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My Life Story


January 18, 2021

I have been writing some of the events of my life, and somehow, I just cannot find my latest writings …


Here we go once again …

This last couple of weeks, it has been kind of melancholic …

Time to reflect is just not enough!

Or better said …

There is a lot going on in this lone and dreary world!

I was born during wintertime …

on November 28, 1964, in a

very small village called

“La Vasconia” in the

State of Sonora, Mexico.

I was the only one of my siblings (4 boys and 4 girls) born in my parents’ house, because my mother did not make it to the hospital.

I have always been quite different from the rest of my siblings (not any better, simply different), rebellious, my ideas, my expressions, my likes, and dislikes …

even my skin color (I am the darkest 😊), so much that there were times in my life, that I thought that my skin color was the reason why I was treated different, with more kindness, (I thought people were feeling sorry for me😊), and with so much love, especially from my father.

My father gave me the most wonderful love in my life.

And as for my siblings, and as for my parents, I was the one they would always look up to, for an opinion, and for the major decisions in my family.

I performed as if I was the oldest in my family.

I was daddy’s little girl,

I was grandpa’s little girl,

I was most of my uncle’s little girl,

and if that was not enough,

I would always capture the hearts

of all the people around me very easily.

At least this was my perception.

I recall having a conversation with my oldest sister, about the problems of our dysfunctional family …

… and she asked me if I remembered my parent’s issues, and disputes …

… I do not remember …

We think that somehow, I may have blocked that from my mind …

Perhaps I did …

Perhaps, I choose to have the beautiful memories …

… memories filled with love …

… and, I have a lot!

I walked next to my father for my most important years of my life; years where my character was forming.

I was loving, confident, strong, firm, fearless, daring, outspoken, always asking, and always looking for answers, and constantly dreaming …😊

My father always let me be me.

Right or wrong.

My father was always by my side supporting me during my many accomplishments; and he was also always by my side giving me strength, and encouragement during many of my painful failures.

Always giving me his love.

There are few events in my life that I will elaborate on later:

*My involvement with some rather intense logistical businesses, at an early age (I was just 23 years old.), and how I became their decision-manager, and their main contact between Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador, in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

*My most painful and tragic experience; where I lost my first child (my two-month-old little baby girl), and my own mother become disabled. This tragic event changed my heart and mind overnight. I became bitter, arrogant, and demanding for perfection all around me … living constantly in misery. ☹

*How I coped in the middle of my misery, and the unhappiness in my life.

*Becoming enslaved by own enterprises, and by my multiple business, and the different industries where I succeeded.

*How I dealt with the collapse, of all that I had built for years, with a lot of effort, and many sacrifices … the greatest collapse in my life.

*My many experiences, during the years that I was in “My Wilderness”.

But right now, I want to focus on religion, and on my searches in life …

I was raised in the catholic religion, but never forced by any of my parents.

I would attend to catholic services, because I was part of the choir, and it was kind of fun for me.

During that time, I never understood the real meaning of the cross, the crucifixion, nor whom Jesus was.

My parents would take us, and allow us to learn from different religions, so much that they even allowed a couple of Mormon missioners to come and visit us regularly in our home.

And we would often call them as, “uncle” and “aunt”, to the pastors, of a Christian church, that we would occasionally visit.

During my early adulthood, one of my favorite uncles, invited me to visit The Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, California, a few times.

When I lost my first child (my little two-month-old baby girl), I became very angry with “God”. So much so, that for some time, I even claimed to be an “Atheist”.

I was not fully aware, of the transformation that took place in my mind and heart, because of this tragic and painful experience.

Silently, I carried the guilt …

Silently I carried the pain …

I became a very bitter person …

Harsh …

Demanding for perfection in everything …

And of course, I was the severest with myself …

I would be exhausting, and abusing myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as if I were constantly punishing myself, for the loss of my baby girl, and the physical state of my mother (she became incapacitated).

While I was in “My wilderness”,

I noticed people around me

talking about “God’s perfection” …

So, there I started my journey, of finding “God’s Wrongs” (in my ugly arrogance of course!).

So, I started eagerly reading a Catholic Bible for first time in my life. (A catholic Bible of course! Remember, I was still considering myself to be Catholic).

I was trying to find something wrong from God, or something that God possibly missed …

I thought I could find it.

