they desired, up until it started to hurt this work and others following this work, but whatever they said about him personally he did not care.

I know that this work is not easy, nor will it be something I could ever live without. I have tasted its fruit and it is sweet and good to me and I can no longer taste of the bitter fruit of which I have partaken of in the past. I understand that knowing the real truth can be extremely hard to know because it takes away the values we once had on relationships, family, friends, and beliefs. It is a completely new perspective of how things really are. I do not see the world as I once did. I understand the meaning of “Ignorance is Bliss” better than ever now, because there is a certain amount of peace that a person has when they are ignorant to the truth of things. It is a double-edged sword or sickle in this case because once you know you do not want to go back. But neither would I want to. Because now I feel that for the first time, I am in control of who I am and what I choose to do with my life, who I choose to serve not out of obligation but out of true appreciation for others and this work. I know that I would never be able to understand the mysteries of God without a true messenger. It would have been impossible to figure out the truth of things without Christopher and the Real Illuminati. I would be a fool to not support them in their roles, because without them I would have been lost.

Being sickled:

Even though I have been following this work since January of 2010, I still had my weaknesses and faults that I still needed to overcome. In 2016 Our True Messenger (Christopher) the one like unto Christ, had to use his sickle on me and one other individual because we were allowing our natural man to have control over us, and it caused the free will of others to be impeded in a negative way. I was not seeing what my actions were doing to others at the time. I was not intentionally trying to cause anyone harm in any way, but my actions were proving otherwise. When I was called out on it, it hurt me deeply but yet I knew it was for my own good. I took a deep look at myself and what I was doing and made some major changes in my life at that time. I could have become bitter and angry at Christopher, but I knew better, and I knew he had the right to say what he said. He was connected to my advanced self and knew what I needed to hear to wake me up so I could change and be a better person. Since that time, I have been extremely cautious and more aware of my actions and how they can affect other people. This was one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had in my life. I am just thankful that he thought enough of me to do what he had to do to wake me up. I am glad I humbled myself and actually listened. To this day I have seen almost every person that follows this work experience the sickle in some way. There are those that could not take it and had since left. But those that stayed become stronger and are proving they are truly a supporter of this work. I know I could never leave this work because I know it is right, all the way to my core.

How I support this work:

Christopher asked us to find out what the true order of prayer is and if we do not know then to “Read the damn books!” to figure it out. From the Book Sacred not Secret – “The true order of prayer is to understand and live these three attributes “faith, Hope, and Charity” and using common sense to put together the pieces of the eternal puzzle of life.” Just be a good person and treat people with kindness, respecting their free will and choices. My understanding of the true order of prayer is to live the truth that I know to be true, accepting all people for who they are and as my equal, not judging them. To be willing to serve others by honoring their personal beliefs and choices no matter what they may be.

As my understanding grows, I have learned to yield more to the spirit rather than to my flesh. I have also learned that my actions can directly affect this work both negatively or positively. Overcoming the desires of the flesh has always been a great struggle, not just for me but for most. It is by the weakness of my flesh that I know I have caused much of the harm to others and myself in my life. Because of this I know I cannot allow this to happen any further. Recognizing this has helped me to make some major changes in my life, one is to realize what the most important thing I could ever do in this world, is to support and give all that I can to this work in whatever way or capacity that they need me. My time, my talents, or all I ever expect to be. All I own I have signed over to the MWAW Trust. Everything will go to this work when I die. I know I must live to a whole new standard, so that my actions do not ever bring negative to this work. Will it be easy? Maybe not at first, but that is what I have committed to do. I realize the greatest thing I can do is to support this work and the greater cause. Who I really am is my higher self, the Advanced human that is having the mortal experience to keep balance in my advanced human brain. I ask myself daily and often throughout each day what is it that my advanced self would want me to do and how must I live my life that I may once again find happiness and peace in eternal life without regret. I no longer fear death because I know it is not the end for me.

Becoming the best version of myself that I can be:

The real truth is staring me in the face, and I have taken the opportunity to accept it. I will support this work till the day I die. I know no other way to be because now that I know the truth, I can never go back to the way I once was, nor can I ever be deceived again now that I know better. Time goes by so quickly and before you know it, I will be dead and gone, so what time I have left I choose to support the Humanity Party, The Real Illuminati, and Christopher our true messenger. So that it may fulfil its intended purpose. By standing firm on what I believe and know to be true, I will try always to live the best example I can be. I will walk away or distance myself from any and all those in my life that could potentially cause harm to this work. Understanding that it is by their own ignorance and selfish pride that they chose not to see things for the way they really are, but still loving them and the God that they are. I made up my mind that all those relationships that used to matter to me, are not, nor ever will be more important than this work. I can never see things the way I once did, and for that reason I no longer find value in the things that were once so important to me. The value that I once had on other things is now focused solely upon this work.

This truly is a Marvelous Work and a Wonder!

Jared D. Peterson



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