William Smith

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Born in a small town in Idaho USA, my family found the sealed portion of the book of Mormon and left the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints when I was just about 3 years old. The only stuff I remember about the church when I was that age was the cheerios and books my mom would pack to distract and keep us quiet while we were supposed to be sitting on the pews and listening. I never understood all the rules and protocols I was supposed to follow in the church as a little kid like no running down the halls or yelling in the church, when to me the hallways and rooms were perfect for races and games and yelling was just a way of showing excitement. While growing up I would hear stories from my older sibling’s about how mean and strict mom and dad used to be but growing up I didn’t see much of this I saw kind and loving parents, I would hear them listening to and reading Chris’ and the RI’s stuff and saw the effect it had on them, always making them kinder and more patient then I had ever seen them before. Growing up I heard bits and pieces about the truths Chris was talking about and Wanting to know more because I inevitably got curious about who and what they were listening to and reading I asked my Mom about it, she referred me to the MWAW radio show and since then I have been listening to the great and marvelous truths Chris has revealed that have always made perfect sense to me.

William Smith


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