I read my Catholic Bible from beginning to end …

I would never allow myself to get distracted with nothing, or by anybody.

It was not hard, since I really enjoy true stories (at that time, I believed the Bible was a true story). 😊

While I was reading it, I was “challenging God” …

“Oh! 10 commandments??? …”

“The first one, to love You before all things???”

“How??? …”

“If You are God, then You must know, that I have 3 children, and I love them with all my heart!”

“So, how can I love You, before them …”

“Oh! I must say it??? …”

“OK! …

You are in my heart above all things!”

“Ooops! …

I am not supposed lie neither!” …

And so on …

While I was challenging God, I did not notice that my heart and mind was changing, and that I started admiring Him, …


I began to love how the Israelites would come together, and humble themselves before God, and then God would forgive them.

By the time I got towards the end of the first book of the new testament (Matthew) …

Oh My!

This was the very first time for me, to start to really understand what the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice actually meant!


This really touched my heart!

I experienced something totally new in my life!

The most beautiful feeling between joy and pain!

Realizing His Supreme Sacrifice!

His love,

and forgiveness,

for me,

and for the

entire world!

This was wonderful! …

This was heartbreaking! …

This was wonderful, for He was forgiving me for all my wrongs!

This was heartbreaking, because I realized that with all that He had done for all of us; yet we are all still sinning right and left!


I cried my most beautiful tears,

my tears of my love,

and my tears of my pain …

I felt anguish,

and deep compassion for Him …

and for me …

and for the entire world!

By the end of my reading, for the first time, the whole Bible (in 7 or 8 months approximately), I was completely in love with God!

I was totally in love with Jesus!

And decided that I was not Catholic no more,

since the Catholics were doing, all the opposite to the Bible!

It did not make sense to me, to read a Catholic Bible, and find out that the Catholics were doing all the opposite to the Catholic Bible.

I was not considering myself to be a Catholic no more, but neither did I want to limit myself, to be only considered a Christian either …

I wanted to embrace all the religions, since the Bible (Revelation 1:4), talked to the seven churches, and not only to one church.

So, I started going to Catholic, Christian, and Jewish services.

I was thirsty for God, in so much, that I would be going to all 3 different services, in the same day.

I read intensely The Bible, numerous times, and different versions as well.

I studied deeply, word by word …

and I would even compare one word, in different versions, and even the meaning in the Greek.

I fell completely in love with Jesus, …

so much so, that I wanted to follow all His teachings, and all His ways …

I really was not aware that I was changing …

but this changed me completely inside out (for the better 😊).

That is the reason, that I start using “My Friend” to refer to everyone, because I learned that Jesus was a friend to all.

It became so easy for me to forgive.

I forgave myself.

This was the most beautiful feeling, and a great relief, as if I dropped, from off my shoulders, the heaviest baggage; that I had carried for so many years during my life.

I forgave everyone that hurt me in the past …

and even all the people, that currently would be rude, unkind, and disrespectful to me.

I became humble, compassionate, loving, forgiving, and kind towards myself, and also towards all others.

I started perceiving

the peoples’ pain,

and the great hurt,

behind their faces,

and realizing that;

we are all living in a world,

full of broken people. ☹

I embraced Jesus’ teaching, like no one else; nobody else around me, was as strong, and firm on Jesus.

I literally walked,

with a Jesus banner,

like as if,

I wore a halo.

Remember, what this means …

I had constantly been judged,

in a good,

and in a not-so-good way.

I was okay with that, since I used to judge Christians before, …

I thought, “now was my time, to carry this cross.”

I was so in love with Jesus, that somehow, I ended up writing some of my testimonies, within a few books, that were later published, and even my own picture, appear on the front cover, of one of these books.

I was offered different promotions, in the Christian ministry, and community.

I was even offered to be certified as a Pastor; and another pastor offered me a position, managing a home for women, having issues coping in life and in need of support.

I am not bragging about any of this. It is nothing to brag about. I am only mentioning this, for people to understand, that what I was genuinely transpiring, was nothing else, other than a pure love for Jesus, and a true caring for all.

My belief in Jesus, and in the Bible, were not ordinary at all. I genuinely believed, every single word of the Bible.

I decided, that I did not desire to live a life, that was short to God’s standards.

