James Canepa

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Having survived a Catholic upbringing and withstanding the pastoral pleadings to enter the priesthood, and the girls to enter the nunnery, my high school graduation was the last of the attendance requirements. Not knowing what or where next, I seemed to drift and returned to the fold only when serious matters arose, but only temporarily, finding it to be ritual and traditional.

Fast forward to the love of my life, following her into Mormonism, baptism, and a temple marriage. (I told her the first time I was only getting married once and here we are at the temple and getting married again). We raised our children “in the covenant.” Because we were only converts, we felt we should accept all callings and worked hard for the kingdom and our acceptance. We felt that the celestial kingdom was out of reach if tithing, fast offerings, volunteering (and being volunteered) were not happily and dutifully accepted.

My wife learned of the Sealed Portion and the testimony of Ms. Ida Smith. It brought us great joy, release, relief, and a new awakening and appreciation for the effort to bring forth truth and common sense (O, Ye Of Little Faith). I am learning more and more.  I appreciate this better understanding and feel consoled that I don’t have to rely on established church doctrines to know what is true.

Thank You Christopher.

James Canepa



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