And I wanted to share, with the entire world, God’s unconditional, and perfect love.

I wanted to just Love,

and appreciate all people,

without judging them,

and without differentiating

their backgrounds,


financial status,

race, or


I just want to love them all,

and with love, …

to heal all their brokenness,

that was so tangible for me.

I sincerely had no other desire, but to share Jesus’ love, with everyone on my path; because that was exactly what had healed my brokenness, my tears and my pain …

The Love of Jesus had healed my heart.

The Love of Jesus had changed my life.

After completing “My wilderness” experience, I continued my romance with Jesus, in so much that I would be always thinking of Him, or I would be listening to one of the many preachers, reading, or singing praises to Him.

My day, was just not enough, to think of Him.

And, to delight myself, being in His presence.

I was in church, all my day, if possible.

Oh! But Hold tight!

Because …

The best is yet to come…

Here, is where the Real Adventure begins:

I believe,

The Powers that Be,

led me,

to come across,

with an “angel” 😊 …

The first thing,

that got my attention,

from him,

was a statement,

that he wrote:

“My only goal is to Solve World Poverty”


I never saw nobody,

taking the time,

to write,

or say,

such as statement,

as this one!

So profound!

So mindful!

It got my attention, to the point that I mentioned it, to two of my dear friends; and after I told them about the statement, I remember them saying:

“Even if he wrote it,

just to impress me …

the thought itself,

is so-so beautiful!”

So, in our first encounter; of course, we did talk about it.

And of course, we talked about “Jesus”, and my love for Him, and how I was enjoying, being in my honeymoon, with Jesus.

We talked as well, about one scripture, that has been lingering, often in my mind, for many years:

JOHN 14:4

“You Know the way to the place where I am going.”

Here Jesus is telling me,

that I know the way,

to the place that He is going …

But I do not know! …

But I must know it!

Then, why is Jesus telling me that I do know?


(Keep in mind, that I believed

every single word of the Bible …

Every single word of Jesus,

would be echoing in my mind …

For this reason, the above scripture was leading me to think, and believe, that I must be missing something …

… that my journey,

of searching,

had not yet ended …

… that I needed to continue in my searching …

But Where?


Great question!

And there was no one to ask neither …

… nobody around me, had ever shown any interest, in any of my many questions, and my many desires, that since my childhood, and since my teens, had been in my mind, and heart …

(Only my father, … and he is not here no more…)

And so, here I am again …

with many questions …

and my answers are

nowhere to be found! …


But here is an “angel” …

… and for some reason,

I sense, like I can open my heart,

and open my mind to him …

I believe, he must notice something …

Or, perhaps he read my mind, because he asked me:

“Would you like to have all that your heart desires?”

I did not answer him, but I asked myself:

“How will it be possible, for him to really know, what my heart desires?” …

“He does not know that” …

Then, later during our conversation, he asked me again:

“What if I told you, that I am only the bridge, and that I can bring you, to the Real Truth of The Real Jesus?”

Then, I thought:

“Is he reading my mind and heart?”

“What if this is my opportunity,

to find all my answers,

to all my many questions?”

“Will he help me,

to find the meaning,

of why Jesus said:

that I know …

And, “Will he help me, to find what Jesus said:

that I know,

and I must know,

but I do not know?”

“What if he does know what the Real Truth is?”

“What if he does know about the Real Jesus?”

“Well, …

… I do not have nothing to lose.”

Can you see why I am referring to him, as an “angel”? 😊

As we continued knowing about each other, I found out that he was raised as a Mormon, …

It was so tangible for me, to find that he was also with a broken heart …

and he was broken since he was a little kid …

By what? … By whom? …

Later, I realized,

that he was broken,

by his religious belief …


This hurt my heart …

I cried with him …

We cried together …

(I do not think he fully understood the reason of my tears)

… but we cried together.

As my interest for him grew, it increased my interest to find out more, about his beliefs …

… so, I started reading …

… The Book of Mormon …

.. without even letting him know about it.

Later, he found out (when my daughter told him) that I was reading The Book of Mormon (BoM).

Then, we started to discuss, and share different points of view, about the BoM.

While I was still reading the BoM, he started sharing some things, about his searching for Truth in his life, and how he encountered that which brings the greatest joy to him; which for him, is to know, that he is trying to do his very best, to help Solve World Poverty.

And one day,

he was sharing

more about

the “person”

that he was

trying to help

in solving world poverty …

and I asked him,

what the name

of this person was,

and he told me,

that he cannot

disclose it to me;

not yet.

Not, until I am ready!

Then he said:

“You will never guess his name”

Suddenly I said:


He was astonished!

And he was

adamantly asking me

how in the world

I came out with this name.

I did not have an answer.

Christopher just came into my mind, and I said it.

I was even more astonished,

that this name came to me,

and that it was correct!

Then I start searching on the internet for Christopher …

A Christopher that was

somehow associated

with the Mormons …

And lo and behold …

… I found him!!!!

Christopher Mark Nemelka!

And, then I started watching

as many videos as possible

of Christopher.

While my “angel” was warning me:

“do not try to find out anything

about Christopher, not yet.

Because, you will get discouraged, as you find a lot of false information about him.

And, then in your discouragement, you might not be able to even finish reading the BoM.”

But, being me …

… there was absolutely nothing, that could stop me.

So, I continued learning about Christopher, and the work that he represents …


My! …

The one thing

that really

caught my attention

from my “angel”!

Here it is again!

And even, at much higher level!

This is it!!!!

Christopher’s ONLY PURPOSE! …

… is to Solve World Poverty!


And not only that, but this involves so much more …

This is so profound! …

I believe, that this is when my heart, my appreciation, and my respect for Christopher, started growing.

And of course!

With this, it started to cause my interest to grown, for knowing Christopher in person …

… but my “angel”

would answer me

over and over …

… “Until you are ready …

… when you are finished reading all the books.”

And then, I would ask him …

… “How can you, be so sure, that I am not ready yet?”

This would happen, over and over …

… and sometimes he would respond to me …

… “Perhaps, you are ready …

… perhaps you have been ready” …

… and me, waiting and waiting … 😊

I found out, that it was very interesting to discover, that the Book of Mormon is so similar to the Bible.

And it became even much more remarkably interesting, when I found out that the Mormons behave, and do all the opposite, to what the BoM says to do.

And, I am not so sure, if this is because, most of them, do not read the BoM, or if it is because, …

… their brainwashing is so intense ….

… and they just do,

whatever their “Prophet”

is guiding them to do.

I got the opportunity, to go to some different Mormon Temples, and talk with a few of the members working there …

…and, of course!

I asked them some questions …

I can not believe the answers that were given to me …

… totally nonsense!

And, that I was not allowed, to go to inside of the temple, just because I do not have a recommendation.

It was so ridiculous, that I asked the person that blocked my entry:

“So, you are telling me, that I need to give 10% of my income, to get a recommendation, then I will be able to go inside?

What about if I told you, that I am poor, and that I do not have a job, nor money?

Will you then let me in?”

He responded, …

“No, then you will need

to give a little bit of money,

to get a temple recommendation.”

“But I just said,

I do not have any money,

and I still want to

get inside of your temple”.

He was quiet …

… and I am pretty sure,

he was thinking

about his response ….

So, I wonder if, instead of me, it is Jesus himself, and the Mormons answer to Jesus, the same as they did to me …

… that even Jesus, the Son of God, will not be able to enter into a Mormon Temple, if He does not have a temple recommendation.

Would their own Jesus really applaud them, in that they deny Him entry into their temple, and also deny entry to all the poor people, those that cannot afford to pay their tithing?

I can give an awfully long list, of all the things that I have found out, that they are doing right now, and there is absolutely no way to make any sense of it all!

It is really hard for me to accept, that all of these wonderful and intelligent Mormon people, have allowed themselves to be deceived so badly, for so long …

But if this can be any comfort for the Mormons …

I have found out, that in every single religion, the situation is so similar, so much the same, as with the deceived Mormons …

In every religion, the members of the religion are all doing, all the opposite, of their holy book of scriptural guidance.

And, these religious people willingly allow themselves to be deceived by their leaders (mostly men) of the church, believing that these men, are closer to “God”, then their own selves.

I am deeply sorry for all the world’s people, that have been misled, brainwashed, …

… and broken …

by these religious leaders.

Please, do not take me wrong …

Remember, I too used to be one, of the many people that allowed themselves, to be deceive by religion.

Another interesting anecdote has come to my mind …

When my “angel” took me hiking in the mountains to Stewart Falls, for the first time on June 20, 2020, with a few wonderful people (some MWAW supporters) …

… we talked together about the beautiful purpose of all of them (to Solve World Poverty).

And, we talked about Christopher (Of course! 😊), and I remember, when a few of them responded, to my expressed interest to meet Christopher in person …

… they said things like:

“It used to be pretty easy to meet him, when he used to do the public Symposiums, but he is not doing those any more”, and “no, we do not believe it will be possible any time soon; you may probably need to wait years.”

I wanted to answer them …

… “No, it will not take long …

I will be before him soon”.

But I refrained myself, to answer them that way …

… because I did not know, how to answer them, if they would have asked me, why I believed I would meet him soon …

I just knew it … 😊

And lo and behold …

Three months after that hike …

I just knew it! 😊

Yep! 😊

It happened!


On September 22, 2020, I got the privilege, and honor, to meet Christopher in person!

That great event of my life …

… still brings a smile to my face, and the most beautiful joy to my heart …

I met the most intelligent person!

I met the most noble of heart!

I met the most compassionate man for all humanity!

You just want to be next to him!

I was allowed to spend three days, and three nights, talking with him.

I wished we could have stayed longer.

I wanted to not to ever leave him.

He asked me to share with him, some of the important parts of my life story …

… I ended up sharing how I found Jesus …

…and how I fell in love with Jesus … during “My Wilderness” experience.

We had a deep conversation, about many important things regarding this life …

.. and, there after conversating with Christopher, I had the answers, to some of my long-life questions …

… including why the world is full of broken people …

… because of religion …

… and, because we are all enslaved to work, and we find ourselves working, without enough time, to do the things that bring us joy …

… or we get stuck, working in a job, that we do not enjoy, but we need to do it, because we have rent, and bills to pay, and we need to buy food to eat.

So, that has broken all of us, because it is taking away our free will.

You will never want to stop being in Christopher’s presence …


And, I know that …

… to all of my questions … absolutely to ALL of my questions, the true answers are found through him … 😊

I will be forever grateful, to the Powers that Be, for allowing me, to be a part of this MWAW group, and to my “angel”, for being my bridge …

… and, appearing in my life … 😊

I feel like a newborn, in this Marvelous Work and a Wonder (MWAW) group, and indeed, I am, because I still have a lot of reading to do …

… and, I need to understand, much more deeply, all the books, that contain so much information and knowledge.

I will not want to miss not a word, that has been written in these MWAW books.

I know in these books, I will find all the answers, to my many questions, that I have been pondering, for my entire life.

So far, I recommend ALL the Real Illuminati’s Books.

But, to start …

… “The True History of Religion” …

… is super amazing!


I find the real purpose in my life!

What can possibly be more beautiful, than to love all people, in the whole world, and to care deeply for human equality.

And to know that for ALL the issues, that we are facing right now, in the world; the Real Illuminati has ALL the appropriate solutions.

And that the End of World Poverty, and the End of World Sex Slavery; can be totally solved.

And that it is possible that we, ALL the people in the world, can enjoy life …

… and be happy …

… and experience peace …

… and we all can be kind to each other.

And, we can all care for each other …

… what a wonderful world …

… what a wonderful love …

… what a wonderful human being …

… we all are.

Why I am here?

Why I am supporting Christopher and the Real Illuminati?

Very simple!

Everything makes sense!

Absolutely Everything!

Listening to Christopher,

is like having a VIP seat

in front of

the best teacher

in my life!

Learning the Real Truth!

Learning the Real Truth about the Jesus Christ Story in the Bible!

Truth, that nobody else will ever teach!

Real Truth, that nobody else knew!

This is totally a life changing adventure for me!

I am very grateful for Christopher, and for the Real Illuminati, and for them, to not give up on us.

Thank you so much for the amazing books, and for the information, that has been provided for all of us, for all humanity.

Thank you to the Powers that Be, for keeping me in the narrow path, and very close to Christopher, and the Real Illuminati.

I would like to be useful, and to be able to humbly serve their wonderful purpose, with a pure heart.

Forever …

Worlds without End …

With all my heart,

– Mireya Silva Parra.


(323) 842-3369

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